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  1. Well with only two cities it has shown that agenda 2020 is a failure, the IOC is totally lost! Now why bother until September, the IOC should call a special meeting and give not award one city 2024 and the other 2028. It is totally stupid to move forward with this, it is now a joke! Some might disagree but I have been right in the past. The cost of the Olympics is still out of control.
  2. Here go again! The Olympics on budget?http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047341/governor-still-concerned-about-rising-tokyo-2020-budget
  3. Maybe LA should have a referendum $250 million is a lot of money. Or City Hall fears something?
  4. Budapest can not afford the Olympics. And many don't want the games.
  5. It is time that the IOC really address the of cost of the Olympics. Agenda 2020 was a joke! Rome main issue was Euros. Now Tokyo needs cost cutting, well lets see add more sports is that a cost saving. And IOC Prez Bach stated Rome lost a billions, well Rome is up a billions because now they don't have to bid. But I have bin posting cost is the the elephant in the room of the Olympics.
  6. So the IOC puts its best face forward when it comes to the environment. Well Pyeongchang2018 has completed the destruction of the primeval forest which has stood on Mount Gariwang for hundreds of years to make way for the Alpine Downhill ski event which will last for all of three days. The new golf course In Rio millions of Reals for a game no one cares in Brazil. The IOC doesn't care about the environment. O I forgot Beijing, a co worker got back two weeks and well God help us!
  7. One year after Agenda 2020 and what do we have. Only two true cities that can handle the Summer Olympics. Rome could care less about the games the only thing that matter to the Italians is football. Let’s get this over with give it to LA and call it a day. O yeah the IOC needs to be wine and dine first.
  8. Did they care about 2006 both Rome and Budapeast can afford the games.
  9. Budapest can not afford the games and may don't want the games, same thing in Italy.
  10. Is Toronto going to have a referendum on the Olympics?
  11. The best city is Paris everything is in place. Rome can’t afford it and the Italians don’t want the Olympics. Italy is in tough financial position. Toronto has no main stadium that’s a lot money. Let’s give it to Paris and this ordeal and waste of money is done. Boston mayor was smart he knew what the Host city contract demands were.
  12. With Boston out it shows that Agenda 2020 is a failure. What was the main reason COST! I hope the IOC took note of this.
  13. Does any one know or has a link to the official report of 2014 winter Olympics|?
  14. http://www.whdh.com/story/27796918/poll-do-you-want-boston-to-host-the-2024-summer-olympics Many of my co-workers don't want the olympics i try to explain the good of the games. One every wants Boston to vote on this. let the people vote, look what happen 2022.
  15. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/01/boston-olympics-2024-summer
  16. http://www.thenation.com/article/178049/meet-ioc-ideal-candidates-perp-walk# You got to like Andrew Jennings the only man who tells the truth about the IOC.
  17. "This flag dips to no earthly king." 1908 olympics And this is why the United States of America is the greatest country in the world! No royalty BS!
  18. Your right Baron, therefore I apologies to the following IOC members: HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein HRH Prince Haya Al Hussein HSH the Sovereign Prince Albert II Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al Sabah HH Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani Baron Pierre-Olivier Beckers Vieujant Sir Philip Craven (not Mr) HRH Crown Prince Frederik HRH Prince Tunku Imran HSH the Princess Nora of Liechtenstein HRH the Grand Duke of Luxembourg Sir Craig Reedie (not Mr) HRH the Princess Royal (God Save the Queen) And Honourable Member Henry Kissinger I commend for all their community efforts finding a spare moment in their busy lives to help their follow person and community. Must be a grave sacrifice.
  19. My apologies to the horse. Why doesn’t the horse get the medal? BTW So, does ladies beach volley ball it looks good on television too. Equestrian competition was dropped from the 1904 Olympic Games, and owed its return to Count Clarence von Rosen, Master of the Horse to the King of Sweden. I guess when royalty speaks the IOC listens. Baron; did the IOC do anything? Put the Olympic Channel up against F1, Euro Football, or American Football. Then let’s talk telly rating
  20. Well put Quaker2001! Well once the IOC sees the checks getting smaller then they will acted. Just like 2022, the IOC could care less about equal rights when a city with the biggest check is waved in front of them, that’s where 2022 will go. It’s the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR (POUND-EURO) WRAP UP IN A IRON FIST.
  21. Equestrian should be cut why does a athlete need a horse to win a medal. Can someone please tell me when was the last time a horse pee in a bottle? The IOC did NOTHING!!! I guess they couldn't wait for the cocktail party to start. No (free elected) government on this planet would past reforms this fast.
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