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  1. Why didn’t you post the article, like you usually do? Anyway, for those who would like to still read it: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/3ed169b8-3f47-4f66-a914-58b6e2215f7d And nowhere in there does it say “relatively soon”. It says perhaps in a FEW YEARS. I’ve said all along that it would take something that massively stupid by the Chinese, for a full-scale boycott to ensue (& NOT because silly, hypocritical Republicans are flapping their lips). But I don’t see that happening before the Winter Olympics anyway. Again, like the article states, I can
  2. Oh, if only Rick Scott spent as much time & energy actually doing his job & concentrate on how to make our own country better FIRST, instead of peddling his China “freedom” nonsense (& the letter he wrote to president Joe Biden on this was a total disingenuous joke, to say he the least). And he can “believe” all he wants, but the sponsors aren’t as dumb as he is (or at least playing dumb for show). They know at this very, very late point in the game that it’s Beijing 2022 or bust.
  3. Of course, that’s what “backrooom deals & hush-hush meetings” usually accomplish!
  4. “The first was transparency” - oh really? That’s why everything for ‘32 was done behind closed doors, right? That’s the exact opposite of ‘transparency’. I also don’t see how the ‘new bidding process’ would exclude controversial hosts in the future, when the IOC was still able to do that on their own before. That’s what the short-list was for in the old process. They told Do-haha & Baku-ku several times to take a hike that way. Plus, how do you still get countries involved, that aren’t ‘controversial’, if they’re still not interested? Perfect example, Germany’s Rhine-Rhur. Bottom lin
  5. “While Scott expressed confidence that the Games will be moved” - LOL, yeah okay. Get with “Jimmy” & “move” it to your state, Ricky.
  6. Rick Scott is so hypocritically laughable that it really isn’t funny anymore. He should be preaching all that nonsense to his own party before he starts spewing it to outside organizations like the IOC.
  7. Lol, you read my mind, cuz I was gonna say. But that was actually “Jimmy” Patronis, the State’s CFO, with that big dumb idea. But yeah, Ricky should contact him, since he’s so vehement about “moving” Beijing 2022 somewhere else & Jimmy wanting some attention. And Rick Scott preaching to the IOC about “standing up for freedom” is so hypocritically rich. It’s like the IOC preaching about frugal spending, lol.
  8. Beijing 2022 was not awarded under the “new norm”. The bidding campaign for those Games was already well under way before Agenda 2020 was even announced. Zhangjiakou is also going to use artificial snow, since it hardly snows there. That sounds very environmentally friendly, doesn’t it. Beijing was also ultimately chosen cause all the European bidders withdrew, & not because of Agenda 2020. Had that not been the case, Beijing would not be hosting next winter.
  9. That doesn’t mean that things still can’t go askew. Just ask Denver 1976 that. If the Olympic bill starts to skyrocket, people will take notice & start to complain.
  10. Lol, is the IOC paying you to come on here & sound like a broken record?
  11. Or better yet, what if the current Chinese IOC VP got Chongquing/Chendu (was it?), annointed ‘preferred candidate’ status under the “new norms of Agenda 2020”? I bet this thread would be screaming CORRUPTION at the top of their lungs!
  12. At least she stood up to the other big whackjob. Unlike the other lackey cheetoh-lickers.
  13. That’s a pretty basic assessment. You’re comparing continents to one country? Germany last hosted in 1972, & Hungary has never hosted. Yet Australia, as a country, just last hosted in 2000. I still remember those Games very vividly. Somewhere new, or at the very least, somewhere that hasn’t had it in a long time would’ve been ideal. But the IOC was more interested in just rushing into this. Others outside of the U.S. don’t like the fact & ‘moan’ that the U.S. hosts a lot, seemingly because it’s only one of two (maybe three) countries in North America that could ‘safely’ host the
  14. Exactly. It seems like the “too many losers” from the old process has stuck around, but in a different “new norm” secret fashion. The only ones annoyed by it are the Brisby’s on these boards, & perhaps some on the IOC E.B. who don’t like their actions or intentions questioned or scrutinized. Who I’d like to hear from on the matter, are from some of the general membership, especially like Dick Pound & Prince Albert. They’re usually pretty tell-it-like-it-is. Yep - ironically, it’s like a free-for-all now in a sense. But only for the ‘preferred candidate’ in this cas
  15. Let’s not kid ourselves here, though. The Games are struggling to find Host Cities (at least from Western nations anyway), because the IOC for decades was accustomed to getting their own way. Lavish venues & grandiose pomp & show. Every sequential host country tried to outdo the previous one by being even more extravagant, & the IOC loved it. But after to so many wild Olympic parties, the big hangover has now arrived. So the IOC is currently trying to do something more frugal because it has to, & not necessarily because they want to. I’m sure that they’d love to go back to
  16. Precisely!! But any mention of that REALITY on the subject, gets met with a litany of vitriol, or ridiculous accusations of “moaning”, & throwing around the IOC’s own findings, as if that means anything when they have their mind already made up on something, or in this case a Host City (see Beijing 2008’s & Rio 2016’s Final Evaluation Report cards), from the Brisbane bandwagon. Reminds me of all the L.A. 2024 cheerleaders from a few years ago. So if “the ‘new rules’ benefit everyone”, how does that exactly work out then, when only ONE of those “everyone” gets shoved to the front o
  17. I think he should campaign to move Beijing 2022 to Cancun!
  18. I don’t think that Karenina was being any of those things. She merely pointed out two simple facts. That all of those three interested NOC’s indeed DON’T have a “John Coates” in their corner to catapult their bid forward. I know Anita Defrantz is a U.S. IOC VP as well, but she doesn’t appear to be thrusting Salt Lake’s case like a certain other VP did for their city. She’s also not the USOC president, either. I never said anything about a city’s chances because of that. It’s about the *chronological order* of things - 2030 comes before 2032 & that’s just a simple fact. So if anythi
  19. That’s seems strange. Why isn’t the IOC talking yet to the USOC about SLC, or any other NOC’s about it. They’re ready to award a Games over 11 years away, but a Winter Games less than 9 years from now is still muddled in obscurity. There’s at least three interested parties in 2030 thus far, so what is the IOC waiting for? Some VP to coax the “talks”.
  20. Brussels/Antwerp seems like a better fit. The Netherlands can do it alone.
  21. Yeah, right! “Behind closed doors deals” is the “new norm” over in Lausanne these days!!
  22. What does Cairo/Northern Africa have to do with the “next European host”? But regardless, Cairo (as idyllic as it would be) is actually a hugely congested, corrupted & polluted mess (makes Beijing actually seem like a clean gem in comparison). And besides, if the IOC was actually interested in that part of the world, Istanbul is really the only realistic option, despite Erdogan (& a good portion of the city is technically in Europe, & also very picturesque). As far as the ‘next’ European host; still not convinced about Budapest, despite being another idyllic place. The IOC ma
  23. I wouldn’t say there’s zero chance. There’s precedence to the contrary; Albertville ‘92 & Lillehammer ‘94. If some in the IOC used Sochi 2014 as a pretext against Munich for 2018, it was simply because they wanted PyeongChang 2018 more. The IOC doesn’t have that luxury anymore to be denying European winter bids that would actually be put on the table for them this time around. And it’s not likes there’s another PyeongChang on the horizon, either. The IOC will have had enough of Asia for awhile (especially) after Beijing 2022. And it remains to be seen if Sapporo will still be interest
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