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  1. Well, that’s what these are for!! I’m sure that’s what many do for NYE in Times Square every year! But (no pun intended ) my guess is the nations with very few athletes are the boats that won’t have any lavatories.
  2. LOL - just jot it down with the other 'most stupidest Olympic sports ever'!
  3. You think Parisians grumble a lot? Don’t get them started on the Olympic Games https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/article/2024/may/18/you-think-parisians-grumble-a-lot-dont-get-them-started-on-the-olympic-games
  4. Speaking of: That quote is from a story from the Guardian I just posted in the Paris 2024 thread. I guess picking up that bag of Vico Saveur Barbeque chips at the grocery store will now have a whole new meaning!
  5. He's already said that you don't turn your back on someone based on one bad performance.
  6. That's pretty sad (& very hypocritical), isn't it.
  7. Lol, you mean the guy that just loves to cozy up with global leaders (dictators), that guy? But I guess when you threaten his Olympic Grand spectacle, things can change.
  8. At this very, VERY late juncture, is it even possible to cancel the Olympics at this point? In Tokyo's 2020 case, it was at least a full, four *months* when it was announced, & even then, it was postponed, not cancelled. Right now, everything is in full swing in Paris, as far as the Olympics are concerned. Teams are already there. Officials are already there. Spectators are already there. The full media is already there. So in what kind of Twilight Zone would the 2024 Olympics be cancelled, or even postponed. Not even a(nother) pandemic at this stage could possibly do it. Unless WWIII breaks out between now & July 26th, I don't see that happening. France would lose a lot of face in the world. That said, though, Bach & Co. sure must be working a lot of overtime in Lausaunne right about now.
  9. Ugh, so the timing couldn't have been any worse (in terms of the Olympics anyway)! But yes, mid-terms, for the most part, at least here in the U.S. also usually serve as a "reprimand" for the party that's currently in office. But these last U.S. midterms in 2022 were anything but, despite the so-called "red wave" that was predicted. Let's hope (& pray) that trend continues in Nov!
  10. I'm just SMH at this point. Since it looks like Macron just had a knee-jerk reaction to the European elections (& the soapbox that it's become). And actually, how often are those held? A pity that these last ones had to take place only 6-7 weeks before the Olympics.
  11. So in simpler terms, there was NO need whatsoever for these snap French elections (at least not at this pivotal Olympic moment)? I can only hear Anne Hidalgo's words now then, that she said that there was no need for Macron to turn the country into a tail-spin only weeks before the Olympics.
  12. It really is just ONE individual stirring up the entire debate on this, though. They just can't/won't grasp the whole Opening on the Seine concept. They're just being an Olympic traditionalist at this point. Much like how many were a gasp when Rio 2016 was going to hold the ceremonies & athletics in separate stadiums for the first time in Olympic history. At this point (with the Opening literally right around the corner), it is what it is. It's WAY too late to change/alter anything, so I say, why not just sit back & enjoy the show. It's like profusely complaining about the matinee right before it's about to begin. No amount of 'explaining' in this case, though, will cure TES (Tony Estanguet Syndrome).
  13. As I've mentioned before, I'm not totally in-tune with European politics, but why the sudden rush of these French election ITFP? Couldn't they have happened AFTER the Olympics? Or was there some sort of time-constraint that they had to be held soon thereafter those European elections?
  14. During the old-norm, it was often talked about how most of the IOC members didn’t even bother to read the Final Evaluation Reports of the bid cities right before the vote. That most members already had their minds made up, & the report just served as mere dressing.
  15. IDK, I can’t see Macron resigning if the snap French elections don’t go his way (at least not yet anyway). Paris 2024 was/is his baby from the very beginning, so I think that would be adding salt to the wound. Maybe after the whole kit-&-caboodle show is over, if that were to be the case.
  16. For all intents & purposes, when compared to NYC, it's L.A. Plus, that venue will pretty much still be brand-new come 2028, so it would be pretty dumb not to use it anyway (especially since it also fits into the 'new-norm'). Lol, you still call 1,300-plus miles a more 'respectable distance'? That's still half-way across the country & to NYC. Considering Brisbane 2032 still scoffed at using Penrith, citing distance as part of the issue, which is only less than half the distance in their case, then I'd say no, it's not.
  17. So the white water venue (& softball ) has finally been confirmed for OKC?! It only took a fricken year to finally announce the "very soon" announcement!
  18. Lol, that just reminds me of all the past "if Atlanta can do it, so can...(add obscure city name here)" arguments.
  19. Americans really are spoiled when it comes to AC (I sometimes hear some people running theirs at night when the low is in the 50's ). It always makes me laugh when many here complain about the winter, then run off to warmer places like Florida, Arizona or Southern California just so they can then be inside with the AC lol. It really shouldn't be all that surprising to some, considering how far north much of France (& particularly Paris), the U.K. & Scandinavia, etc. are from all of the continental U.S. Those are all farther north than even are coldest, winter major U.S. city, Minneapolis. They're predicting that for Paris? I don't think even Tokyo 202One made it to that (where the heat was actually a big concern there for a while). This week the forecast for Manchester, New Hampshire is suppose to be 101, but it's doesn't look like it's going to quite make it to that. Looks like it'll actually top off at 97 there (that is still pretty hot, though, for that area, particularly for June).
  20. Yes you did! (particularly in relation to Brisbane 2032). So Bon Appetit!!
  21. Well, it looks like you don't want them (anymore) either, so.. Plus, how popular are these really for watching at the Games? I know I'd only want tickets for those if they were the only ones I could get my hands on, without breaking the bank, just so I can say I was at the Olympics. So maybe last minute buyers will bite.
  22. I'm sure that comment was made mostly in jest anyway. Since it seems that many Olympic ceremonials around here, are already simply tired of Imagine (so it was a way to maybe spice it up for once )!
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