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  1. No one is saying that you can't use existing infrastructure, but 10 miles is still MUCH closer than 20+ miles for the Main stadium, like Gillette stadium is to Boston. And a city also can't use a stadium that will only accommodate half of what a typical SUMMER Olympic stadium seats.

    how is 70,000 HALF of 80,000?

    Gillette Stadium holds 70,000 and can EASILY be Upgraded Did you not Read the List of Stadiums? And the Superbowl being held in 18 days at the Mercedes Superdome holds 4,000 more people then Gillette .. 4,000

    Rio 88,000

    London 80,000

    Beijing 90,000 (population!)

    Athens 70,000 what same!?

    Sydney - insane LOL

    Atlanta 85,000

    Anyways all I was saying is its doable... Not once did I ever say that Gillette should be the Olympic Stadium... I clearly stated that Boston has Infrastructure that is comprable to other cities and has the inovation and economy to upgrade and build not to mention the top architects of the world build and bid to build here ANYTIME it's possible like I.M. Pei for instance... We have the land, we have the knowledge, we have the sports and we have the drive... and there are clear examples of numerous cluster olympics that have been held, that are being held and that have bid to be held so nothing is off the table for our city other then the heavy weight contenders and ignorant refusal to believe we are anything they have heard in cheap stories

  2. Not when these documents never made it to the IOC TBW. What's so hard to comprehend about this,











    NYC 2012 in YOUR rules EQUALS NEW JERSEY 2012!!!

    and Again all their Venues that are the same age and size to Bostons are Viable to you but not in Bostons Case got it!

    No they weren't. They weren't even 'runner's up' in the USOC rounds. Washington/Baltimore & Tampa/Orlando 2012 never got selected to be the USOC candidate for 2012. It was New York City.

    And those example are still only 6 miles from their respective city centers, UNLIKE Gillette Stadium to Boston, a far-flung 20+ miles.


  3. Correct. Early, exploratory, formative stages...such as what you are engaging in now...is NOT considered IOC-approved certification. Prospective cities are merely getting their ducks in a row. You have to get ALL of that in line because once you are presented by your NOC (in our case, the USOC) to the IOC, then you must have all your i's dotted and your t's crossed because your bid will now be weighed and judged vs. the other international finalists. And like any competition, the one who obeyed all the early submission rules will move on to the next stage.

    Take a deep breath, Rik. What we are doing here, for you, is playing Devil's Advocate so Boston can come up with a fantastic, waterproof bid that we all can get behind and pull for. That is essentially what we are putting you through here. Take it in that spirit.

    And I have already been through a successful international bid process, I am not here for your coaching.... Especially when it lacks any comprehension of viable information relayed back to you in whats considered a 2 way conversation :-)

  4. Correct. Early, exploratory, formative stages...such as what you are engaging in now...is NOT considered IOC-approved certification. Prospective cities are merely getting their ducks in a row. You have to get ALL of that in line because once you are presented by your NOC (in our case, the USOC) to the IOC, then you must have all your i's dotted and your t's crossed because your bid will now be weighed and judged vs. the other international finalists. And like any competition, the one who obeyed all the early submission rules will move on to the next stage.

    Take a deep breath, Rik. What we are doing here, for you, is playing Devil's Advocate so Boston can come up with a fantastic, waterproof bid that we all can get behind and pull for. That is essentially what we are putting you through here. Take it in that spirit.

    I'll say it again... your doing nothing for me. I am not part of this committee... much deeper...

    have a great night. I'm DONE

    Four clusters that are still WITHIN the City of Rio. Sao Paulo is playing host to soccer & nothing else. We've said repeatedly that Foxboro could do the same.

    Ummmm, haven't we talked about South Boston/Dorchester?

    Those are Villages :-) Not Greater Boston ummm haven't we talked about that!?

