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  1. I am sorry, but you are a TOTAL idiot! Who gave you the right to qualify whose posts are stupid or not? I feel petty for you, for sure you are fat a**hole, sitting 23 hours at the computer, trying to be someone. In my post I expressed my feelings about Athens, didn't insult anyone, did I?
  2. Do you live in that forum? And why so evil, evry single time, you are fighting someone! What a true Olympian!
  3. Great review, couldn't say it better! I am a HUGE Athens fan and I will always keep the memory of it alive in my heart. Last June I went in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum, and when I holded Athens Torch, I cried. I really hope the Games will one day go back again to Ellada, and I will be alive to see it!
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