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  1. As I said, it’ll be the perception of some of the local people that will be making all sorts of noises about overspending, that’s why I said ‘warranted or not’. Another poster posted a youtube video where Coates was speaking. In the comment section, there’s already more negative posts than positive ones at the cost. Even Los Angeles, which is arguably the most Olympic-ready city there is, is spending more than a Billion dollars on upgrades & a couple of new facilities. And they were also awarded 2028 eleven years out.
  2. The thing about the Olympics, though, is that they are much more than just about the ‘existing venues’. But they are also about ‘cost overruns’, especially when you’re building “a ton of infrastructure that’s needed anyway”, that you have to get all done & built by those ‘hard deadlines’ because of the Olympics. And you’ll definitely have the people that are going to be pointing about all the excessive spending in relation to the Olympics, whether it’s warranted or not. And here you already have talk about a possible new stadium for the opening & closing ceremonies? Well, that’s how t
  3. That same GB’s article also said this: “A project from Germany dropped out of the running last month, according to Kloster Aasen.” And which, also going by the article you linked, it’s no surprise why the German bid wasn’t advance, since it stated that the German Olympic Committee ‘refused’ to enter into negotiations with the IOC. If there’s no NOC support, then there’s also, in effect, no bid. Much to Mronz ‘disappointment’.
  4. Didn’t do that for Atlanta. I think if you were to ask any random stranger nowadays what is Atlanta most famous for, the 1996 Olympics, I doubt would even be on the radar. And Brisbane is the size of San Antonio. So I really am going to be curious when/if all the big Olympic construction/preparations & infrastructure upgrades get all under way, how all of that will be “agenda 2020 friendly” & how it will all be ‘good’ for everyone involved.
  5. It looks like it’s a matter of what the IOC is interested in most these days: stability. Much like what Tokyo was suppose to be for 2020. I mean, it’s not like the other 2032 potential interested parties were anything near exciting or reliable. It’s not like the IOC is all that interested in running back to China anytime soon after 2022 (& 2008 for that matter). And India? Doha? Seoul/Pyeongyang? Sinking, over congested & polluted Jakarta? Erdogan’s Istanbul? Orban’s Budapest? I’m sure the IOC is not interested in touching any of those with a 10-foot pole. And I just read th
  6. According to yesterday’s GB’s article, that’s not the case (at least the part of the full IOC membership voting. Doesn’t look like they are). This is a snippet from that article: “The new Olympic bid process eliminated strict deadlines, open evaluations and shortlists to instead put the decision making in the hands of the few members of the Future Host Commissions and the IOC Executive Board.“ It also mentioned that the other 2032 interested cities “will now be ‘forced to refocus’ on a Games further in the future”. So it seems that this is pretty much a done deal, unless like the ar
  7. I still think that Poland makes the best option in Eastern Europe for the next Winter Olympics there. It’s economically & politically the most stable out of the bunch.
  8. OMFG - don‘t even get me started on that one. You obviously have more of a stomach than I do then, cause any type of discussion with them make any heated debate (& you know there have been many big doozies here) on GB’s seem like child’s play! I never was big on politics before, but I remember one of my good friends telling me back in 2016 (right before wannabe despot got elected), her telling me “he would be bad, he would be really bad”, & her references to Hitler, etc, & think to myself that she’s just hyperboling. But geez, unfortunately, how right was she!! I was gon
  9. So according to GB’s newsfeed from the other day, the IOC has said that they have *not* even received this guy’s letter. So if that’s still the case, then that guy is indeed ‘totally clueless’ or just a downright liar. Me thinks a little bit of both. And he’s suppose to be the state’s CFO? lol I’m thinking the IOC is not even recognizing the letter (if he really sent one to them to begin with) because he didn’t send it through the proper channels first, in this case, the USOC. But in the interviews he’s just going on & on, mostly rambling. He has other agendas, like most politicia
  10. Is this really what’s on the minds of some of these countries while there’s still a global health crises raging on? As much as I love the Olympics & have been bummed since Tokyo’s 2020 postponement last year, & even that is still questionable at this point to take place, we need to take of the initial crises first before we can continue to think about going back to “normal”. But I guess some people just don’t care, as long as it benefits them in some way.
  11. Ugh, don’t know why it’s not working. Anyway, it’s on Fox’s News business website.
  12. https://www.foxbusiness.com/sports/tokyo-2020-florida-official-meets-olympic-committee-moving-games
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxbusiness.com/sports/tokyo-2020-florida-official-meets-olympic-committee-moving-games.amp ^Link didn’t work the first time. So here it is again.
  14. Well, as unrealistic, totally clueless & ridiculous as it sounds, it’s evidently still being talked about on Faux News (of all places): Tokyo 2020: Florida official meets with Olympic committee to discuss moving Summer Games to US https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxbusiness.com/sports/tokyo-2020-florida-official-meets-olympic-committee-moving-games.amp What seriously stuck out in this latest story though, was how this guy said that he had “a nice visit with the IOC”, but he gave no specifics about this supposed visit (& there’s nothing else out there, at the momen
  15. So looks like this Zelenskiy is still doing stand-up comedy! At least Bubka is trying to keep his big lofty idea more down to earth lol.
  16. So let’s see. Up to nine votes total. That means Rio definitely would’ve been voted off in the first ballot. F@cking astounding.
  17. Roger, just consider the source. Enuff said. It’s the same one who kept saying that the IOC should just call up a certain central Asian country to “save” the IOC’s butt for 2026. And the same one who suggests a Summer Olympics in “January”.
  18. I guess not. Cuz didn’t the bookies say Stockholm? At least that’s what was being discussed over in the “who will win, & what will be the vote difference” thread. As far as future betting, isn’t there always something to bet on, regardless of the process? Especially since the rest of the IOC members are supposedly going to still be filled in with the new process.
  19. ^As already has been mentioned here before, & not by me, but Coates has an axe to grind against Melbourne. So that’s why they’re currently not on the table, cuz Coates has gone out of his way to push Melbourne aside for his own personal vendetta during his re-election campaign for AOC president. Again, if you claim that Brisbane isn’t going to win anyway, then all your accusations are really a moot point.
  20. Perhaps you’re confused, cuz we never argued this over & over again. It was Beijing over Almaty, remember? Which, if we’re going to be this schoolyard game, you got WRONG, & I got right. And so f’n what if John Coates is “praising” the Brisbane bid (& Bach is just being diplomatic, not necessarily praising anything). Cuz remind how well that worked out for Gunilla Lindberg & Stockholm 2026. Right, look in the mirror. Cuz you’re seeing what you want to see. Aren’t you the one that keeps saying that Brisbane won’t win anyway, so WTF is your problem then.
  21. You need to tell this to Darcy then, since it very clear that he enjoys to ‘misrepresent’ my posts, even though it’s obvious that I’m not the only one with this opinion. Maybe he’s ‘obscessed’ with me or something for whatever his reasons.
  22. That was an interesting read. Damn the welfare of the athletes (which is what the IOC always rants about) & spectators as long as they can get every bit of revenue they can for their Olympic ‘investment’. Do-haha! Exactly, the date argument was merely a smokescreen to deny Doha-ha for other real issues that the IOC couldn’t just come right out & say to them (depsite of what any other ‘naive’ bias bid supporter around here wants to say about it).
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