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  1. Could it be the ultimate ruskie, anti-Olympic weapon?!
  2. Is it "slander" if it's accurate, though. One would have to be absolutely naive to believe that they're not trying to do at least some of that. Deny', deny, deny is always the liars playbook. That's like believing Chump-face in his constant claims that he did "nothing wrong". I guess Azerbaijan is still jealous that they were dissed a couple of times already in trying to get the Olympic Games themselves before. And those type of negative actions show, even more, why they never deserved them TBW.
  3. Did anyone ever see the fake, AI Tom cruise voice generated video from last year? The IOC even asked youtube to take it down, but it's still on other platform(s) apparently. Still would've been interesting to see all the krem!in 'fake news' propaganda on it.
  4. *A winter Games would also be cheaper for Chile, as well (but again, the calender).
  5. Of course Chile doesn't stand a chance. Not when the "negotiations" with either India (or Qatar) have almost been finalized.for '36. Besides, consecutive Summer Games in the southern hemisphere is highly unlikely (Boric can talk to Bach about '40 or '44 now anyway, since the "new-norm' doesn't restrict which Games can be pursued at any given time). Plus, Bach & Co. really wouldn't have much to gain in going to South America again so soon. They'd probably have better chances in trying for a Winter Games instead, since Chile actually gets the most reliable snow in the southern hemisphere, but of course the main issue with that one is the calendar.
  6. But that's just about anything that involves grand plans, though. No one likes to admit failure, or at the very least hear people tell you "I told you so" if things aren't going quite as planned. Even the IOC plays the "nothing to worry about, nothing to see here - No plan B - It's all fake news" game up until the very last minute, or until they can't cover it up any longer.
  7. When will everyone stop placating to JC.
  8. Guess your right, cause I keep forgetting that they've talked about a plan B for the OC very late in the game. Cause they were always so insistent up until late last year, that there was no plan B. All the hype about it over the years, I'm just expecting/wanting a show extravaganza (especially after Tokyo 202One).
  9. No plan B for the Opening Ceremony. No plan B for the Seine. Seems to be a theme here for Paris 2024, huh.
  10. Fifty-three degrees "scary"? That is a cool, crisp fall day in these parts of the globe! But seriously, yes 127F is indeed scary! Those are Mojave deserts temps here. How much of that, though, is also contributed in Delhi being a mega city (congestion, construction, dirty air, etc). It's on course to even surpassing Tokyo as the world's most populous metropolis by the next decade. All the more reason why Delhi might just not be fit as an Olympic host, & why the push for Ahmedabad as an alternative. I've never been to India, but some of the documentaries I've seen on the country, the congestion & chaos just seem insane, even in Ahmedabad. But I digress, since it's starting to topic drift.
  11. *Plus, Bach has already said that the Summer Games could be moved later into the year (hint-hint, wink-wink) to accommodate for "climate change"!
  12. Yes, but that was at a time when the rest of the membership actually had a vote TBW, & the ExCo then was afraid of another SLC-type bribery scandal. The bidding process now (if that's what one could still call it these days) has significantly changed under Bach & Coates the last several years under the (great) "new-norm". So much now is done behind closed door meetings & secret deals. What we knew as a "vote" back in the traditional days of the bid campaigns no longer exist. All the decision making power now falls strictly under the ExCo. & the rest of the membership merely rubber-stamps those higher-up (BNC) decisions. So there's no worry now about buying votes, just the ExCo these days, that is. That said, though, I don't think Saudi Arabia is getting this anyway (they'd be much more controversial than even Qatar). The irony that was done back then to push Doh-a to the wayside, looks like it's paving the way for them now, though. But my hedges are still on India anyway, regardless of what some of the naysayers have to say about them. I must admit, though, I was also one of those naysayers before, but too much has come to light recently not to take into account. There's too many other signs that have been going on with them lately that can not be so easily dismissed. This factor will probably start to become less of a factor going forward, at least as far as broadcast negotiations go. The way viewing consumption has changed so drastically over the last decade alone, particularly with streaming, that traditionally TV is starting to become a thing of the past. So either NBC will have to adapt (which looks like they're already starting to do with Peacock), or move aside to let someone else play here who has adapted. And all Bach has to do to dismiss this story is to come out & call it "fake news" (if that's what it is) like he did with the Brisbane 2032 cancellation news. Cause the longer he stays quite about supposedly such false information, they more plausible it becomes.
  13. Well, if indeed it is, then as I said, let Bach come out & anoint it as 'fake news', like he was quick to do so with the Brisbane 2032 cancellation news. But knowing this, he'll probably avoid the media for a few weeks now so that no one asks him any questions over such fake news. And there's only ONE person that you can blame for that.
  14. Well, let's see if Bach comes out & also calls this "fake news" if it doesn't have any merit. If he doesn't at some point soon, then it should really make one ponder then.
  15. Other news sources just mainly copy-&-paste Olympic-related news information anyway, since many of them are not Olympic-niche news websites. So if some are waiting for other outlets to post more info about this, I'm not so sure then if that would give any more 'confirmation' about it, if that's what one is looking for. It'll be interesting, though, if Rob here at GB's does report anything about this, considering THIS is an actual Olympic-niche news related website, & it's basically where I like to get all of my Olympic-related news & info because of that. That said, my bet is still on India. But again, I also still wouldn't be surprised if BNC have already 'promised' this to the Qatari's (in this "new-norm" era) & are just waiting for a more appropriate time, according to them, to announce it.
