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  1. I'm sure she can! In her latest video, I love how she pays homage to Kylie's Slow, with the (Olympic) City of Barcelona in the backdrop from the 1992 diving venue. So would only be fitting for DL for more Olympic 'allusions'!
  2. Oh, yay!! I know it's not confirmed yet, but (if she's smart) I hope that she says YES!!! 🥰 She was on SNL again (for the like the 3rd time) a few weeks ago. But this last time, both as host & performer.
  3. Expectations & actuality are two different things, though. Especially if Macron's huge political gamble doesn't pay off on July 7th. I've always said, before the surprise, right outta-the-box "French Alps" 2030 candidacy, that France should really concentrate all of their efforts on the huge undertaking that is already Paris 2024, before embarking on another Olympic endeavor. But considering it looks like it was mainly Macron's doing, I'm starting to see now that this was all a behind-closed-door "new-norm" deal between Bach & Macron. So in that sense, Sweden 2030 never really stood a chance anyway.
  4. Ugh, heaven forbid. But I'm sure. L.A. 2028 would be dubbed the "woke" Olympics as I've mentioned before. I was surprised though when Paris 2024 was dubbed that first (the silly word traveled 'across the pond'). lol Oh, I agree with that. But try telling that to all the buffoons here who keep listening to a certain, deranged clown who keeps saying "the radical left". That the Dems here are nothing but socialist/communists trying to take people's rights away, when it reality, it's all total projection coming from the far-right here. It still astonishes sometimes, when some in the Latino community here (& particularly many of the Cubans), who have voted for exactly the type of thing which they claim they were escaping from, or that their parents were escaping from. Not only a nasty communist/socialists (& yes, those certain 'Americans' really don't know what that exactly even means, other than to try to use it as an epithet these days towards things they don't like), but also call you "woke", a fascist & whatever other petty thing they can think of to denigrate you if you don't think or act like them, or accept whatever their orange deity says as gospel.
  5. So should we change from "we shouldn't worry", to maybe we should worry now. Since how likely was this current situation forecasted even just a week ago? Since this could potentially have big ramnifications for Nice 2030. Would really like to hear what some of the conversations are like over BNC headquaters right now, that's for sure.
  6. Ah yes, I remember those protests last year. Although, IMO, what Macron did seems to be quite modest in comparison to what the republicans here want to do with SS retirement benefits, & push the age up from currently 67 to 70 yo! And also wanting to cut benefits to Medicare & to the ACA. All while at the same time, they also want to give big corporations & the wealthy huge tax cuts. But ugh, anyway, I digress, since that's starting to veer off-topic.
  7. Yep, I had brought that up in the Brisbane thread a couple of months ago, where he was being interviewed by a woman who was going to be releasing her podcast. I ponder, though, what our (former) 'new-norm' pariah would've said about that. lol Oh, really? Now that's VERY interesting! Maybe, but we also have many of those groups within our two parties: The Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, is one of those. He sometimes holds up a lot of policy-making because often times he goes against the majority of the Democrats. Really? Not that's interesting. You'd think that someone who has a wife 25-years his senior would be a little more open-minded. It seems the trend over on this side of the pond is the opposite, for the moment anyway. Let's just hope & pray that continues in this year's general elections here.
  8. Not according to a couple of French members here. Especially after this weekend's Euro political turmoil, seems like the Paris 2024 Olympics will either be tossed to the wayside at best, or used as some sort of political pawn at worst. Which in either case, is a sad state of affairs. Was so looking forward to Paris 2024, too, but like much Tokyo 2020ne (but for different reasons of course), it's looking to become another hot mess. But still holding out for hope for a spectacular Paris 2024 Games!!
