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  1. Can Beejing everything and for Olimpische games, cars do not drive, bird does not fly, but the night games Olimpische goes with environmental pollution, human rights usw.Ist right choice for Olimpische organisation of the games, we need responsible questions in the IOC, and also for the future organizers?

  2. Tibet problem is big, problem Burma where hunta do not allow military aid for victims is also erdbeben unverständlich.Wo are good will for a reasonable solution dieesen Problemen.Politik world need dialog and not a totalitarian regime and military, democratic government, free to choose, freedom, etc. , etc. ..[/ :(:(:blink: color]

  3. talk not because I do not need to 10.OOO e mail 20.OOO write psihische meaning Ikebana, Lambada, Mara Kana, samba, rumba, maracuya and those blödsinn, long talk kuze Sinn.Campagne and gramatisch or not is important then we vestehen us because for Panama, Ikebana, Samba and those responsible are other scmarn which need ten to twenty thousand e mail write, then you satisfy your Seele.So sick of the topic and I talk no further :angry::rolleyes::angry:

  4. Because katastrfalen Erdbeeben in China Secuan IOC president Rogge is komentiert then all Olimpische moving along with China and our thinking (IOC) have Ihnen.Jede commentary is left, why is not ROgge_IOC sent 1000 blankets, lebensmitell of the IOC, or mineral water for quiet the victims of the disaster because of the IOC anyway deserves Olimpische organisation of the games in China.Das humans have no such words and maliziöse Come Tara vorbereiten.Bravo for Rogge. ;):angry::(

  5. Surely must go through games in Beijing and with Boycott people can do much to help, but in the end not much help Tibetanern.President IOC Rogge stands behind his voice which is due to collect a symbolic action; If the associations would decide that we are athletes with a Tibetan flag to Part stadium, I could identify me. "When is so far then Mr. Roge behind his words, ooder must assume the position of IOC president. :(:(

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