  16. Here it is from ITG’s, citing the same Spanish site: Doha to host 2036 Olympics, says respected Spanish sports site Relevo insidethegames.biz/index.php/articles/1145650/doha-to-host-2036-olympics-reports But should it really be all that surprising at this point? All the clues have been there for a bit now. And considering how the Qatari’s were not please at all how 2032 went down, they’re on a mission now to not let that happen again. And emir Tamim has also been a long-time IOC member. Although, what does that mean for Modi (& the Ambani’s)? Still think India is in play here (the switch in the dates to later in the year would also be a benefit for them to avoid their monsoon season). There’s also the recent inclusion of Cricket (which is very popular in India) to consider as well. Or like I alluded to yesterday, can another ‘double’ be in the works here with Doh-a & Ahmedabad both getting Games here? Would give the Indians that extra cushion to get everything done that they need to with another fours years added to their lead time, if say they got 2040 instead.
  17. Besides Nusantara not being ready in time, you can only promise, in this case, only one party at a time anyway (not two, or three). Cause only one country is going to get 2036. As far as Europe being 'promised' 2040, I'd imagine that's more of a slippery slope, considering the bidding track records from democratic countries from there in recent years have that been far from stellar, particularly on the summer side (the IOC really lucked out with Paris 2024). So delving in feet first there, would seem to be premature at this point. I've said once before, which would go more into making 'settling debts', making more than one party happy at once, that some sort of 'double' could play out again in awarding both India & Qatar an Olympics. Therefore, completely shutting out Europe for 20 years, so by that point, they'd be starving for an Olympics (since Europe has never gone more than 12 years without a Summer Games) & they'd be much more receptive again of the demands that the Games entail. Just a random thought, but wouldn't put it past BNC at this point (in the 'new-norm' era) if that was their angle, in order in a way to get back at them for all the referendums & bad PR that was associated with all that. What I meant by that, is Ahmedabad would be an Olympics for India. Just like Beijing was an Olympics for China. And Rio was an Olympics for Brazil (& South America as a whole). The Brazilians, after all, carried 'the map' quite effectively during their 2016 bid campaign.
  18. While that's true, it's at least still for India, a country that's now surpassed China in the population dept. (& that gap will surely be bigger by the time 2036 comes around) that is yet to host, VS a country with a relative very small population that's going to host it's third Olympic Games in only 32 years after their last one. That picture seems so lopsided. But in Ahmedabad's case, they already have their (huge) stadium & are already underway in constructing their sport facilities precinct, all before being anointed hosts. Whereas JC basically just threw the Olympics at Brisbane, & then told them, just handle it. Plus, there's a few other past Olympics that can also be mainly attributed to just one person really; P*tin with Sochi, JAS with Barcelona & also Beijing. He was really keen on Beijing winning 2000, & was quite ticked off when that didn't happen (& ironically enough, who do we really have to thank for that one )! Then comes the race for 2008 (which he then invited them to bid again himself), & Beijing runs away with it then. Go figure. And speaking of Beijing, it seems the Chinese also don't like to share their Olympic spotlight with any other cities. Which is bizarre (but not really, when you consider how controlling the CCP is), considering there's quite a few mega cities in China that would dwarf even Ahmedabad, & would be more attractive than Beijing. Shanghai & Guangzhou quickly come to mind there. As far as the Ambani's go, I know that they're a billionaire ($$) Indian family, which have been playing footsie with Bach lately. I also know that one of them is also one of two of the IOC members from India. So I mean, there's quite several boxes that are being ticked off here as of late, & are still being ticked. And as others have also mentioned (besides myself), all the not-so subtle signs are there for everyone to see. And whoever doesn't see them, is either because they're either blind, or they have their (bias) blinders on. I'm also starting to think that Bach may want India as part of his legacy, just like JAS with China & Rogge with South America. Qatar is another one, but I think Bach & Co. are going to tread a bit more careful there, but who knows, since the Qatari's aren't that willing next time around to be so easily dissed yet again. They're really small potatoes (in the BNC world of the 'new-norm'), just like all the others who aren't India or Qatar. For starters, it's not like Bach & Co. have any real debts to settle with Indonesia, etc.
  19. Oh no! Okay, AF (I mean Myles). Yes, that’s it! NOTHING gets passed you.
  20. I wish that Sportzguy was still around here. He hasn't been in like over a year. He was always posting stuff about Ahmedabad when he was around. But I think a lot of us chased him away (including myself) before certain revelations have been made as of late, & before learning a bit more about the city itself. Cause now, Ahmedabad doesn't seem as laughable (well, minus one silly goose) as it may have seemed just a couple of years ago.
  21. *And want to center a 2036 Olympic bid around the new capital.
  22. That's actually plausible. Indonesia is basically moving theirs cause Jakarta is sinking. I think most (including myself), though, have added that either Delhi or Mumbai would be the preference. But it is, what it is. If Brisbane can host an Olympics, than why not Ahmedabad. And at least in this case, it would actually serve a much bigger purpose, rather than just satisfying the whims of a certain single individual.
  23. Ummm, you're the one that started this 'confrontation' with your overzealous claims. Atlanta to Savannah - 250 miles Atlanta to Charleston - 310 miles Ahmedabad to Mumbai - 280 miles - DUH!! Such a silly, childish & "confrontational" comment.
  24. So are you a travel agent then!
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