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  1. It’s clear that what you don’t take “seriously” is logic & objectivity, since you gloss over that time & again & then just continue with your (usual) snarky, partial responses. Your opinion is obviously in the minority in this thread since I’m not the only one that shares those other opinions. What Coates may or may not have an “inkling” about at this point I’d say would be very premature, especially when the Brisbane feasibility study hasn’t even been completed yet. If all the AOC is interested in is to “be a good way to gain some exposure that can be used as a platform
  2. Uhh, the Winter Olympics are *not* officially referred to as the “Winter Olympiad”. ‘Olympiad’ is only reserved for the Summer Olympics.
  3. Takeda resigns from IOC and as JOC President amid bribery allegations https://www.insidethegames.biz/index.php/articles/1076967/takeda-resigns-as-joc-president-amid-bribery-allegations
  4. Well, at least they didn’t try to bring down their Olympic Stadium in protest of the bid, like last time.
  5. There’s only ONE certain other poster around here that recites AA’s mumbo-jumbo as gospel. The rest of us who actually like some objectivity know better than to listen to him lol.
  6. Well, going by all of this logic, further illustrates why a(nother) double is still quite possible this summer then! Sweden is still iffy, so Milan 2026 & SLC 2030!!
  7. Oh, where have we heard this song & dance before - Switzerland, Austria, Calgary? Only for a referendum to come around & these so-called “rise in support” wind up being nothing at all. Not to mention, that the ‘poll’ was conducted by the IOC itself. Enuff said.
  8. Oh geez. Is he still trippin’ on that? I didn’t even bother to read it. I’m sure it’s just another long-winded piece anyway (as they usually are). Or be accepting it as religion like a certain other poster around here does. It’s really sad. He probably needs some counseling or something, cuz he seems to think that he’s part of the EB or something. Like what he says should go, & logic be damned. Sounds like a certain U.S. president.
  9. SLC is really the only feasible option in the U.S. for a Winter Olympic bid. To quote some around here, “it’s the L.A. of bids but on the winter side of things”. And considering what the IOC is looking for these days is sustainability, moreso out of necessity though, then the only thing that remains is what year will SLC be hosting. And I’d say that it’ll be sooner rather than much later.
  10. The irony there is that’s most likely what Sweden thinks of the IOC; Drama & megalomania. So run from the IOC as fast as you can. Why else would they still be dragging their feet on this. It was afterall the Swedish Taxpayer Association that was all for Calgary 2026 when they were still in the race lol.
  11. Even so, there’s still the disruption of the Games themselves (which was their main gripe of their ‘04 bid), which for a country as small as Sweden (population-wise), the impact will still be felt among all Swedes. Especially when another purpose (or moreso selling point) of a larger venue concept is to include more of the respective population in the bid.
  12. “IOC Executive Director Christophe Dubi said Thursday in Falun that even if the bids miss the April 12 guarantee deadline, the IOC could still accept documents up until the June 24 election in Lausanne, Switzerland.” lmfao - the first time in Olympic bidding history? What real desperation looks like in Lausanne these days lol
  13. It’s not just the cost that a lot of these European citizens are protesting, though. It’s the disruption & corruption that is also associated with the Olympics. And that is something, demonstrated by history, that the Scandinavian’s in particular don’t like. It won’t matter in the end how much posturing the IOC does with Sweden if in the end the Swedes themselves just don’t want the Games. The IOC needs Sweden much more than Sweden needs the IOC. Afterall, Oslo would’ve been handed the 2022 Winter Games, with their cost-effective plan, on a silver-platter but the Norwegian’s still tol
  14. It’s not ‘a lot’ of people that make the money, though. At least not the common folk, anyway. This is where paul’s arguments of graft, corruption & waste with the Olympics come into play. It’s the well-off elite that think the Olympics will make THEM money. And that’s why it’s the average citizens that are now starting to wake up & say - “NIMBY with my tax dollars”.
  15. Says the pot to the kettle. You mean like the way you try to spin things to say you were right? Let’s remember that SLC is now indirectly involved in the 2026 bid process, that’s why the USOC was in such a rush to name their “future nominee” a couple of months ago. If either Stockholm or Milan falter, that still leaves one of them left & then the IOC could just as easily award the Utah capital 2030 at the same time in June this summer, just like they did with 2024 & 2028. It’s not a matter of you buying into or not, it’s the IOC’s. If both Stockholm or Milan fail, the
  16. Oh gawd. Another Tulsa bombardment of Annecy this & Annecy that.
  17. Oh, another possible double-allocation? You don’t say! I know that a certain other poster around here would disagree.
  18. I think the dates that Seoul 1988 & Sydney 2000 used should be fine (only a couple of days there branched into October). Or if anything, maybe the last week of September & the first week of October for better accommodation.
  19. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along. But of course the rest of us are all “incredibly naive” bcuz we don’t share that same hometown bias.
  20. An interesting GB’s article came out just today talking about how the IOC is “changing their own rules & charter” as they go along lately bcuz of the predicament they find themselves in these days. With the double-allocation of 2024 & 2028, & now extending the deadlines in the 2026 bid process to accommodate Stockholm-“Are” & Milan-“Cortina”. So why couldn’t/wouldn’t they make one for Melbourne if it well suited them? The dates for NBC worked just fine with Seoul 1988 & Sydney 2000, so why couldn’t they work with a future Melbourne Games. The whole Doha date thing was a mer
  21. It wasn’t really direct quote’S’, other than just a ONE LINE that was more so tongue-in-cheek, particularly the ‘can’t annoy the Americans’ bit (which is the only thing I quoted), which again goes back to a time when some were actually using that as a negative towards any American bid. But whatever, moving on now. What’s incredibly naive is that you think the IOC’s “criteria” is somehow set in stone or something. Remember, the IOC broke it’s own traditional protocol when they awarded both Paris & Los Angeles Olympic Games simultaneously, when many said that it couldn’t/wouldn’t be
  22. Did I say you said that? No I didn’t. What I said is that I can recall when certain other foreign members have said that in the past when trying to make the argument against American bids. Claiming that the IOC shouldn’t bow to American interests simply bcuz they contribute over 60% of their revenues. So unless you’re all those foreign members, then no, my post was not ‘clearly’ directed at you. That’s why I also said ‘the irony’. Because here, the other side of the argument is trying to be made for a foreign bid bcuz of the IOC’s (but really NBC’s) preferred time-window slot of July/Aug
  23. I find the irony here so amusing. I can recall when certain foreign members here have gone as far as saying “screw NBC” (or U.S. money in general) when it comes to trying to dictate where the Games should be held in order to appease these American companies bcuz they contribute so much money to the Olympic Movement (& especially when others have made those arguments *for* American bids). But now all of the sudden, the IOC “can’t afford to ‘annoy’ the Americans” when it comes to certain other (foreign) bids & the ‘preferred time-slot window’ of the IOC (well, more like NBC). But it can’
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