  5. They Didn't That's crazy since they were Runners up in the Candidate Final Rounds!

    ok so allowed in Chicago but not in Boston... because your map includes no neighborhoods of Boston Proper ;-)

    and you guys need to keep better track of who said what to who because your throwing facts and **** at me to quotes I did not say :-)

  6. That IS the argument, bcuz those "bids" that you're talking about NEVER made to the IOC's voting table.

    They Didn't That's crazy since they were Runners up in the Candidate Final Rounds!

    Ummmm, the south side of Chicago IS actually part of Chicago proper. Washington Park is merely one of the MANY "neighborhoods" WITHIN the City of Chicago. So who's really the 'joke & clueless' one here. Seriously, this isn't the way to win over support for your cause. :rolleyes:

    ok so allowed in Chicago but not in Boston... because your map includes no neighborhoods of Boston Proper ;-)

  7. Newbie haha...

    Only to communicating with uneducated, contradictory statements that carry no merit or really a response to anything I have said..

    I am far from a newbie in this life and I have been reading this attack tactic garbage to every person that has submitted a bid potential... my mistake was joining in

    NEW JERSEY 2012!

    NEW JERSEY 2012!
    NEW JERSEY 2012!

  8. Rik, this is what we're getting at here. Yes, those are allowed. But name 1 cooperative host city bid that was endorsed by their NOC? You need to find better examples to compare Boston to or else they're not going to gain much traction.

    Here's the bottom line and not to speak for the forum here, but I know several others feel the same way.. there are numerous cities out there that could host a successful Olympics, including many in the United States. At the end of the day though, this is a competition. And it's an expensive one merely to participate in. Boston may be able to present themselves as a suitable setting for a Summer Olympics, but all that is going to matter at the end of the day is how they stack up against the competition. Again, I admire your dedication and passion, but forgive us if we don't view Boston as "an amazing opportunity" when there are other cities out there that can easily claim to be equally amazing

    Excuse me but I don't need to name you Winning Cities that was not the argument... The Argument was that COOPERATIVE BIDS and STADIUMS NOT LOCATED IN THE SAME STATE! OR the HOST CITY are ALLOWED.. .

    Any city that makes it past any round of voting, including the first round has been approved of these stated above, they do not make it to the short list or to a candidate bid without that.. LIKE NEW YORK CITY 3rd RUNNER UP - NEW JERSEY 2012!

  9. This is out-of-date information, which is at least a decade old, when the USOC was trying to decide which of the 8 U.S. cities it was going to select for it's 2012 bid. They finally went with New York 2012.

    So the IOC never "allowed" these bids bcuz the USOC NEVER allowed these cities to bid. The IOC would never have gone for a bid that required two cities that FAR apart to host, let alone them even going for Tampa/Orlando.

    What's ridiculous here is your ill-attempt at trying to conveniently use old, non-comparable data/info to & try & further your cause. But all it's doing is just making you look really "ridiculous". So far, you have not made a compelling case. All you've done is get snarky & b!tchy if no-one here agrees with your "ideas".

    Yeah, I looked at it. For the sake of merely splitting hairs here, it's more than "just under 20 miles". But this is also conveniently ignoring the fact that this Olympic stadium that's "just under 20 miles", is in a park that also houses other important MAIN Olympic venues which are easily going to be accessible to one another once the Games take place. So unless a "Boston" plan includes something of a similar feat in Foxboro, then it's irrelevant. At which point, it then becomes "Foxboro 2024" & not Boston 2024. Much like the pseudo "San Francisco 2012" bid that centered everything around Palo Alto, some 30 miles to the south.

    You are so clueless really... Foxboro 2024.. haha

    So according to you, all the things that are printed in bid documents, delivered to the IOC are lies, incorrect and not accepted.. Got it..

    So when NYC Bid for 2012 and was the 3rd runner up there concept was not to have SEVERAL OLYMPIC CLUSTERS SPREAD OUT in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and East RUTHERFORD NEW JERSEY where guess what kids THE OLYMPIC STADIUM would have been in NEW JERSEY.. Meadowlands, Flushing Meadows!? NOT NICE PLACES and NOT CLOSE

    So its ok for them to use Boroughs but not Boston... and it's ok for them to use old existing and comprable arenas but we are not so they get madison square gardens but we cant use boston garden... they can use the then OLD Yankee Stadium but we cant use Fenway Park... they can use GIANTS STADIUM 10 miles WEST of NYC and in a DIFFERENT STATE but we cant use Gillette Stadium..

