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  1. They could always remove the running track after the games and have movable stands such as in Stadium Australia which can be turned into an oval if neccessary for cricket etc.

    yeah thought of that too but that would increase the seating capacity, they'll have to scale down the size i would imagine, everyone still focused on football though eh?

    i though that stadium australia still has all its seats from Sydney 2000, doubt you could fit in 100000 for rugby othewise? ???

    or are they about to scale it back now?

  2. It looks liek West Ham would be an obvious choice to go into the stadium as what it needs to not be a white elephant is a regular stream of income, this doesnt necessarily have to come form a football club but its more than likely with current thinking in UK focused on football ???  then there will be few other ideas raised.

    Id like to see something different - anyway West Ham need to get back into the top flight if they want to use an 80000 seat stadium - think of the overheads!  If you have a stadium that holds 40000 and you get in 38000 then you make money as all the concessions and logistics of the event are achieved.  But if you have a large stadium and you can not fill the capacity (and i mean by having 38000 or 48000 in an 80000 seat stadium) you not only lose money thorugh the concessions you will have no atmosphere through empty seats - plus you are not close to the action becuase there is a running track between the spectators and the game which worked at old Wembley but i dont think would at club level now.

    Lets think of something else than football, but nonetheless the stadium's constant revenue needs would make it difficult.  :idea:

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