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  1. Right, cause I'd forgotten that travel agents were part of the BNC's executive board! Neither could you in Atlanta. But you're so in love there. So says the one that was so fixated on "very bad" Reno for so long! What is it with this "STUPID stance" of yours of doubling-down with your silly baron-esque way of viewing things? You should know better. "Like it or lump it" , Ahmedabad is where all the sporting investment in India is happening right now. And they're doing it with the goal objective of landing an Olympic Games. It's also where Bach & Co. is focusing a lot of his attention at lately (along with Qatar). He's not doing that on the Korean Peninsula nor even in Germany (his home country), go figure. Ahmedabad is also WAY larger than Brisbane (regardless if it's OZ's "3rd city", like that really matters in the grand scheme of things in this case anyway). It's not like we're talking about Dili in East Timor here. Again, for all the talk about Olympic host city "transformation", this has that opportunity here. And as much as Seoul & South Korea is a mecca of Asian culture today, it WASN'T really like that pre-Olympics. And as been noted, I'd also much rather Ahmedabad than Doh-a or gasp Saudi Arabia. Not even Indonesia or Egypt (with their so-called "new capitals"). Plus, as also has been mentioned by others, you don't need famous international landmarks to have a successful Olympic Games anyway. You should know that already, sincec Atlanta doesn't have any, & neither does Brisbane.
  2. Now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. So say the big cry babies of "cancel culture". Obviously these people have no clue about "the spirit" of the Olympic Games then.
  3. Oh, can't forget Germany's (your favorite here) top tourist destination of the Rhine Ruhr. I've always loved all their glossy travel brochures of the industrial/commercial parts of town.
  4. The other day, someone mentioned that giving the Games to Qatar would be extremely controversial. Well, giving them to Saudi Arabia would be 10X's more controversial. If BNC are really interested in that part of the world (& the $$ that goes along with it), then Qatar is the best (of the worst) bet there. Plus, the Qatari's have been playing this game a lot longer than the Saudis' have. That said, though, still thinking this is India's to be had anyway. There's probably just as much, if not more, "incentive" to go there for BNC than the other two.
  5. I'm sure many said the same thing about Seoul, Barcelona & Atlanta back then, too. And it's not like Brisbane is some sort of tourist hot spot, either. For all the talk around here of Olympic "transformation" that the Games can bring to a city, I'm starting to see that can actually be the case with Ahmedabad as well. Plus, it actually sounds more Indian than Delhi or Mumbai.
  6. Ohh, that would've been a worthy Olympic event in itself! Where did you come up with that figure (cause that would mean about 12 million)? When I first looked at that about a year ago, I saw that Ahmedabad was 4.5 million, & thinking then - okay, it's at least larger than Brisbane. But now when I checked again, after you posted this, it turns out that figure was from about 2001. Now the number looks to be at 6.5 million, with an urban pop. of nearly nine million. So well ABOVE Brisbane, even after you include the Gold & Sunshine Coasts. But even then, that's three times the size. And I have to agree, that I think certain biases come in when talking about Ahmedabad (I must admit, that I even had mine as well before). Some here are totally okay with Brisbane, but are then just flabbergasted with Ahmedabad, saying that it HAS to be either Delhi or Mumbai. Which I can get that (especially if we're talking India's first Olympics), but when we're still talking about an Indian city that's still larger than many major U.S. & European cities, & even larger than Sydney or Melbourne, then what's the real issue here besides bias & image? As has also been noted against Delhi & Mumbai before of being too overcrowded (an issue that also seems to plague Istanbul), Ahmedabad at least appears to have the space to build all the facilities, & looks like they'd be easily absorbed in such a large city post-Games, especially when factoring in the rest of India will also come to use/train at those facilities. Yes, that seems to be a given with the 'new-norm' these days. The ole "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine". What I'd also be curious to know, though, is how is Bach going to shake off the Qatari's yet again. Since they weren't too happy at all how 2032 went down, & seem determined not to have the carpet be swiped underneath their feet once again.
  7. And for the all the talk this past week on how the Olympic Games can or has "transform/ed" a city, & how the Games don't need to be staged behind or near famous landmarks in order for them to be successful, cause the main focus will be on the sports anyway, then I can actually see that being more the case with Ahmedabad the more I think about it. I'm sure Seoul & even Barcelona raised many eyebrows at the time of their elections. And whether anyone likes it or not, that's where Bach & Co. seem to be focusing their attention lately. At the end of the day, Ahmedabad would be more about India (since it would be their first Games) than it would be about the city itself. Just like how when Durban was part of the discussion in the past, especially right when they were awarded the 2022 CWG's (& not Cape Town or Jo'burg), how it would've been more about (South) Africa than it would've been just about the city itself. It's the out-of-the-box thinking, & this could actually start to get intriguing in that sense.
  8. ^And at least Ahmedabad is larger than Brisbane. Plus, the world doesn’t appear to know as much as you think it does about world geography if this clip has anything to say about it!
  9. With the way content consumption has changed so much over the years, does the traditional way of doing things even matter anymore? Especially when Bach mentioned it because of "climate change" as the reason. Plus, surely it'd just be a one-off here-&-there anyway. Oh, come on now. Rol's just said the other day said, that most of the world probably doesn't even know that Paris, PARIS, is hosting this year's creme-de-la-creme Olympic Games! And you expect the world now to know more about Brisbane hosting the lesser-tier event of the CWG's (which are practically extinct now as it is) which they hosted more than 40 years ago?? Right, that's why a Frenchy here thought that Brisbane was in "western" Australia!
