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  1. So looks like this Zelenskiy is still doing stand-up comedy! At least Bubka is trying to keep his big lofty idea more down to earth lol.
  2. So let’s see. Up to nine votes total. That means Rio definitely would’ve been voted off in the first ballot. F@cking astounding.
  3. Roger, just consider the source. Enuff said. It’s the same one who kept saying that the IOC should just call up a certain central Asian country to “save” the IOC’s butt for 2026. And the same one who suggests a Summer Olympics in “January”.
  4. I guess not. Cuz didn’t the bookies say Stockholm? At least that’s what was being discussed over in the “who will win, & what will be the vote difference” thread. As far as future betting, isn’t there always something to bet on, regardless of the process? Especially since the rest of the IOC members are supposedly going to still be filled in with the new process.
  5. ^As already has been mentioned here before, & not by me, but Coates has an axe to grind against Melbourne. So that’s why they’re currently not on the table, cuz Coates has gone out of his way to push Melbourne aside for his own personal vendetta during his re-election campaign for AOC president. Again, if you claim that Brisbane isn’t going to win anyway, then all your accusations are really a moot point.
  6. Perhaps you’re confused, cuz we never argued this over & over again. It was Beijing over Almaty, remember? Which, if we’re going to be this schoolyard game, you got WRONG, & I got right. And so f’n what if John Coates is “praising” the Brisbane bid (& Bach is just being diplomatic, not necessarily praising anything). Cuz remind how well that worked out for Gunilla Lindberg & Stockholm 2026. Right, look in the mirror. Cuz you’re seeing what you want to see. Aren’t you the one that keeps saying that Brisbane won’t win anyway, so WTF is your problem then.
  7. You need to tell this to Darcy then, since it very clear that he enjoys to ‘misrepresent’ my posts, even though it’s obvious that I’m not the only one with this opinion. Maybe he’s ‘obscessed’ with me or something for whatever his reasons.
  8. That was an interesting read. Damn the welfare of the athletes (which is what the IOC always rants about) & spectators as long as they can get every bit of revenue they can for their Olympic ‘investment’. Do-haha! Exactly, the date argument was merely a smokescreen to deny Doha-ha for other real issues that the IOC couldn’t just come right out & say to them (depsite of what any other ‘naive’ bias bid supporter around here wants to say about it).
  9. Talk about biting your nose off to spite your face type of mentality. That’s hardly ever a winning strategy, though.
  10. It’s not just a matter of size, but also of perception, though. St. Louis is also a metro area of 3 million, but can anyone here see them hosting again in the 21st Century? Or Minneapolis/St. Paul with a metro area of almost 4 million? People here still balked about Boston 2024 & their greater metro population is well over 5 million, comparable to Sydney & Melbourne.
  11. The IOC is probably keen on returning to Australia at some point. But are they really “that keen” on Brisbane, though (other than John Coates, of course)? Sydney 2000 Athens 2004 Beijing 2008 London 2012 Rio 2016 Tokyo 2020 Paris 2024 Los Angeles 2028 Brisbane 2032 or 2036? (Especially for a city that requires a lot of work which would then seem to go against the “New Norm”)? That’s like Germany putting up Leipzig or the U.S. going with Kansas City or Minneapolis. I know many outside the U.S. here were flabbergasted when the USOC originally
  12. Okay, so it’s settled then, (west) Westphalia for 2032, & (SE) Queensland for 2036 then! And for winter, SLC 2030 & Sapporo 2034. That would take care of the IOC for most of the 2030’s, as well!
  13. Well, there you go!! They’re back for more!! And you know that they’d throw a hissy fit if 2032 just gets “handed-over” to someone else just like that!!
  14. But you still have the Chinese, the South Koreans, the Indians (albeit, they seem rather risky ATP, but maybe more lead time can be beneficial in their case, too), the Russians & maybe the Germans interested, too (the IOC I’m sure would love that). Surely all of those deserve worthy consideration as well before anointing anything by the end of this year.
  15. I wanna know what’s with all these scam “tax this, tax that fee” on my phone bill that keeps incrementally going up every few months!
  16. While awarding Australia so early may benefit their apparent bid city that requires a lot of work, what about the other interested 2032 parties that will certainly cry foul if they so quickly annoint 2032 like this without a formal bid process. I don’t think doing that twice in a row will sit too well with some NOC’s. I know that the Charter was just changed to accommodate some out-of-the-box thinking, but this seems like it would be pushing it. Plus, what about the risk in awarding an Olympic Games this far out? I know many Angelino’s were griping about that when 2024 was looking that it wasn
  17. Can Trondheim justify building the ice venues post-Games, though? As far as the sliding track goes, they can still use the one in Lillehammer.
  18. What about a Trondheim/Are combo? I know that Trondheim (& fricken Tromso) tried for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but the Norwegian gov’t of course didn’t support it. Trondheim is also much larger than Ostersund. I know that Trondheim has a stadium & a nearby ski jumping facility, but what else would need to be built? Would it make sense post-Games to even try. That’s another (Scandie ) alternative that could possibly be looked into.
  19. In that part of the world, I can only see Sarajevo hosting (again). And even that’s a longshot at this point.
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