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  1. London's olympic stadium will be scaled down to a 20,000 seater athletics stadium post olympics . That's what the London 2012 website says anyway . This, I believe, is still the official story ... the argument being that it would appeal to the IOC to have a permanent athletics venue in London. But I just don't buy the official story ... what's the logic in downscaling a major stadium (at what cost?), that could then never be used again for a major championship (IAAF, Europeans, Commonwealths) and would only really be filled once or twice a year? Why not keep it as it is and offer it on a r
  2. Wow ... UEFA have got to be tempted by the charms of the new Wembley. In comparison, a return to Stade de France, which has already hosted at least one Champions League final would, at least to me, seem like a less appealing prospect. Mind you, the Olympiastadion in Berlin is another stunning venue and might surprise both of the Olympic rivals. Good to see Hampden, another of the London bid's proposed football venues, make a bid for the UEFA cup final. (Where are the Paris bid's other stadia? No bid from that glorious stadium in Lens?)
  3. Whilst it may be tempting for the RFU to consider Wembley (if they get the RWC any time soon, and remember that they aren't exactly first in the queue), you must consider the fact that they OWN Twickenham but would have to rent Wembley from the FA. Leaving aside tradition for a moment, would the extra 8,000 seats justify the rental cost? Add to that the reaction of Twickenham debenture ticket holders or those with expensive executive boxes .... I'd say they'd be mightily pissed off ... plus the reaction of the local council (What would happen the next time the RFU ask for permission to host a
  4. I'm inclined to agree with this - we all saw how the race for the first African world cup boiled down to South Africa and Morocco, with no other countries really standing a chance. For South Africa, Cape Town will be the chosen city far ahead of any other. More picturesque (imagine that backdrop), a lot safer (Joburg is a seriously risky option), a great tourism sector and conveniently close to the sea for the sailing events Similarly for Morocco, Casablanca is far and away their best option - biggest city, coastal, international profile. The fact that it is nowhere near their most attractiv
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