    And when I mention any type of FIFA World Cup or Marathon you say that means nothing and yet NYC and Paris structured their ENTIRE bid around those things!

    I mean your a joke - Paris bid separate northern and western clusters - London took trashy hamlets and created a new city called lower key valley for the centerpeace of its bid. That is not London proper!

    Rio is split into 4 olympic centers Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro, Maracana and multiple further cities like Sao Paulo this is not Rio!... and their entire bid is about what!?... FIFA WORLD CUP

    Tokyo a cooperative bid.. what was their bid about!?.. The Tokyo Marathon that was added to the World Marathon Majors which was created by who? Boston Separate clusters from village

    Chicago outspread along Lake Michigan... Stadium? the far outer south side of Washington Park (NOT CHICAGO!) would have to build their ENTIRE BID OF VENUES! what was their bid about? The city 2nd to Boston thats hosts all 5 mens and women's major sports.


    Don't worry I will not respond again..

    Dude, I pointed you to a tool that will exactly map it and you claimed it was under 10 miles. Sheesh.

    As for the point of all this, the stadium for 2014, and all the main venues are in Adler. But Adler is a dump, so the Russian's smartly call it the Sochi games. This doesn't have much to do with Boston, since they sure as heck aren't using Gillettte for the main stadium. But I think it does matter if the Reno/Tahoe people realize that Tahoe is a much better name than Reno.

    I have not mentioned Sochi at all :-)

  10. No it's not. Even the scale on the map that you provided clearly shows that it's no more than 10 miles.

    No Olympic stadium has ever been more than 20 miles from the host city.

    Seriously who are you? Where were you educated!? The area of Boston city proper alone is 90 square miles, 50 sq miles land and 40 water. and that is JUST boston the PROPER meaning just the inner city LOL..

    Boston is Commonwealth city so therefor its considered Greater Boston that is the city, and that would be the location of the games... and that would be the area of the Bid... That is 4,674 Square Miles !

    Rio - largest city in Brazil - 485 square miles

    London - 606 sq miles - BY YOUR RULES otherwise they wouldnt have won the bid right? because "The Greater London Urban Area was not included?" Last I checked that was required for their bid!

    Beijing - 6,487 sq miles

    Athens - 50,949 sq miles - (Obviously no one could ever really compare)

    Sydney - 651 sq miles -

    Atlanta - 630 sq miles

    Barcelona - 40 sq miles - FOURTY!

    Los Angeles - 503 sq miles

    you guys clearly have no respect, sad sad thread this is...

    Between this thread People neglecting to acknowledge Lance Armstrongs $500 million legacy and countless lives saved including My OWN Survival from Cancer as an Athlete (he was punished and deserved it) he does not deserve the death penalty which is basically what he is receiving by People who are ignorant like this conversation and the people who are trying to judge and destroy Jodie Foster for having her own feelings, thoughts, emotions and life just because she didn't conform to the mold our society now called Contradiction USA obligates our celebrities and philanthropists. I have lost all respect and hope for any type of exchange of mutual knowledge or respectful debate and culture.

  11. Semantics is all They Have... If you look at every response they pick and chose what they want to pick apart and they clearly love to design rules specific to Boston Biding because none of them exist...
    This will be my last response to this ridiculous back and fourth rather than having a real conversation about an amazing oportunity for any city or person involved whos willing to work hard and make it happen..

    the IOC allows COOPERATIVE HOST CITY BIDS - Example: previous potential applicants and future applicant cities

