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  1. 2024 should go to the US (or at most 2028) is just math, the odds of the United States hosting the games in 2024 are very hight. If we look at the past, since the 1960s, the United States has hosted the Games in every decade except 1970s and 2010s. Let's see

    1900s = 1904 in St. Louis, MO

    1910s = NO

    1920s = NO

    1930s = Lake Placid in NY and Los Angeles in 1932. Twice (interesting)

    1940s = No games

    1950s = Games returned to previous winner cities.

    1960s = Squaw Valley, CA in 1960

    1970s = Denver won, but they rejected it, so it went to an European city.

    1980s = Lake Placid again in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984. Twice (interesting)

    1990s = Atlanta 1996

    2000s = Salt Lake City in 2002

    2010s = Chicago lost for 2016 (first gap since the 70s)

    2020s = There are four Olympics left for that decade in which the United States would be interested in 2024, 2026 and 2028... It could be in either 2024, 2026 or 2028, but no later than 2032... What do you guys think?

    I agree and I can see The Olympics being in the U.S in in 2024 or at least 2028 at the latest but I think 2024 is a better chance then 2028. I think the USOC should bid on summer Olympics before another Winter Olympics which actually is part of the reason they opted out of bidding for 2022.

  2. I think the Olympics will be in the U.S in 2024, It will have been 20 Years since we hosted the Olympics by then.

    I think Washington D.C would be a good choice for the 2024 Summer Olympics and I would support them if they do bid for it (I will bid for any U.S city that does). I think it about time that our Nation Capital bidded for the Olympjcs. A lot of cities who were the national capital of their home country have either hosted tne Olympics or have bidded for it. The last three Host Cities of the Summer Olympics (Athens. Beijing, London) were all the capital of their host nation and Tokyo is the Capital od Japan. D.C has never bidded for the olympics (or as far as I can remember) which surprises me. If their is one city that can truly represent any nation it the national capital.

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