  9. This statement seems so much like a catch-22. Because the IOC of course loves to see as much host city gov't support for a Games as possible. And Macron definitely showed that support throughout the lead-time of Paris 2024. As an outsider looking in, I thought that was a good thing. Japanese PM at the time, also showed great support for Tokyo, even making a surprise appearance at the Tokyo 2020 handover in Rio 2016, dressed up as Super Mario. It's a sad state of affairs when some people are starting to dislike the Games simply because they don't like the current gov't that's in their host country. Again, making the distinction that "sports & politics shouldn't intertwine" laughable. I also have a feeling that come L.A. 2028 will also be used as a political tool here in the U.S., particularly from the anti-'woke' mob. Perhaps you should start another thread on the topic. Because I'm particularly curious on your disdain of Macron, especially since you don't like Le Pen either. Is it that you're just simply an independent (or a centrist) as we call those type of voters here in the U.S.? But French roast is so good, though!! I've always thought of the E.U. as more of an internal organization, much like the IOC or the U.N. rather than a policy making one that can directly & greatly effect it's members. I've never been much of a political observer TBW (I also think many Americans, particularly the younger ones, are not as much in-tune with politics, especially when it comes to global affair, as our European counterparts), but ever since Chump came into the picture, I've become much more interested because some of the sh!t that's been going on within the last decade alone is absolutely ASSinine!! As Rol's noted a couple of weeks ago, those are all values that the far-right don't like anyway.
  10. You do realize that you’re talking to someone that thinks everything that happens in-between the Opening & Closing ceremonies is not but “filler”, right?!
  11. And here it is in English: Political turmoil won't derail Games, IOC and Paris 2024 say https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/political-turmoil-france-wont-affect-paris-games-ioc-head-says-2024-06-10/ And Anne Hindalgo really didn’t mince any words. I think the summary of this story though, (which has also been discussed on here before in relation to the new-norm) is that so much can happen just with the regular (“old norm”) lead-time of seven years. So with the IOC now awarding Games 10, 11 years out (with the “new-norm”), or maybe even longer, can Bach & Co. really be opening up a can of worms that they won’t be able to shut back if things really get outta hand with far & distant future host.
  12. Exactly my point. Again, you vote for the lesser-of-two-evils. If anyone thinks that the previous U.S. president (heaven forbid again) for example, can do a "better" job than the current U.S. president has, when the previous U.S.' president's approval rating was even lower than the current U.S. president's, then as the saying goes lately - 'you get what you fu@king deserve'. Yeah, I was like WTF is this two-weeks before Olympics start drama about. Did I fully wake up yet. Am I still dreaming? Maybe I need an extra espresso this morning or something.
  13. And? You know what Trump's average approval rating was during his presidency? 41% - so that's even lower than the current U.S. President. I still wouldn't say, though, even in either case, that is "the people". That sounds like our primary elections (where here is where we "choose" who we want as our party presidential candidate), which are generally held about eight months before the general election. Then on election night, you vote for the lesser-of-two-evils. Do you, personally, "hate" Macron?
  14. I see that mentioned from time-to-time. But why is that? The French after all, voted for him twice. What specifically do the French "hate him" for? And is that an over-reach TBW? It's like when certain Americans say that "the 'people' are tired of Biden", when in actuality, that's not really the case. It's only a certain sub-set of people that really like to say that. Okay, thanks. But this still seems a bit confusing, since I'd never really considered the EU having that much political influence/power within it's member states.
  15. What the heck is going on?! I log in to check the daily going-on's on GB's to see this (even the national evening news here didn't mention a peep about it. Guess I'll have to go online or some of the cable news channels to see more). I'm not that well-versed in European politics, but are today's elections there comparable to the Mid-terms here in the U.S.? And yes, it's very disturbing the destabilization campaign that's being made towards Europe by a certain country just to the east. And unfortunately, it's not just Europe where that campaign is targeting to destabilize. And apparently, Le Pen was "delighted to accept the challenge".
  16. *In the end, it really would've been dumb for L.A. not to accept the 2028 Olympics "consolation prize", considering how the IOC sweetened the deal for them to do so. It really was a win-win all the way around for all the parties involved, & particularly for the IOC.
