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  1. Couldn’t they have done something with the Duomo cathedral, or the Dolomites or what have you? Just using a number seems so generic.
  2. The IOC loves autocracies when they’re China & Russia, economic powerhouses with a lot of geopolitical influence. Not so much backwater despots like Azerbaijan, Qatar & Kazakhstan. I also think the last thing the IOC needs (or even wants) right now is another “authoritarian government who would love the pomp of it all”. That’s what’s getting them into trouble right now with Beijing 2022. There have been some athletes already that have publicly come out to say that the IOC should consider much more seriously the human rights record of candidate nations before awarding the Olympic G
  3. It’s just the number ‘26’. Could they have not been more original.
  4. There have been some around here saying that the IOC is going all out “safe” these days in picking their hosts; ie. Japan, France, Italy, USA, Australia, & yes, even China is on that list as well that they gave. But nowhere would I describe Kazakhstan as such, & like Quaker mentioned, nor “perfect” either. Hindsight is always 20/20 & it’s very easy to say now that Almaty would’ve been a “better pick” than Beijing for 2022. Sure, Almaty had a more compact & better plan (on paper anyway) than Beijing did. But let’s not kid ourselves for one moment that Kazakhstan doesn’t hav
  5. ^That reminds me of this: IOC ATTACKS OSLO FOR DROPPING OLYMPIC BID https://planetski.eu/2014/10/02/ioc-attacks-oslo-for-dropping-olympic-bid/ IOC hits out as Norway withdraws Winter Olympic bid https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/d8938ffc-4a04-11e4-8de3-00144feab7de Seems like a pattern there, no? And the irony of it all, as that the latest criticism to a NOC (because they’re calling out the IOC) is coming from the Norwegian IOC member! The IOC should really look into soap-opera scripting lol.
  6. The amount of bandwidth alone the Brisbane 2032 thread must take up these days must be insane. Which makes the thread, ironically enough, unreadable cause it’ll make the reader go insane with all those redundant (for the most part) articles.
  7. A bit defensive & a wee bit condescending is putting it very mildly. He reminds of the L.A. 2024 cheerleading squads when they couldn’t accept any criticism or accept any facts that they didn’t like. Sure we’ve had far, far worse. But he still gets totally triggered whenever anyone points out the reality of what has gone down with the ‘new process’ with utter aggression & complete denial.
  8. If Rick Scott would just STFU already with all his hypocritical drivel. Listening to him preach about “standing up for freedom & defending democracy” is like listening to an alcoholic, drug-addict give a sermon on how to stay clean & sober. What a joke.
  9. It’s kinda sad that it has been watered-down to this. When world-class cities are no longer interested in the Olympics, then the scraping of the bottom-of-the-barrel begins. Next thing you know, places like Kansas City, San Antonio, Charlotte, Leipzig, Seville, Manchester, etc. suddenly can become real possibilities. But then again, those cities would have to have a powerful IOC member in their court, so who knows.
  10. If April Fool’s hadn’t come & gone, I would’ve said that this was the annual GB’s AF’s article. From my understanding, Berlin is always a problematic contender since it’s probably the most anti-Olympic city in Germany, if the failed Berlin 2000 Olympic bid is any indicator. Plus, Berlin is very expensive & densely packed. I’d say that Germany would be better served in continuing to pursue Olympic possibilities with the Rhine-Rhur area since the IOC is now more “open” with regionalized plans. In addition, it also would allow for a new area of Germany to experience the Olympic Games
  11. But the IOC is the one pushing this now with the “new norm”. Milan-Cortina 2026 looks to be like another Vancouver-Whistler 2010 already. And then Brisbane/SEQ 2032 is going to be just as far with the Gold Coast to the south & the Sunshine Coast to the north, all for the sake of “using what you already have” so that smaller regions can be opened up to possibly hosting without supposedly building too much to host. I’m going to be very curious, though, how this all plays out in practice, since I remember reading about all the negative press Albertville ‘92 received from being all spre
  12. Vancouver & SLC are actually in different times zones, but still, they’re only an hour apart from each other. Albertville ‘92 & Lillehammer ‘94 were in the same time zone. So two consecutive NA Winter Olympics should be no issue, if need be. But be careful of suggesting another double-award around here, or you could be labeled of having a “double fetish”.
  13. Perhaps Seung Min Ryu or Kee Heung Lee should look into becoming VP members!
  14. Exactly. Many of us have been around here long enough to know precisely how the IOC operates. So we don’t need to be repeatedly patronized about “information & reflection”, when we all know (or at least the ones who aren’t in denial for purely bias reasons) how this all went down. Lol, yeah. Sometimes it can be hard to bite your tongue, especially on these boards, when there’s been so many of them over the years that every once in a while you have to unleash. Boycott fetish boy certainly has his dedicated fans too, lol.
  15. Please (& not being facetious), but there has been much, much worse posted on here (& on a consistent basis) that literally got no one banned that actually deserved it. Or it literally took YEARS for action finally to be taken for downright insulting/discriminatory posts. It would literally be a travesty if a well-informed poster like you faced such discipline, especially for something that’s not too far off. I enjoy reading what you have to say a lot of time.
  16. Yes, I know he means actual spam. That’s why I said someone”S”, meaning more than ONE spammer.
  17. Splitting hairs much? I know that. I meant in the context of only going with “one” city as preferred candidate or preferred ‘bidder’ (or whatever else you wanna call it), out of a group of cities at that particular moment. But the rest of my previous post. where you cherry-picked that from, still stands though.
  18. More like someoneS are spamming. Pretty soon it’s gonna be gamesbidsbrisbane lol.
  19. Denial is a river in Egypt.
  20. The Budapest 2032 exploratory findings were underway, when all of the sudden, the IOC decided to announce another ‘preferred candidate’. There was still PLENTY of time for them to get all of their “ducks in a row”. But the IOC was in a rush otherwise. Brisbane “sprinting” along, as you say, had everything to do with Coates catapulting them to the fast lane (even the article you just posted earlier puts that in clear detail), & much less to do with “information & reflection”.
  21. Reflection? Whatever. At this point it’s just downright trolling, since there’s no “reflection” to be had. Only TRANSPARENCY.
  22. Why are you hijacking all these threads with Brisbane stuff. It’s truly not necessary & just ‘ridiculous’.
  23. ^Well, that’s what we’ve been saying all along! But this is the *Budapest 2032* thread anyway.
  24. You know what the gleaming irony here is though? That you sound like a CCP propaganda machine, but for the IOC.
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