  10. Oh, & forgot to add the recent biggie!! The comment from Bach lately about possibly switching up the dates of the Summer Games from the summer to fall to accommodate for "climate change". But who would that benefit the most right off the bat, though?! India (& Qatar)!!
  11. Technically speaking, Sochi was a new frontier in the sense that Russia hadn't up to that point, hosted a Winter Olympics before (which was a factor in their win), regardless of their winter sport pedigree. Just like Budapest would be a new frontier, regardless of their sporting prowess at the Summer Olympics. To use your word, precisely! But you're the one that brought up about the newly Russian Federation. If that was such a factor, then the Russians wouldn't have been so easily dismissed for the 2002 Games regardless, yet they were. Cause that point would've made more sense then, than it did for 2014. I already answered that part here..
  12. It's called reading the tea leaves, VDL. And a bit early for that? The "new-norm" allows for hosts to be selected at any given time. There's no set timetable for that anymore. So all bets are off now when it comes to the BNC's "new-norm" these days. Brisbane 2032 would've been "elected" as early as 2020 at the Tokyo session then, if it hadn't been for the pandemic. And speaking of the tea leaves, here are some of them laid out for you.. I'd also add to this, all the investment going on in Ahmedabad these days, & the billionaire Ambani family which play footsie with Bach, which one of them also happens to be an IOC member from India as well.
  13. That happens now as it is. Sailing for Atlanta 1996 took place in Savannah. And for Paris this year, sailing will be held in Marseille. Equestrian for Beijing 2008 took place all the way down in Hong Kong. And soccer always gets farmed out anyway. So sailing in Mumbai & equestrian in Dehli for Ahmedabad 2036 wouldn't be that unusual. I didn't say that they were "notified" (please don't misconstrue what I actually said).
  14. I agree in the concern in the accommodations dept. But the same can also be said of Brisbane, which is even smaller than Ahmedabad, even after including the Gold & Sunshine coasts.
  15. If you mean "strong bid" in terms of a spending spree, then sure. I also wouldn't classify Russia as a global superpower, not in the same way that China is, & that's what really won it for them (the second time around). Sochi was still a new frontier for the Winter Games, since Russia was still *untested territory*, cause they still had to build everything from scratch. Otherwise, if it was simply due to award the newly Russian Federation, they would've given the Games to Sochi when they tried, but failed, for the 2002 Games. Sochi 2014 was more about giving Russia, a winter sporting power that had never hosted the Winter Olympics before, the chance to do so. And Putin's willingness to spend whatever it took to get it done, is what really won it for them. It's all really moot anyway, cause Turkey isn't getting 2036, as much as some here (including myself) are enamored by such an exotic locale.
  16. Where have you been. You wouldn't be the only one in rightly assuming that, since the tea leaves have been reading that way for quite some time now, & not something that's just developed 'recently'. Perhaps what may be happening recently is that some of these Euro hopefuls are realizing now that 2036 has already been promised somewhere else.
  17. Well, that seems to be the same thing if you think it 'makes sense' for London to consider that aspect as well. That aspect should be one of the last things on a bid city's mind if it's not conducive to wait or rush into a bid just for the sake of a centennial. Just ask Athens 1996 that. That's why I also added at least "likes" to talk about it. But considering how the 'new-norm' works these days, it's not that far-fetched either to think that the IOC has at least been in some kind of talks with the U.K. lately about a future hosting. One could say the same things about Sochi 2014, another Eurasian location that was a "new frontier" & untested terrain for the Winter Olympics, but as been pointed out, it looks like that aspect still worked against Munich for 2018, despite Russia also being 'kind of' politically & culturally separate from the rest of Europe. BNC could just as easily say, we ticked the European box for 2036 with Istanbul (since the Summer Olympics have never gone more than two cycles outside of Europe). So it's time to go somewhere else for 2040 that's not Europe.
  18. https://gamesbids.com/eng/summer-olympic-bids/now-re-elected-will-london-mayor-sadiq-khan-deliver-promised-2040-olympic-games-bid/ I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in centennial aspects of this, considering L.A. 2028 is just missing the centennial of their first hosting by four years.
  19. No, London's mayor seems to be the one interested in 2040 (or at least likes to "talk" about it).
  20. It does seem at least interesting, that there seems to be a shift from 2036 to 2040 from a couple of Euro countries. What could be being heard through the Lausaunne grapevine for all this Euro Olympic talk to being pushed four years later..
  21. If they didn't listen to them the last time, doubtful they'll listen to them the next time. But those experts will probably tell them anyway, that Ahmedabad "fits into the new-norm" mold (with all the building they're doing now). That said, everyone here is an agreement that it shouldn't be Ahmeda-Bad for India's first Games. But as long as BNC (or succeeding leaders like them) are at the helm, then it is what it is. The one thing that can be said about Ahmedabad, though, is that the space is easily there to build all the facilities. And they already have that new big a$s stadium. But other than that, there is no further appeal there. But who knows. Maybe BNC are just into underwhelming river cities lately. lol
  22. Where have I heard that one before! But just a reminder, that the majority of IOC voters NO longer get a vote under the "new-norm" these days. They just merely rubber-stamp whatever the BNC whims are.
  23. To think that Melbourne didn't really have to wait that long!
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