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  1. Slander? “Don’t be ridiculous”. Pointing out FACTS that in general can pose a conflict of interest is not “slander” nor being accusatory. At least I didn’t say “steal”, like the GB’s article labeled it. Which you, also from afar, slander as ‘conspiracy theories being thrashed around’ without any “evidence” to back yourself up. And no, all your confirmation bias articles also don’t count as evidence to the contrary. It’s not a matter of liking or not (& obviously it’s not just me). It’s a matter of pointing out the opposite when the IOC boasted all along for the last few years abou
  2. Not to mention that he’s also chair of the working group for the Future Host City Commission. Talk about an additional fact that’s another conflict of interest. But yeah, nothing out of the ordinary there.
  3. Is Coates not an IOC VP? Is he also not president of the AOC? Was he also not involved in the failed Brisbane ‘92 bid? Is he also not the one who was staunchly behind this current SEQ proposal no matter what? Those aren’t conspiracy theories, they’re all simply *facts*. So the “evidence” is in the pudding. If anything, at the very least, all of that should be a major conflict of interest. It would be anywhere else. If it were not for Coates, & all the behind-closed-door dealings, we wouldn’t be having this “dialogue” ITFP.
  4. Pencil it in somewhere, since it’s obviously doable these days! The further down the road, the better your odds apparently!!
  5. It makes those lists that some people made in the past of the “host cities for the next 100 years” seem a lot more plausible now! Lmfao
  6. Well, why not! Considering how the IOC enjoys giving Games decades in advance now, it can not be considered too early these days!!
  7. Heaven forbid. But if that were to be the case, then you (& Republicans) should take note, that if the U.S. (& others) was to boycott 2022, then no doubt expect China to follow suit in 2028 in L.A. And that’s something the USOC will surely point out to the Biden administration as well, especially if the Republicans don’t win in 2024 election.
  8. “Others say the U.S. should not boycott the Olympics but want Biden to use America's clout to prod the International Olympic Committee to move the Games from China to another host country.“ UGH, it’s way too fricken late for that now! So stop with this nonsense already, people. “Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., has been lobbying the IOC and the Games' corporate sponsors to move the Games.” Scott told USA TODAY. "We can move these Games. There's plenty of places around the world that can host these Games." Oh, really Ricky?! Have you contacted these “plenty of places” around of
  9. Isn’t it amazing what ‘conspiracy theories’ can do.
  10. An accredited Olympic website, for the past 22 years, (which you nonetheless visit yourself, to post every crumb of news that there possibly is about said bid), is just FILLED with ‘conspiracy theories that are thrashed around’. LOL, okay.
  11. BidWeek: “The IOC thought they could steal the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and hoped we wouldn’t notice” https://gamesbids.com/eng/robs-bidblog/bidweek-the-ioc-thought-they-could-steal-the-brisbane-2032-olympics-and-hoped-we-wouldnt-notice/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gamesbidsrss+(GamesBids.com+Headlines)
  12. Yeah, I even made that parallel in another newswire thread earlier in the week. But the difference there is that Samaranch was an actual IOC president. I know that Coates is a VP within the IOC (& that would still have considerable influence nonetheless), but when you said “I would not want to piss him off” - that seems to imply people should be afraid of him then, including Bach, the actual, current IOC president. Cause that would seem to paint him like a bully (just like a certain other former U.S. president). And I’ve actually read some background about his hard-headed ways which would
  13. I’m not. But that seems to be your favorite word with people who have another POV than yours.
  14. So in other words, is that Coates is the Trump of the IOC “party”? Looks like my analysis is right on the money then.
  15. Dohahah - “knock, knock”. IOC - “who is it?!” Dohahah - “it’s me. Open up this time!” Bach - “oh no. It’s you-know-who again!” Coates - “get rid of them! They’re gonna foil up my master plan!” Bach - “Yeah, yeah. I know!” Dohahah - come on, open up already! I know you’re in there!!” lol
  16. Yeah, I also lost interest when a member of the clowns former administration says - "... all the while that they (are) doing all of the ‘nasty activity’ that they're engaged in.” They sure would know of doing such things.
  17. OLYMPIC APPLICATION: DOSB ATTACKS IOC – SPORT https://www.google.com/amp/s/sportsbeezer.com/allsports/olympic-application-dosb-attacks-ioc-sport/%3famp
  18. And speaking of, here’s one of his statements of the link you posted that he’s not well informed or just disingenuous, or both: “Respecting human rights doesn’t start on a specific date, it’s always important. Why then does the IOC’s new Host City Contract, which incorporates human rights principles and was finalized in January 2017, not go into effect until the 2024 Summer Olympics? Los Angeles had to sign it, but not China. Did you specifically exempt China because you know they wouldn’t qualify?” Considering Beijing was awarded the 2022 winter games in 2015, so obviously th
  19. These politicians don’t seem to know, or are just disingenuous. And in this case, I think it’s a little bit of both. I mean, where were all these people back in 2015 or 2016 (or even 2017) when Beijing was still freshly awarded & when there was still time to “move” the 2022 Winter Olympics from there? Why are they all so worried about it now when it’s really too late. I It’s all just merely a way for these politicians to make themselves look good. And Rick Scott (along all with all the other Rep. politicians who are calling for boycotts or a “move”), would really need to do a lo
  20. I wonder if she really knows the full ‘complexities’ of the entire 2022 bidding process back in 2015. Sometimes I think the athletes know as much (or in this case, as little) as these politicians do. Not knowing the full scope of what actually led to Beijing’s ‘22 election. The IOC really didn’t want Beijing for 2022, but after all their preferred European choices withdrew, they didn’t really have many other safe(r) alternatives.
  21. I’m so tired of these politicians harping this. It’s WAY too late for that & they know it (or at least should). Is the Netherlands (or any other country’s politician[s] who say the same) prepared to take on the 2022 winter Games on such, such short notice then?! Yeah, sure.
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