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  1. Qatar is a good host for the organization FIFA WM in football in the year 2022, after Belgium and Holland in 2018. year.
  2. England had a historical chance to get FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 in football, but Germany for milimetar.Nakon large-scale sports events as Olympic Games in 2012 would be too much to the same country in the short term gain and WM organization in football 2018.All it is possible in life, especially in sport, one man, a decision like 100 years of Brazil soccer federation and WM in Brazil so 2014.Meyby be similar with the English after 1966-2018, but these are apsurdne decision and people should be deeper ramisljaju that and get the reflection in football WM those countries that are not organized.
  3. England ist OK for the organization FIFA WM Cup in football, but not in 2018 given that the Summer Olympics in London 2012.First 200 countries in the world to give in less than six years of organizing two largest sports competition, only one state that's absurd, no matter how zvala.To it's the same as the grant Rio de Janeiro organization Summer Olympic Games in 2020, which means in less than six years after FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 in football Brasil.Zato in Holland and Belgium have a really historical opportunity to obtain CUP FIFA WM 2018 in football, for the next FIFA Cup in Europe, then reserv
  4. England is a good candidate, but in a short period will not be able to financially izdrzati, because it has already Olympic Games in 2012 and what you say with WM 2016.
  5. All that is nice to Beckham ponudu ambassador for the organization for the FIFA WM 2018 in football in England and I am a million percent confident that the sdanas already been decided that England gets the largest organization of football tamicenja, but when England won the organization Summer Olympic Games in 2012, it is in rlo short period of 6 years is almost impossible postici.Becham had a happiness that is at the head of the Organizing Committee of London shortly before the final choice selected Sebastian Cou, Zidane did not have a happiness that Paris gets the Games or organization Fran
  6. Yet all depends on your current financial situation in the world, including in Engleskoj.Rivalstvo to be very sports as soon as the League looks between England on one side and Holland and Belgium on the other side of the WM League 2018.Oba competitor have their own advantages, chances and disadvantages, and in the end will, however, with one of the rivals get the organization, and until then is very long, difficult and thorny path.
  7. Why not, but color must remain clear and known as Campagne for my Platini for Uefa president, etc.
  8. Rob you must know, a philosophy is u facts and others are pure warheit.England league currently plays the best football in Welt.Liga have a lot of money from Russian, Arab billion, because Award, television rights usw.Arsenal, Chelse, Liverpool, Manh are best FOOTBALL clubs of Welt.So you need to say how englender and not hipotetisch.Farbe must be known Rob.Wann I'm Englender then I struggle with these facts for 2018 World Cup in England, but I fight for Holland and Belgium for World Cup 2018.
  9. Rogge Rogge as what people expect of him when he is not suitable for the position of IOC president, in connection with free internet, free journalismous etc.
  10. Fight against doping must be drawn Olimpische play in Beejing.
  11. Chinese do not have the games and not Olimpische village festival in Beejing.Freie public, free journalistic news, free Internet, etc., etc., everything goes together with Olimpischen games and nobody nor China can not in the sense prohibited, now and in Future.
  12. Can Beejing everything and for Olimpische games, cars do not drive, bird does not fly, but the night games Olimpische goes with environmental pollution, human rights usw.Ist right choice for Olimpische organisation of the games, we need responsible questions in the IOC, and also for the future organizers?
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