  17. I don't think any bid really, at the time of the "old norm", had a 100% of winning. However, the general consensus at the time, was that 2024 was Paris' to lose (even at the very beginning of the campaign, if one wasn't from one of the other bidding cities, that is). Cause yes, Paris had many advantages in it's favor, & I still believe the City of Lights would've came out victorious in a direct head-to-head 2024 IOC vote against L.A. For one, the unofficial continental rotation was on it's side, since Europe had never gone more than 12 years without a Summer Olympics at that point. It was Paris' third bid in 16 years, & coming back after being narrowly defeated by London for 2012 (although, because of that, I can understand how some of the French may have been nervous about 2024 at the time). The only ones that really didn't believe in Paris' 2024 chances were basically the L.A. cheerleaders (& again, anyone from one of the other three bid cities before they withdrew). There was also some L.A. sports writer that one of the L.A. members here would always gleefully link their blogs about how L.A. was just "perfect" for 2024, & that they shouldn't accept 2028 as a "consolation prize" once the double-allocation was being speculated about. But no bias there, right? That was also another point of contention here (before the double-allocation was even a thing), as to which bid would more likely come back to bid for 2028 if they were to lose 2024. And considering how Paris lost the 2012 vote, & if they were to lose again for 2024 (not to mention how the French bid team claimed that the OV site wouldn't be available for a 2028 run), & how keen L.A. was always up for the challenge to continue to bid no matter what, like they had proved in the past, that answer there seemed like an easy one (but of course not to the bias Angelinos, that is). And yes, L.A. was promised an additional $1.8 Billion in funding from the IOC if the city agreed to take on the 2028 Games instead.
  18. Oh, but there indeed was 'a race' for 2024 between Paris & L.A. (along with Rome, Hamburg & Budapest, before all those three ultimately withdrew). The IOC had not chosen on the "double" until very late in the game, when only Paris & L.A. were the only ones left standing in the 2024 bid campaign. And there was actually further debate on here on whether or not the IOC was actually going to do it at all when speculation about it had emerged early in 2017, since the main argument was, that the IOC can't just change the rules right in the middle of a bid race, & what does that mean for the other parties that might be interested in 2028 later on. And there was one 'member' on here in particular from L.A. who was always putting L.A. on a grand pedestal, as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, while at the same time always disparaging Paris every chance they could get, no matter how much compelling arguments anyone else made about Paris. It was always the rah-rah, everything is so great & wonderful with the L.A. 2024 bid & it would "save the Olympics once again" argument, while everything Paris was "so bad". And even when the double was looking more & more likely the closer it got to the Lima session in Sept. 2017, they still went all out on how L.A. should still go "first" in 2024, & that Paris should get 2028 instead lol. Needless to say, in the end, they just had to eat their L.A. grandstanding 2024 words!
  19. Yeah, it really should be a neutral setting. Especially in this current, very delicate geopolitical climate. Could be seen as favoritism towards certain countries. Besides, the original colors of the Olympic Rings are suppose to embody the colors of country flags anyway. Since each flag of every country in the world has at least one of the colors on the rings in their respective flags.
  20. 50 DAYS TO GO - PARIS 2024: THE EIFFEL TOWER WEARS THE OLYMPIC RINGS https://olympics.com/en/news/50-days-to-go-paris-2024-eiffel-tower-olympic-rings https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1145836/eiffel-tower-rings-50-days-olympics
  21. Considering how Bach these days likes to label apparent IOC rumors as 'fake news', like he did over the Brisbane 2032 cancellation news, if the story from Relevo didn't have any merit, then it's kind of perplexing that at least some kind of clarification, even if it's from Dubi, hasn't come out over it. Cause it would seem the longer Lausaunne stays quiet over such a declaring story like that, the more plausible it seems. But I digress, since the thread is about Egypt & their planned (2036) bid (if it gets that far in 'continuous dialog', that is).
  22. That's par-for-the-course here on GB's!! Yes, I know. Hence the tongue-in-cheek emoji I placed at the end of that sentence.
  23. Very competitive bid race expected by whom? Cause according to Relevo & ITG's just recently, it is reported that Doha is the "preferred (2036) bid" - "among IOC members". Of course they don't elaborate any further, though. I know I'm not alone in this sentiment, but I really wouldn't consider an Egyptian Games really "African". I'd consider it more Middle Eastern than anything else (same goes for Morocco, too).
  24. Whaaaa? I thought that was pretty much a done deal, & why the IOC jumped on France 2030 & told Sweden to take a hike. They better get cracken then, if they want to meet that deadline. Otherwise, it'll be an awkward "double"-award ceremony come July 24th in Paris then!
  25. Bach: As I said, that is "fake news". Bach: More "fake news" (maybe)?! Or if he dances & dodges around it, then we'll have our answer! They've been dangling the carrot since LAST June for the "very soon" announcement if the Whitewater venue will be in OKC (or not)!
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