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  1. That’s only for the operating costs (& the figure is actually $3.77 Billion in USD). The actual costs for the Games would be much higher. As a couple of the Aussie members have attested to here before, Brisbane would require a lot of work to justify if they even need all of that new construction/upgrades post-Games, as even the rest of your post alludes to.
  2. Yeah, just like Egypt. As mystical as an Olympics would be in both those places, the grim reality is that the Olympics are likely beyond the reach of both those countries ATM.
  3. Yep, & that was the case back in ‘97 with their 2004 summer bid. Everyone wanted Stockholm for those Games. Everyone except for the Swedes themselves, that is. And I’d say that the likelihood of them wanting a(n) (Winter) Olympics now is even less likely.
  4. Thank you Captain Obvious for that tidbit. But that’s of course is Sweden actually wants these Winter Olympics ITFP.
  5. Up until Sochi 2014, London 2012 had the highest security tab of $1.5 Billion (even surpassing Beijing 2008). From what I could find, Russia spent anywhere from $2-$3 Billion on security for Sochi 2014. Still nowhere near $5 Billion, but it does make it an anomaly & the costliest security tab for an Olympic Games (summer or winter), at least for now anyway.
  6. No Olympic Games (let alone a Winter Olympics) has had security costs of $5 Billion. Although, we’re definitely heading well into the $2 Billion mark with the upcoming Summer Olympic Games (2020, 2024 & 2028). Recent Winter Olympics have been approaching the $1 Billion mark & it’s safe to assume that by the 2026 Winter Games that number could easily reach about the $1.5 Billion mark (that was about the price tag for London’s 2012 security). But even still, it’s not just the expensive cost of the Games themselves that the Swedes (or Scandinavians) in general are against. It’s also
  7. Nope. There’s a reason why the USOC nominated SLC last week as their “future” Games’ bid candidate (which you’re conveniently ignoring so you can throw this a$shat idea about). So if anything, I could see SLC 2026 & Stockholm 2030 rather than your outlandish scenario.
  8. No, I’m not “one” of those people. I was being facetious both times for the others that have (recently). Yeah, which you aren’t being fair, since I only brought L.A. It was our favorite “other poster” that brought up Paris in his lame attempt (as usual) of bringing up what’s going on in France ATM against them. So that’s on him. So right back at ya!
  9. Another off-topic drift that belong in the L.A.’28 thread & not this one.
  10. Yeah, really. Talk about been there, done that. But according to mainly Angelinos around here L.A. ‘28 is gonna be the greatest show on Earth (while mostly everyone else YAWNS at the aspect & thinks that a different American city should be hosting next). But the circumstances that brought us L.A.’28 are primarily the same ones that most likely gonna gives SLC 2026 or 2030, whether some of us like it or not.
  11. While the IOC has a lot of the blame, just as much is due to circumstances beyond their control, though. Like social media, & sites like these, & like posts above, opposition groups can make it too easy sometimes to derail bids. I think if it wasn’t for the internet these days, that a lot of the IOC’s problems, in terms of potential host cities these days anyway, wouldn’t be as extreme. Bcuz the average person out there wouldn’t care if the next Winter Olympics here were in Denver or Salt Lake, much less that Salt Lake was actually the 2002 host.
  12. No, Budapest withdrew cuz the opposition was able to get the necessary signatures to enforce a referendum. So then the bid committee decided to call it quits before it got around to that stage. They were quite adament, actually, in their argument that the Olympics should start going to medium-size cities instead of huge metropolises like Paris & L.A. But anyway, this discussion should really be happening in the Paris 2024 thread, since some people here get their panties in a bunch when threads drift off-topic.
  13. And did you hear that the IOC did NOT award L.A. the 2024 Olympics, but instead the 2028 Games? lmfao
  14. I never said that you did do that. What I meant is that when you have an opinion that you feel strongly about, you try to get your point across just like anyone else here does. As far as personal attacks go, there’s only one person here that really does that unprovoked. As Quaker mentioned earlier, him & I can get into some heated debates, but we can handle it, & it’s not like it’s an anamoly for this website, & never attack one another with biggoted comments as this other individual does, again unprovoked & merely does it bcuz we don’t agree with their position & neve
  15. To use your logic - if it was more collaborative, why didn’t he just say so instead of (again) saying that he “thinks” it’s not possible. And you’re right, this is not new territory for them. So it’s not like it’s an unprecedented matter now of how it might work again. Yes, & your angle is merely YOUR POV. So what are you trying to say with that. And no kidding that we’re not the IOC. But us not giving serious analysis to (potential) bid cities?! I’d say that some of us (bid dossier fanatics) here actually give bid cities more serious analysis than some actual IOC members do. How m
  16. Finally, something I can agree with Quaker about! And it’s not like Nacre himself hasn’t had his hand on the War Thunder (or something) joystick on a position he felt strongly about (i.e. the Ice & Snow Olympics, for example ). If a subject doesn’t interest me around here (& there are plenty of those), I just don’t comment on it. As the saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.
  17. Being on GameBids, is a lot like playing War Thunder (‘or something’)! Who’s fighting (other than a little certain homophobic troll from Lala land)? And as you can see, I’m not the master of the memes/“GIF” thing. That honor certainly goes to “some other poster”. In case you haven’t noticed, but this ‘debate’ has been going on now, on & off, for nearly a year in this thread (& one other 2026 thread). So forgive me if at that very moment last night, I decided to “vent” with a “GIF” instead of further debating for the umpteeth time on this subject. But if you insist...
  18. Isn’t it obvious? He gets them from the same place he gets any of his other Beavis ‘hot takes’ —
  19. It’s now clear! We now know who O.F. really is (lala) incognito!!
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