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  1. Yea cosport has been prompting me, i have to give to probably give this games a miss, my wife is bringing up our retirement account! I had local contacts in the last two games and was able to purchase tickets directly from the OC. I usually only purchased a few tickets from cosport. They still have a very high markup and i seem to remember a very big mixup in 2012 that i narrowly manged to avoid. This will be a very last minute olympics for me if i decide to go, but certainly the local prices are very resonable for most events compared to London. I have some business contacts in RIO, but no one really close.
  2. Seems ok for Vancouver, Does anyone have any accommodation ideas for Whistler? Looking for one night only.
  3. Can't believe what some of these non-Canada hockey prices are. I really don't believe people will pay above face. I think these game prices will go down rapidly as the games approach. What i am seeing is that the 2010 fan to fan prices are higher then some of the secondary brokers, thats a sure sign that people are asking too much.
  4. I believe they still have availability at the downtown YWCA in Vancouver. I would rate it as a 2.5 star hotel at least.
  5. Well its a done deal, the skiers are out. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/ski-jumping/news...ale+flight+2010
  6. I'm sure they would refund tickets, I seem to remember an issue with the equestrian events in 1956, they ended up moving them to Europe and kept the rest of the events in Melbourne. Not sure I like the idea of suing your way into the Olympics.
  7. Not sure how i weigh in on this one, It may be that the IOC pulls the ski jump events and holds them in another city. Is this a BC ruling or the SCC? They could hold the ski jump in Calgary or Salt Lake. How many women are there that compete in this event? 25 or 30?
  8. LOL, You have some duplicate days there, and some where you have to be in Whistler. I suppose its going to be a bit of a challenge.
  9. LOL, I'l be in London for 2012, my brother lives in High Barnet. Canada does not really do well in summer games but that one should be fun as well. Vancouver is the first time I've had to arrange for accommodations, I lived in Montreal in 1976 and had relatives in Sydney for the 2000 games.
  10. Great stuff, I can't seem to get excited about curling. Do you live in Vancouver? Wondering about the weather in February, I've been in Vancouver in November and it was quite bad, quite nice in June and July. R
  11. Hi, wondering if anyone is planning to drive to Vancouver for the games? I live in Calgary, so its about a 9 hour jaunt. My accommodations are in the downtown area in Yaletown. I had planned to use public transpo for the most part but i wanted to take the car for a couple of side trips to go skiing during the games. I hear Blackcomb will be 90 percent open and there are other options. It sounds like cars will be heavily restricted, at this time i was just planning a kiss and ride to drop off our stuff and then parking outside downtown, are there any other options?
  12. I bought my pairs one checkout at a time, each one was of lesser importance so i wanted to make sure in each case. I stayed logged in just did multiple checkouts, added the big ticket hockey events and 2 speed skating finals. I then logged back in and picked up an OC pair and a couple of other high demand events from a friend who could not get past the VWR. Once you were passed the vwr you had a lot of flexibility in what you could do, very interesting system, i actually preferred it to Ticketmaster. It seemed a bit more intuitive and the visual word checks are more reasonable, lately the Ticketmaster ones are getting ridiculous.
  13. Well ticketmaster is very smooth, however, its very smooth for scalpers as well. I suspect this method made it very unpredictable for the experts to snag a bunch of tickets. There may be a method to all this madness!
  14. LOL Good points, we will have to see how it plays outs. Well I'm from Calgary, not a big fan of the Sedins and we don't have any European players(other then Kiprusoff). I'd prefer to see Kiprusoff not play for Finland, he probably won't as he is having only an average season. As for the other internationals, I prefer to see them in the NHL rather then on their national teams. Cost of living is very high in Vancouver and the tickets are very expensive compared to even the Canucks games. The WJC did well in Vancouver in 2006 but the tickets were much cheaper for that event. As to the Sedins, are there any Vancouverites out there who can comment? would you prefer seeing the Sedins in Swedish uniforms or as Canucks?
  15. We will have to see how things pan out but my experience in Sydney was that tickets were very easy to come by at the last minute in trades or buys at the venue(at face or below), with the exception of swimming. My guess would be that Canada's hockey games will be tough but others should be obtainable.
  16. Hi, new to the forum. Chateau, you seemed to have gotten quite loaded up on tickets. Enjoy! Personally, i prefer to have only one event per day and some days off. I don't want to miss some of the non-sport fun that accompanies the olympics. I think I'll get some skiing in at Blackcomb and i hope some of whistler is open. You can usually ski down beside the WC run at Lake Louise during WC events. Although its probably not accessible during the Olympics. I've got about 11 events in 16 days, so its nicely spread out and you can always trade tickets at the last minute at most games.
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