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  1. Reminds me of old Westfalenstadion, a bit old fashioned. Hopefully the final result will be better
  2. 41 degrees! Maybe every Southern Hemisphere member will think the same. So hot

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    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Is there wind in your cities at least? I'm in front of the beach here and there's no breeze at all

    3. DannyelBrazil


      No breeze today. Gosh, it was one of the worst days...

    4. deawebo


      FL is kinda cold, in contrast with the rest of the US of course.

  3. Barra OlympicPark is still on ground works... Still nothing to impress.
  4. I heared Curitiba could be stripped as a WC venue. Is it really behid schedule? I dislike Pantanal design, the architects had a good proposal but the result is not as good as it was planed. Manaus is my favorite
  5. Has some one the venue plan for Lima? Forvme was a better choice than Santiago :-)
  6. Great La Punta didn't won PanAm bid. That happens for not choosing Rosario.

  7. Argentina qualyfied to Brazil. Gonna buy tickets now :-)!

  8. Germany should try better Berlin or Munich 2024 insted of winter olympics. With Bach elected it will be a boost.
  9. USA is an exceptional host, Mexico does not deserves to host 3 WC before Italy, France, Brazil, Germany. (this is my 100th post )
  10. They wouldnt have to change the stadium plan of 2006 either, include Düsseldorf or Dreseden maybe
  11. World Cup in winter? Will it be at the February 2022 or at November?
  12. Less than a month for my birthday :-) (Damn, I'm old)

    1. Scotguy


      What age are you going to be dude?

    2. Lucas


      26 :( lol, how about you?

  13. As much as I want to hate Germany 2006 World Cup (obvious reasons) atmosphere was the best ever, and Germany could easilly stage Euro 2024 and what a great tournament it will be. No doubt is a very safe and exciting choice. Hope to see Italy, Spain, Sweden/Denmark or a Croatia/Hungary bid
  14. Good ceremony, but Madrid's victory isn't sealed since Catalonia always has issues with Spain Damn you Chineese, hosted 2011 and want 2019. Jesus! Budapest for the win!
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