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  1. Q, I was trying to send you a PM but your inbox appears to be full.

  2. intoronto1125 N davidm - biggest wastes, EVER!

  3. intoronto1125 - biggest waste, EVER!

  4. intoronto1125 - biggest waste, EVER!

  5. So who's the PETTY "premium" member that likes to go through very old posts to give people negative points. :-P

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    2. intoronto


      How old? LOL who would do that??

    3. FYI


      Idk how old, just that they're old, since it's not any of the recent ones. N they're doing it daily, minusing one off. Must be the same 'premium' DOUCHEBAG that did it to you & baron a while back. They obviously have no life if they get such a rise from such pettiness.

    4. OneTimeOnly


      Ha! It was done to me as well, and possibly by more than one person. "Premium" members, rating posts, secret forums, it's all such bullshit. You pay you get to neg people a ton, you don't pay, you can't. Because you know, paying makes you "better" than everyone else.

  6. So NO Tulsa 2020 bid :-(

    1. intoronto


      Lets go Reno for 2022! lol

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Now, if we can just get rid of our own troll Tulsa ...

    3. paul


      hmmmmm who to ridicule next?

  7. Tulsa 2020! The ABSURD "Olympics" of the 21st century! lmfao

  8. wales 2014 - oklahoma 2018 - tasmania 2022 :-P

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