    • WASHINGTON, DC & BALTIMORE, MD (46 Miles Apart) which is the same distance as BOSTON from PROVIDENCE, BOSTON and WORCESTER, BOSTON and MANCHESTER, all of which have been host to Major Sporting Events.
    • TAMPA and ORLANDO - (86 MILES! Apart) EIGHTY SIX!
    • SAN DIEGO & TIJUANA (17 Miles Apart) - Expressed interest and were authorized to bid for the first BINATIONAL Olympics
    • BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - Belgian city and a Dutch City after the Euro 2000 co-organized by both countries
    • And ++++++++++++++

    I wont recap the previous olympic games again because you clearly think that because a Television Network is told to call the locations by the Main Host Cities name that that is in fact the location of each venue or Stadium because it's not and if you would take the time to actually look at the bid documents or really any information about each games you would know that they are in fact allowed and in multiple locations... And numerous games as I previously mentioned have had events GREATER then 40 miles away.

    And the whole Boston can't handle the amount of people or security or heads of state is really just plane old STUPID.
    You don't become the International Center for Higher Education and Center for Medicine, or 11th in the top 20 Global Financial Centers by being a small, useless, inaccessible city to not only the US but the WORLD.

    Boston is ranked NUMBER ONE for INNOVATION both Globally and in North America for a Slue of Reasons giving us maybe a slight edge on being able to accommodate and build any necessary infrastructure to make an innovative cultural platform in one of the most DIVERSE CITIES IN THE WORLD!

    Greater Boston... YES GREATER BOSTON, which is what the city is comprised of and will remain comprised of and would represent as a Host City is 10th in population among U.S. metropolitan areas with the sixth largest gross metropolitan product in the country and twelfth largest in the world. Not to mention top in Healthcare & Cost of Living all making us a viable city and Financially Stable & RELEVANT location.

    And my final large statement before you chew all this up for desert and pick it a part how you want.. In Regards to Heads of State and Security & Events or really our irrelevance .. Again I laugh... not because of your personal opinion or because you feel we are a long shot... I 100% respect and partially agree with you. But I laugh at just your clear lack of knowledge or interest in physically taking in anything I have shared with you be it 100% right or partial or what have you.

    Boston held the 5 Day - 2004 Democratic National Convention. It was the FIRST National Convention in the country since the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001. Making it THEY SECURITY & Most Important event to happen for our democracy as a nation. 34 Cities were given an initial notice, 10 cities responded. Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, NEW YORK CITY and Pittsburgh. Of those 5 cities submitted bids - Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Miami and New York. After site visit and inspections Boston was announced as the Host.

    Security during the convention was organized by the Boston Police (First Police Department in the United States) the U.S. Capitol Police and the U.S. Coast Guard. Huge security measures were taken bomb squads, sniffing dogs, 7-foot high metal barricades bans on corporate and private flights at Logan International Airport and they Shutdown Interstate 93.

    Boston's Ability to promulgate such tight security measures even frustrated the news media. Credentials were subject to extremely strict rules forbidding borrowing or sharing with is common practice for major media outlets especially at the Olympics.

    Do I need to list the over 60 Speakers the Top Heads of our Country who were protected? Normally you would say the Republican and Democratic conventions have the same caliber of speakers and attendees .. Not in 2004 The DNCs List of Principle Speakers 100 times surpassed that of the RNC.

    So no I do not believe we would have ANY issue what so ever keeping security for 50 heads of state. It's Boston Massachusetts that is COMMON PRACTICE here literally... To the Capital to the Colleges where they speak and where their kids go to school, they have their Medical Procedures done here.. and Besides if you go down the list of PAST and PRESENT Heads of State across this Globe at least 40% of them have their Doctorates, Masters, LLM and MBAs from Harvard, Williams, MIT and Tufts so I can probably tell you they would be rather comfortable and happy to be here.

