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  1. Only 3 and half hours to wait
  2. It looks you took an orgasm, that's pretty since 4 years we are waiting
  3. I will disappear when Beijing 2008 and London 2012 will not be big jokes Yes like Olympian said, i have surely special humour, but it's far better that someone that never smile and is boring
  4. The come back ! Racism : to be afraid and hateful toward someone different from the common environnement. I do have asian friends. Of course they are japaneses, thais or taiwaneses (i was able to learn injurious things with them in chinese here ! ahah) Racist is not the correst word, sarcastic is better.
  5. Trash : one disabled chinese less or more in the world, will not change their number in China : nearly 700 millions small dicks Reality : condoms are surely more useful in China actually against aids sprawling Trash (2) : We need a new size for chinese condoms ?
  6. That's not a so poor girl ! she surely turned disabled when she was adult, otherwise she would have been killed at birth (in water or something else), and even more as a girl ! that's pretty family policy...
  7. They would be like Eragon ... and the dangerous dragon would suffer !
  8. Hallo !!! Danke ! Well i come often on the website watching around news but i don't post, it was not that exciting those days (there was nothing to say on Put... Sochi win right ? eheh) Hum, forgot to say that eurovision thread is very nice, like Ukraine Love !
  9. As a french i am really proud of what happened today, a full democracy in action, and it's not finish, it will be such a fiesta to be in Beijing !!! Sans rancunes, Paris 2008 a fait exploser le rĂªve jaune
  10. Nice jesture but few people outside of Latin America have any interest in the Pan AM Games. I am one of them, to not be particulary interested by this, but the fact is that when you go on the Other International Games section of the forum, it's so mixed that you are not able to see how evolve situations, for exemple how evolve rio infrastructures and accomodations (and life) and so on. How evolve things to keep in mind that maybe with this evolution, it could make another bid for 2016 or later
  11. Hi the boss ! Can we not create a section dedicated to Pan-american games ? especially for Rio 2007 to replace their Rio 2012 section (Rio/havana) ? I know a lot of brazilians who were really sad, maybe it can be a compensation, and it's close to olympic games spirit ! thanks, bye !
  12. Can we post more pictures here with the premium member ?
  13. Hi moderator ! (It's sad, i don't know your name...) I have one question, why we can't see a forum for european bids for the 2012 games ??? thanks
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