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  1. Who caps those prices there? The gov't? Cause here, it's always about supply & demand.
  2. And yet the tickets to this were still too pricey. I didn't even know about this event being hosted in the U.S. until last night, when they mayhem unfolded at the Hard Rock. Come to think it, I've hardly have heard any FIFA United 2026 promotions either, & we're only two years away from that. I would like to think that the security at the FIFA WC (like the Olympics) would be of top concern. Something that last night's event was seemingly poorly planned & thought out. Many there were saying that police & security there were hardly present. Which really is bizarre for a soccer event of this kind.
  3. ^That's funny, but there's a simple way to combat overpriced tickets: just don't buy them. People (or "suckers", as you say) who whine about expensive tickets, but yet still go out their way to buy them, have only but themselves to blame. There's no reason at all to give away a month's salary for many people, just to go to some concert or game. Once people start to realize that, maybe then these event planners won't price gouge (as much).
  4. I just can't believe that a "single ticket" for this was in the thousands of $$. Did it really sell out at those expensive prices? Like one of the guys at the stadium said "tickets were just too expensive & all we wanted was to see our favorite team play". Were there no 'fan-zones' either? It's not even a FIFA WC match. So how much are those going to cost come 2026. TENS of thousands of $$ then??
  5. Lol, but what these protesters don't seem to realize, even if the bid is "vulnerable" right now, is that the IOC is really between a rock & a hard place. They absolutely have no other 2030 option to turn to, & time has basically run out now (even at 5.5. years out is cutting it way too close) to even bother to try to find someone else that would be even remotely as reliable. So I think Nice 2030 will eventually eventuate. The IOC just has no other choice right now (other than SLC 2030, but we all already know what the circumstances that really prevent that are).
  6. I didn't even realize that the U.S. was hosting this thing. lol Some people were even trying to sneak into the stadium through the air vents. So yeah, human stupidity!
  7. Ironic that the L.A. 2028 Opening will be on France's Bastille Day, the 2024 host.
  8. And that won't go over well with all the Olympic traditionalists!
  9. A bit off-topic, but guess who else of similar ilk also met each other this past week.. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/viktor-trump-mar-a-lago-visit-nato-summit/ https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-hosts-hard-line-hungarian-leader-viktor-orban-mar-lago-rcna142581
  10. Lol, if only it wasn't so cold in Hobart in July/Aug. though!
  11. You should be fine in L.A. & especially in San Fran, temp wise. But be prepared to FRY your a$s off in the Grand Canyon, & especially Vegas, when outside! I just thought it was also funny, & ironic, that she was looking at Orban that way. lol
  12. Lol, don't you mean FLOAT by. Lol, 86F would be considered a "cool-front" in many parts of the U.S. right now. Oh, my!! That is absolutely TERRIFYING!!! She needs to be casted in the next Hollywood horror flick!!
  13. That's why I don't like speculating, or reading speculations about the ceremonies (it's like when a movie trailer gives away to many of the good scenes, or not enough). That's what the organizers, producers & directors of this big shebang are for! Just show me the finished product, & then we can all critique it all to hell (like we always do on here anyway) once the big show is over, & if it was all it was cracked up to be!
  14. Bach has already mentioned that the Games could be pushed back to fall due to "climate change". So if that's not a BIG hint of things to come, then IDK what else is. Which is incredibly ironic, cause then we could've had Melbourne 2032 instead. But of course, this is Bach & Co. that we're talking about here, that only do things when it best suits them & no one else.
  15. And some people say that the Parisians are the biggest haters alive! When the Olympics have been too successful to put a previously unknown city on the global stage?!
  16. Is that still a thing? Who's even paying attention to that anymore with everything else that's been going on as of late (plus, it's the wrong thread anyway).
  17. Oh, well. Better that, than having far-right nutjobs taking higher office.
  18. So is mine (with Qatar 2nd). Of course the IOC has to have trust in whoever they give hosting rights to. But in that case, I don't see how the Saudi's or Qatari's would be ahead of the Indians in that category, considering what Qatar did to top FIFA sponsors (namely Budweiser) right before the start of the 2022 WC. Does the IOC really want to relinquish that kind of arbitrary control to the host (especially a very questionable one at that)? And as far as relationships go, & Nita Ambani having no leadership roles within the IOC, Bach is the one who brought her onboard, though. And she is also married to the richest man in Asia (& 11th in the world), so $$$! And they also hosted Bach at their residence when Mumbai hosted the 2023 IOC session. So who knows what kind of 'discussions' happened behind those 'closed doors'. If that's not close relationships, I don't know what else is. And about Cricket at the Olympics, I find it hard to imagine that it's just a 'consolation prize' for the Indians. Sooner or later, Bach & Co. will want to take the plunge in what will be the largest country by population in the world, & one of the world's biggest economies by then. So if not 2036, then definitely sometime in the 2040's for India.
  19. ^^And the next BIG test of that, is this Nov!
  20. So, looks like Macron's big political gamble paid-off after all.
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