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  1. As a longtime Boston resident (well, now I live just outside), I have to agree that it would be nice to see something on the Esplanade, but that its just not practical. Anytime they do anything at all there, it is a logistical nightmare. The Olympics... its just not practical. It'd probably be easier to just float a barge out onto the river nearby and hold something on that. So, thats not particularly practical, either. My only concern with the bid layout is that I really think they're underutilizing the Beacon Park train yard redevelopment. I'm guessing they're worried about getting that all sorted out in time, but I can't help but think that the current proposed location for the Stadium (Widdett circle) is worse from almost every angle.
  2. If the games are privately funded, as the planners state they will be, what money will be diverted?
  3. That article is so poorly founded that it approaches 'not even wrong' territory. Honestly, I think that my opinion of Boston's chances are actually bolstered by how poor the arguments are against it that have been presented so far.
  4. Those renderings are very underwhelming. Only in one of them can you even remotely tell its Boston (the 3rd picture has the Prudential and Hancock towers waaaay in the background)
  5. Yeah, most of the discussion is centering around the redevelopment of that area of the city, which is happening either way, regardless of any Olympics or none.
  6. There's no technically about it. The stadium is most definitely well within the municipal borders of Boston, and also happens to be near the old CSX train yards that have popped up continually as a possible site for an Olympic Village.
  7. Most metrics will result in similar lists, more or less.
  8. The guy has repeatedly said he's not going to run and, in his own words, the GOP should nominate "someone who can win."
  9. It was not that big of a deal. There was no flooding of buildings or anything like that. Just a precautionary "boil your water for a few days." And for all the supposed runs on water that were in the area, I had no trouble finding bottled water. However, it was an election year, and the Governor wanted to look like he saved us all from disaster.
  10. Actually, Boston has a pretty damn great water system, with the main lines presently around 26 years old, an absolutely gargantuan treatment plant, and a reservoir system that could support a population roughly 3 times its current service area (at least, thats how much it was when I was studying it back in '09, but its not like our population is increasing that quickly). Plus, California's kinda infamous right now for budgetary woes and shortfalls, whereas MA's... well, its not the poster boy of fiscal responsibility, but its not California.
  11. http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass_roundup/2014/07/olympic-officials-upbeat-about-u-s-bid-after.html Written from a Boston-Centric view, but basically, only LA and Boston sent people to meet with the USOC last week.
  12. Only if Logan could handle it. If the plan takes into consideration supporting airports, one would imagine that those supporting airports would also receive arrivals in such style, as needed.
  13. My point was that we already have the technology to revolve that specific hurdle, and we're 10 years out from the games.
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