    And to end on a sports note. of course not as large as the Olympics blah blah blah but experience does count contrary to your popular belief. Boston has been home to:

    116 Runnings of the Worlds First and Oldest Modern Day Marathon
    2 Olympic Trial Marathons

    4 FIFA World Cup Games (stadium ranked 2nd in US and 43rd in the world out of 257) that meat the FIFA requirements
    US Olympic Mens Track Trials 4 Times
    Every Year we hold many of the Worlds largest Track Championships both Indoor and Outdoors for the Visa Championships at Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center & Harvard.
    The Olympic Sports of Basketball and Volleyball were INVENTED in Massachusetts and the worlds shrine of sports history The Basketball Hall of Fame is here as is the Volleyball Hall of Fame. MAJOR tourist destinations.
    We hold the Head of the Charles Regatta
    Cape Cod Major League Baseball Training Camp
    Major Gold Events - U.S. Opens, Ryder Cups and more, Major League Soccer, Major League Lacrosse, the Professional Women's Soccer League.
    Americas World Leading Gymnastics Center is here, home to CURRENT Olympic, World, National and Canadian National Gold Medal Gymnasts.

    And with that I rest my case - eat it up, gobble it out, do as you wish.. I thank you for the time.

  12. And I'll Repeat Again... Those Venues were examples of existing infrastructure .. the first 2 were viable for Opening/Closing LOL...

    Oh Required comes from you once again... where did I say that any of our locations would be used "AS IS"... Man you are so not worth it. I need to restrain my passion sometimes but Ignorance is not how you debate...

    Boston is just as Viable if not more then any of the other US Cities. And where we lack in some areas we make up with it in being a Sports & Culture Meca the Sports Title Capital and the Home to the Oldest Marathon with the First Women's Olympic Marathon Champion coming direct from our own backyard who at 55yrs of age can still qualify... You know those things are part of the equation as much as you want to pick and chose what to contradict everything you have listed can be fixed, upgraded, built... But Our Legacy and History and What our State has Accomplished in the last 10 Years are Etched in Stone Forever!

  13. And here we go. Let's break this down a little bit and you're not helping your case here, TeamRik

    Harvard Stadium.. I've been there before, both as a spectator and as media. All those stadiums you compared Harvard Stadium to are Winter venues. It's going to take a lot more than 50,000 seats to be the centerpiece stadium for an Olympics. Harvard Stadium is anything but a spectator-friendly stadium and does not have room for an athletics track. If they want to use it for anything more than football, I have to imagine they need to demolish it and build it from scratch.

    Gillette Stadium.. Been there before as well. Out in the middle of nowhere and a good distance from center city Boston. And personally, I did just laugh out loud that you mentioned Super Bowls because that is 100% inaccurate. Good for them there's a train direct from the city to the stadium. You're right there's no distance rule, but good luck competing against other cities' whose stadium are closer to the main IOC hotels and the Olympic Village.

    Fenway Park.. It's a baseball stadium. Can I ask what use that is for an Olympics if baseball is no longer included?

    If you have more facts and figures, I'd love to see them. And 1 other thing.. all of the surrounding sports teams and owners are fully on board? Are they really? I find that one hard to believe if this is only an exploratory committee in the early stages of planning. Is John Henry really going to give you his stadium to use for 2 1/2 weeks and just say "here you go, it's all yours?"

    Again, pardon me to be skeptical, but if all you have so far is to note the capacity of Harvard Stadium (compared to Winter Olympic hosts) and Gillette Stadium, which has never hosted and probably never will host a Super Bowl, I think you need to work a little harder at this.

    HAHA I love when people pick and choose... You missed the entire point of course... more then have the host cities have utilized EXISTING STRUCTURES... Therefore we can do the same and remodel the point is we have the space & the locations.. And Gillette is infact nominated for both those superbowls L has been chosen now.. And Yes... they have a Commuter Train Line... something other cities would build :-)

    The others were venues that can be utilized not specific to sport or ceremonie but proof of existing structures... if a Baseball Stadium can accommodate 40,000+ people why can't it host an Opening and Closing Ceremonies? Last I checked that wasn't specific to sports type LOL.

    I am not on the exploratory committee, I am an Athlete and And as I said a board member for many of these events. And Yes if those Billionaire Men are 100% onboard with the LGBT Community and the Federation of the Gay Games and bringing Sports and Culture to the Sports Titile USA and a large Economic bost for the surrounding communities, then I most definitely they would be on board for The Greatest Sporting & Cultural Event of Our Time!

