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  1. ..& we know that’s also not a good look for the IOC these days, either. But the IOC, looks like, will do whatever it has to in order to save their own butts, even if that could mean more tumultuous waters ahead. Picking the best option out of a bad lot can still bring trouble. Just look at Beijing 2022.
  2. There actually were some cities that were miffed about that. And perhaps that’s why more noise (or outrage, as you call it) is being made about it this time by such a move, because cities four years ago had to “reset” from 2028 to 2032 (& Brisbane was actually one of those cities too). So now they’re like throwing their arms up the air having to ‘reset’ again? And by that perspective, I can certainly understand part of their frustration. I don’t think anyone is arguing any of that. I certainly haven’t, as a matter of fact I’ve said that on the surface I agree with it (I thin
  3. Well, that’s just it. The IOC is supposedly beyond the days of their shenanigans of the past (as you pointed out with Nagano, Sydney & SLC) with their new “reforms” & what not, & wanting to be more ‘transparent’ going forward. But yet this entire ‘new’ process was ultimately done behind closed doors. So it doesn’t seem like much has changed then, other than the format of how they perform their “new” antics now. It’s just painting them as the “usual (corrupt) IOC” from the outside. Was Doha-hah one of them (that one was for my other favorite GB’s friend )? There’s been so ma
  4. Yeah, I think he wants to be a comedian now!
  5. I can think of a couple of more; Lindsey Graham (coincidentally, also of South Carolina) & Mitch McConnell. Especially Graham. He said he was “through” with you know who, the day of the riot, but when he got heckled at Regan airport the next day or two, by you know who supporters, he went crawling back to the ‘swamp’ with his tail between his legs. I’m sure that Nikki Haley also took notice of that, & that’s why now she’s back-peddling as fast as she can! But that’s not really what the poster who posted the other Nikki Haley article cares about. Just about the boycott fetish they
  6. Besides the last two being virtually impossible with less than a year to go (especially the moving of the Winter Games from Beijing), I think it’s just more about putting Biden in a bad light. That’s all the Republicans are more interested in. They’re not really interested in “doing the right thing” here. That went out the window months ago with them.
  7. And did you enjoy that article on your iPhone (or your Galaxy, Pixel or Motorola phone or whatever other smartphone you use)? I also find these politicians amusing who keep ‘insisting‘ to move the Games or boycott. Okay then, are your own gov’t’s prepared to take on these winter Games, in less than a years time, so as not to legitimize the CCP? Ready for that massive undertaking? Yeah, they know it’s too late for that, so they only squawk about it to try & look good, cause they know nothing can be done about that at this very late stage of the game. Either that, or they‘re really
  8. This is going to ruffle RWB24’s feathers - Beijing 2022: Boris Johnson rejects boycott call over Uighur 'genocide' https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-politics-56184428 The BOA also shares the same view. Unlike Haley & Pompeo, they say that the athletes shouldn’t be the ones to be used as political pawn after all their years of hard work & dedication for this moment they worked so hard for. Certainly Nikki Haley & Co. can at least understand that, no.
  9. No one was “insisting” back then that Beijing was the right choice, safe choice & “only” choice (how would you even know that, when you’ve only been on here less than a couple of months anyway). Beijing was one of ‘only’ the last two subpar bids that were left standing, after all the European bidders dropped out. At that point, it was merely picking the best of the worst at that time. Beijing would’ve never won if all those European cities didn’t drop out. But that was the card dealt to the IOC back then. So here we are now. And it’s not like Almaty doesn’t have it’s one human r
  10. Pompeo - another disingenuous gop winner that wants to be “president”. lol
  11. Maybe not Brisbane, but some people are already pointing their fingers at Coates, IOC VP & AOC president. So much for the “transparency”, right? I can ultimately understand the selection (considering most of the other lackluster bids), but at the same time, the process does seem to be a bit dodgy, especially still this far out from 2032 anyway.
  12. Why not? Since when has the IOC not undermined their own ‘rules’ when it suits them. I agree on the surface. I even said the other day, in another thread, that it’s not like any of the other potential ‘32 bid cities were anything stellar, so this ‘decision’ shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. But OTOH, this is the so respectable (nowadays) IOC we’re talking about here. So I wouldn’t put anything past them anymore in order to save their own hide. Perhaps the fact that the DOSB wouldn’t go into any talks with them, is the (or at least part of the) reason for this sudden rush of a
  13. I’m starting to think that this may all be a tactic of the IOC, to get the other (potential) bidders’ (& maybe others who were just thinking about it) butts in gear if they didn’t like Wednesday’s announcement. To snap their behinds with a towel to get movin’ if they still may want the 2032 Olympics, since it’s still eleven & a half years away. The IOC says even now that “it’s not a done deal” (yet). But in the meantime, they still can get their tentacles on Brisbane, just in case. Cuz that’s all the IOC really cares about at this point in time, in these uncertain times. The glamo
  14. Ugh, you mean Cancun Cruz. Yeah, I’m sure.
  15. ^Plus, maybe that’s left to interpretation, since things can change. As I’ve been saying all along, if China does something really, REALLY stupid before February 2022, then a boycott could/would then be fully warranted (much to RWB24’s glee).
  16. Well, if that’s how you want to it read it, then so be it. But again, Psaki said that they’ll follow the “guidance” of the USOC. And the USOC is against any boycott.
  17. Lol, yeah, I figured RWB24’s agenda here. And I usually ignore it. (& funny how you should mention the city booster part too, since there’s another clan of those in the ‘32 forums right now, lol). But what gets me in these latest ones, is the quotes/interviews from Republican members about a boycott bcuz “it’s the right thing to do”. Like they even know what that means. Especially these last couple of months, when most of them have been doing the WRONG thing. So it’s very nauseating, to say the least. I never even heard of Nikki Haley until just a couple of months ago. Hence
  18. That’s not what I read. All Psaki said was that ‘there hasn’t been a a final decision made on that’. And that ‘of course, we would look for guidance from the U.S. Olympic Committee’. So I don’t see how that translates to Biden “mulling” a boycott. Biden has far more important things to deal with right now - like, oh I don’t know, seeking to get another Coronavirus relief package passed in the Senate, & going to hard hit Texas after their devastating cold weather disaster last week (since obviously ditzy Ted Cruz does’t care about his home state), than to be thinking at all about the B
  19. If no desirable Western European bid comes through for 2036, then it’ll go to Russia. Cause Putin will give the IOC whatever they want, if no one else will.
  20. The only way I can see the U.S. boycotting, is if China does something MEGA stupid between now & the end of the year, like invade Taiwan, for example. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening. Republicans will squawk about anything Biden does/doesn’t do anyway. So that’s irrelevant.
  21. Atlanta is still not a destination after the Olympics. Even Las Vegas, Orlando & San Diego receive more annual visitors.
  22. Nikki Haley talking about “upholding America’s guiding principles” on Faux News is absolutely hysterical! Considering that’s not what they were doing at all when they were peddling the big, fat lie for weeks, which put on own Republic’s democracy at great risk. So please Nikki, just spare us the hypocritical hyperbole about Nazi Germany & “evil China” (when people like you are also part of the problem), & which is only meant for your own selfish, political self interests.
  23. And it’s those noisy minorities that have derailed bids all over Europe (& even the U.S.) as of late, & why not very many other cities from Democratic countries are coming out to bid. The citizens are starting to take notice that the Olympics are no longer all that they’re cracked up to be for the Host City. Take Germany, for example, not wanting to play footsie with the IOC time & again. I don’t think that we can compare the (IOC) times now as they were back then. Just look at the “streamlined” bidding process that the IOC has taken precisely because times are different now.
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