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  1. I wanna go back to #Torontohttp://t.co/anaBLrVkCB

    1. yoshi


      *drools* I see an Olympic city in waiting...

  2. I assume the RTA on Oxford Road is why there's a police helicopter hovering about. #annoyinglyloud

  3. RT @hannahjepson: Oxford Rd shut due to massive RTC avoid at all costs & I'd skip the bus too, Magic Buses all over the place with no idea …

  4. Xbox One price lowered to £400 in the UK.It's not going well #Microsoft

  5. RT @2cheee: How can you honestly defend the sale of handguns to minors?! Get real, people.

  6. It's at times like this when I need multiple computer screens. Too much going on.

  7. RT @ianvisits: That last blog post about railway bridge numbers is probably the geekiest thing I have ever written.

  8. At least I'm up early to seize the day!*forces eyes open with matchsticks*

  9. I'm trying to get a picture - but they are refusing to stand in the right order. Obviously.How did I notice? Well, they were really loud!

  10. “Please wait 0 seconds” is my favourite type of waiting.

    1. Palette86


      Please wait 24 hours until you post next status update.

  11. RT @wa_status: sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly.

  12. Sandi Toksvig just described the Danish giraffe as a “hell of a barbecue” #NewsQuizHahahaha

  13. Today the situation in #Ukraine is fast moving. Hopefully everything will resolve safely.

  14. RT @cathalkelly: They've brought Sochi Bear into the MPC, and people are losing their minds. Predictably, the Japanese journos are the most…

  15. I just woke up from a dream about the Family Fortunes buzzer noise. Dreams are weird.

  16. A tour of the accents of the British Isles - Amazing! http://t.co/GNDDLAba8b

  17. RT @WaterfrontTO: Our board of directors says "Remove" is the best option for Future of the #GardinerEast. Read more: http://t.co/md0y4i3MB…

  18. RT @TOinTransit: Just got an email from the IT dept asking/begging to not stream the #CANvsUSA hockey game lest it crash the servers

  19. 9-3 Canada. #TeamGB concedes.There's always 2018. :(#curling #Sochi2014

  20. I mean, stay positive - we're leaving this Olympics with two curling medals. Not bad. #Sochi2014

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