    All I have!? What do you have? You have sat in the stadium and commented it is old. I have not only been a spectator in every venue in New England but I have also competed in them, I have sat through 100's of hours of committee meetings planning an event JUST like this oh wait sorry a few less days! And I have 1,000 page bid books and venue specs and financial pages that you could circle the Globe With :-)

    My standing here is Boston is Viable. My Other Standing is You Can be Skeptical but you can't preach Stupid, Ignorant, Fact-less Information without getting a Response. I've said my piece to the original post, I'm gonna call it a night and let you stick with what you know and what I dont.

  14. Did you actually laugh out loud just now? I just find it odd that 3 people in support of Boston have suddenly shown up here pushing support for their bid. I don't know if you've been to this site before, but it's often the nature of the crowd here to shoot down bid cities' dreams. I will admit though.. I am intrigued by this and I know I'm not the only one that will absolutely want to hear what you guys have to present (whenever that is). But permit me to remain a little skeptical here where the first we're hearing of all this is you coming to us.

    I'm not familiar with the Gay Games, but let's back the train up here. In doing some research, I see the 2006 edition in Chicago featured 11,500 athletes from 70 countries in a 9-day event. Don't think I can really put that on par with the Olympics except for number of athletes (and I will note.. my screen name is Quaker2001 because I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, home of the Penn Relays, annually host to more than 14,000 competitors). So since you are probably someone who knows the particulars of the Gay Games, please tell us.. how many spectators do they draw? What is the media presence? Are there requirements for hotel rooms in the area? I did some research and see that the attendance for the Gay Games in Chicago was 140,000. A single day of 2 sessions worth of Athletics can draw more than that. So if you're actually saying the Gay Games are on par with the Olympics, I call bullshit on that one. And if the hyperbole is "Boston couldn't be a better fit for the Summer Olympics".. that sounds nice, but like you said, it's a heavyweight list of cities out there you're competing with, so good luck with that one.

    That's a pretty big downfall. And I'm sure you're aware of this, but it's an expensive endeavor to bid for an Olympics. Ask the folks in New York and Chicago about that one. Like I said, we're a naturally skeptical crowd here and we're not trying to deny you're dreams here, but remember what you're up against. Sure it may be "possible," and it could work, but a lot of other cities can make that claim and that's what you're going to be up against. Again, I wish you good luck. I certainly encourage you to share your findings and information with us here because we'll be happy to hear about it, but we can't promise we'll be all that receptive if Boston doesn't seem like it's going to have what it takes to compete with some of the other cities out there in the bidding.

    I have been on here for a very long time, long before Boston Considered. I have had my own dreams of that... My Comments come from me personally and my experience and research, Obviously people who are passionate and knowledgeable on the Topic are going to post...

    And I don't necessarily disagree with you being skeptical, it's a major major endeavor from all sides for ANY City or Country and Skeptics are going to be Bostons largest problem. I personally am 100,000% for this and will be behind it (and I crack up every time I see that Boston or someone in Boston thought we were going to bid for a winter olympics) But I do have some reservations with the other contenders for 2024 and why we have still yet to add our name to the list of candidates.

    I think Boston is the PERFECT candidate to Bid for the first US Youth Olympic Games especially because of our sports heritage and legacy and since we are the 3rd Healthiest State and have Gone from 10th to 3rd in less than 2yrs and highest amongst Youth ..

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  15. I have never heard anyone compare the G-games and the O-games like that.

    Also, the sustainability things is debatable, often the IOC seems to favor the biggest flashiest most excessive plans.

    I wish Boston luck if they bid.

    The Last 5 Gay Games have had more Athletes then the Olympics by 1,000 or more Athletes and that's not Including the multiple thousand people in the cultural events. And between 2 and 5 more Sports.

