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  1. The 2012 Olympics bid was a memorable one no doubt and was especially a close one between Paris and London although Paris held the edge over London and was the favorite and it was strongly believe that Paris would win however in the final round London won by a mere Four point surprising a lot of peoples (including some in it own country). It was a huge loss for Paris as it was widely expected they would win. So was the 2012 Sumer Olympics Bid the biggest upset of a candidate city who was widely expected to win?
  2. I agree and I can see The Olympics being in the U.S in in 2024 or at least 2028 at the latest but I think 2024 is a better chance then 2028. I think the USOC should bid on summer Olympics before another Winter Olympics which actually is part of the reason they opted out of bidding for 2022.
  3. You misunderstood my point. I was just using the last three as examples. But a lot of capital citites have bidded or hosted.
  4. I think the Olympics will be in the U.S in 2024, It will have been 20 Years since we hosted the Olympics by then. I think Washington D.C would be a good choice for the 2024 Summer Olympics and I would support them if they do bid for it (I will bid for any U.S city that does). I think it about time that our Nation Capital bidded for the Olympjcs. A lot of cities who were the national capital of their home country have either hosted tne Olympics or have bidded for it. The last three Host Cities of the Summer Olympics (Athens. Beijing, London) were all the capital of their host nation and Toky
  5. Wasn't the Sydney 2000 Sumer Olympics in september because it rain too much in July? Obivously the summer Olympics cant be to early or too late but they put at a time whenot not so misrable like June or September.
  6. No reason I just listed those three. I should have explained it better, I have seen lot of talk about Africa and some (to a lesser extent) about the Middle east but have not read much about the Subcontinent or Southeast Asia. You make a good point about the Carribean.
  7. Could a Country in one of these Regions (Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent and the Caribbean) host a Olympics in the future? What Would be the most likely city? I have heard some say Singapore.
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