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  1. Quote

    I don't even understand why this is still a subject of discussion (even though I have repeatedly provided information on this subject from articles on this thread)

    Well, again. There's no cure for TES, no matter how much repeated information is provided on the subject from whatever articles to quench concerns.

    On the contrary, they choose to link an article from ITG's instead (which lately is nothing more than an anti-Paris 2024 propaganda machine; like yesterday, they posted about the OV's poor air quality 'issues'. What will it be tomorrow) to continue their hysteria of their disapproval of the OC's plan (as if anyone here even cares what they have to say about it anymore). 

  2. 2 minutes ago, sebastien1214 said:

    I am really surprised, because we are told repeatedly in the French media that the great threat to France is the Islamo-leftists with their wokisme :rolleyes:

    I still can’t get over that! “Woke” in France is “wokisme”! :lol:

    But yes, the hypocrisy is glaring, isn’t it! it certainly is here ATM, that’s for sure! 

    5 minutes ago, sebastien1214 said:

    Speaking of security: in a little less than 7 hours, around 25% of Paris will begin to be confined in what is the largest internal security operation since probably the Second World War. The start of 8 days of intense stress for all intelligence agencies and police (& military) forces in this country.

    I remember when they were looking for the Boston marathon bomber right after, & they totally shut down all of Boston for a moment in order to look for him. Some were saying that it was also a “test” in order to see how quick & effective it was to totally shut down a major American city on the notice if need be.

  3. 9 hours ago, sebastien1214 said:

    An update on the weather: for July 26, a temperature of 26°C is currently forecast, with sunshine and a few clouds, but no risk of rain. Knowing that the confidence index has just increased to 3/5 (i.e. 60% reliability compared to 40% until yesterday), things look good.

    (and for the first days of the Olympic Games, we would still be around 26-27°C with sunshine).

    80F degrees with mostly sunny skies sounds absolutely beautiful for the opening! It's a good thing it's not this Friday, though, cause it looks like Paris is going to have a mini-heatwave this Th, Fr & Sa, with temps being 87, 91 & 91F respectively (although the evenings still look to be nice in the mid-60's), until coming back down next week.

    9 hours ago, sebastien1214 said:

    There must be a few €2000 tickets left, I imagine.

    But where is the 'price cap' for those! ^_^

  4. The interesting thing about the OC, though, is that Paris' 2024 original plan for that was to have a traditional OC at the Stade de France. It wasn't until more than four years later, after being awarded the Games, did they decide to go with this grand, 'innovative' approach.

    It's actually quite perplexing really, when thinking back, cause that was right in the middle of the global pandemic, & when the postponed Tokyo 2020ne Olympics were held without any spectators. And the IOC still signed-off on the river opening concept. But then again, that year the IOC was doing many "new" things, like also awarding an Olympics basically out-of-the-blue (to all the other potential 2032 contenders surprise) 11 years out. 

  5. Column: Listen to Shohei Ohtani, Manfred. Prioritize 2028 Olympics over All-Star Game



    “There’s nothing more worldwide than the Olympics,” Harper told reporters. “I watch the most random sports in the Olympics because it’s the Olympics, and that’s really cool.”

    This is so true. I know this has been touched upon here at GB's before.

  6. 4 hours ago, sebastien1214 said:

    Disagree with that; because I think that culture (speaking of concerts - but we can generalize to any form of entertainment) must be accessible to a greater number of people. 

    What bothers me is that it completely excludes the middle classes from access to (popular) culture, entertainment, etc.

    I see what you're saying now, but how does going to a Taylor Swift concert, since you brought her up (who's in hot demand right now), or some heavily anticipated soccer match, make anyone more or less cultured having (or not) seen these particular events? One could just as easily still find other sources of cheap(er) entertainment.

    I for one, would just LOVE to go to the Opening Ceremonies of the L.A. 2028 Olympics, but if tickets for those are going to be astronomical (not to mention all the other expenses once you get there, & getting there), which they usually are (Paris 2024 OC tickets are $3K if you want to be "very close to all the action"), then forget it. I'll just watch it (again) from TV. 

    I agree, though, the middle class/poor are excluded in many, many things, but people should also have their priorities in check, too. So concerts & sporting events wouldn't be at the top of my list for price caps. Basic essentials, like food, gas & particularly rent (in this day & age of "unaffordable housing"), etc. would be, though (at least here anyway). 

  7. Isn't the audience always overwhelmingly of the whatever respective host nation (whether it's the Olympics or the WC), though? I'd imagine that United 2026 organizers would want as many Americans in the stands anyway, in order to promote soccer even more in this country. So I don't see the direct relation with that aspect in ticket prices. 

    The only way I can see tickets for 2026 soaring astronomically, is if the U.S. happens to be in the finals, or at least semi-finals. Once teams start to be eliminated, though, those people start to go home anyway. 

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