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  1. Evil? And I thought you liked bad boys? :blink: I think more FEISTY and exciting! And it's because we have rabid anti-American and stupid posts (like yours) and they'll get it right back every time they strike. Yes, blow for blow, I'll come back.

    True Olympian? :blink: I never TOOK the oath of the Athletes or Judges -- so I'm NOT bound to Rogge or Zeus -- or any so-called Olympic rules. OK? <_<

    I am sorry, but you are a TOTAL idiot! Who gave you the right to qualify whose posts are stupid or not? I feel petty for you, for sure you are fat a**hole, sitting 23 hours at the computer, trying to be someone. In my post I expressed my feelings about Athens, didn't insult anyone, did I?

  2. As you all may be able to guess from my username, the Athens Olympics were one of the highlights of my life. I cannot imagine a better Olympic host. No matter how spectacular Bejing turns out to be, the Chinese will not be able to equal the magic and the poetry of Athens.

    The charm of Greece and its people is undeniable. People were friendly, helpful (though not always knowledgable), and extremely welcoming. The city itself is a wonderful blend of style, history, and laid-back sloppiness. Where else can you see an impeccably groomed woman in Prada heels walking over broken pavement, past a cluster of stray dogs, beneath a balcony that is overflowing with laundry, while still seeing the Parthenon in the background. Its just an absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

    The transportation was excellent. Directions were clear and trains and buses moved efficiently. The venues were gorgeous. Calatrava's roof, arch, animated wall, velodrome were all magnificent. I will never forget how my fellow passengers on the train to OAKA let out a collective gasp as they took in its beauty. It was audible admiration.


    Great review, couldn't say it better! I am a HUGE Athens fan and I will always keep the memory of it alive in my heart. Last June I went in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum, and when I holded Athens Torch, I cried. I really hope the Games will one day go back again to Ellada, and I will be alive to see it!

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