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  1. Well it is indeed true. All purchased in a LOCOG FCFS sale a month or so before the OC. This is quite separate from the pair I snagged in the same sale and the many others that did the same. All of those tickets were sold at Face Value, I know that as a fact. These tickets were released once sight lines had been finalised. Some were behind the tree but the view was still superb. I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens in Rio. Locals should most definitely keep a look out. Love the dig about the London ceremony. From reading other threads here, I would expect nothing less from you.
  2. Sorry Baron but you're quite mistaken. 20 tickets were indeed purchased by one person, all in one order from LOCOG. I know of up to 100 people who went to the OC through late sales a number who only paid £20.12. No B/S as you so eloquently put it. Just the truth. Easily proven too. For anyone on here who really want to get prime tickets, listen to Volshy and not someone who thinks they know everything but undoubtedly don't.
  3. Haven't seen any tickets, for Opening or Closing ceremonies at all yet and haven't heard of any successes either. There must be some somewhere.
  4. Hi John! Some thread this! I think I'll have a good read tomorrow. Lots of interesting comments to say the least. Pandemonium? In a word, stunning, with Underworld's And I Will Kiss literally shaking the stadium. And I should know as I was there.
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