    Gay Games - (35 Sports)

    Cologne - 11,000

    Chicago - 12,500

    Sydney - 11,000

    Amsterdam - 13,038

    NYC - 11,200

    Vancouver - 8,000

    San Fran - 5,000

    San Fran - 1,500 *Games #1

    Olympics - (29-34 Sports)

    London - 10,500

    Beijing - 10,900

    Athina - 10,500

    Sydney - 10,700

    Atlanta - 10,300

    Barcelona - 9,300

    Before this 6,000 or Less

  16. Doesn't matter if you can't find a sutiable location for the main stadium.

    So because you quote with no knowledge that we don't have a suitable location for the main stadium that makes it fact?... first lets get the distance rule out of the way... There is no distance rule! It's quite obvious it should be in the center of it all, but clearly not required. and 9 times out of 10 a new Neighborhood is created because it can't be in the city itself..

    1992 and 2010 were widely dispersed. Torino had locations in 4 different parts of the country, Rio is split into four clusters rather then concentrated in a single area. and Nagano had events that were 43 MILES from the stadium thats double Gillette.

    Harvard Stadium the first stadium dedicated to American Intercollegiate Athletics and one of the largest college outdoor venues in the US . Capacity up to 35,323 - nearly 10,000 greater with upgrades.

    • Pyeongchang - Capacity: 50,000 - Structure: Temporary!
    • Sochi - Capacity: 40,000 - Structure: New
    • Vancouver - Capacity: 50,000 - Structure: Existing!
    • Turin - Capacity: 28,000 - Structure - Existing!
    • Salt Lake City - Capacity: 45,000 - Structure - Existing!

    30 Olympic Stadiums have been EXISTING Structures - 5 Olympic Stadiums were TEMPORARY Structures

    30 Olympic Stadiums have had Capacities UNDER 50,000

    You have to remember that it's really based on the Population of that City not the Olympics.

    Gillette Stadium home to the New England Patriots & New England Revolution Soccer is the largest football stadium in the Mid America Conference. Capacity: 68,756 (Football) 30,000 (Soccer) Notable Events: AFC Championship Games, 2002 MLS Cup, 4 FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Games, NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championships 4x and the Future Location of Super Bowels L and XLIX - 20m south of Boston & 20m North of Providence

    OH! Can't forget the fact it has it's own TRAIN DIRECT FROM THE CITY TO THE STADIUM!

    Fenway Park speaks for itself - Capacity 37.400

    Other Venues:

    TD Garden

    MIT Aquatics Center

    MIT Stadium

    Harvards Blodgett Pool

    BU Aquatics Center

    Back Bay Events Center

    Walter Brown Arena

    George Wright Gold Course

    Harvards Murr Center

    Harvards Beren Tennis Center

    Harvard McCurdy Track & FIeld

    BU Track & Tennis Center

    Charles River Sailing

    Moakley Field

    Ohiri Field

    The list gooooooes On!

    Shall I list the Operating Costs for you!?

  17. What did you just mean to say about the gay games vs Boston’s feasibility to host the Olympics?

    In terms of the number of Participants they are the same and Gay Games has more Cultural Participants then the Olympics, in terms of Sports and Venues they are nearly the Same the Olympics obviously encompasses a greater spectrum of events but again same total athletes. The infrastructure has been well thought out and researched for an event this large multiple times and we already hold events with more people.. And the Gay Games puts on their event without the need to build all the extra venues because it's already available... The Olympics is clearly something that can't compare in that its the Olympic Games and that alone is reason enough to find ways to build grand stadiums for the world to see. But we all must remember the IOC is taking the side and spreading the message of SUSTAINABILITY like we all should. Rio will be the first completely Sustainable Olympics and I for see it being not only the best in the world but the new way of the Games.

    (and please Everyone research before dropping facts, this is supposed to be a discussion not a You Suck and We are Better then you, it's fine to think its a fat chance Boston will win, but don't give reasons that are clearly not true)

  18. Boston is not viable.

    Look at a map of the bloody city, there is no land. This isn't China were you can bulldoze some Southey's homes to build an Olympic Park. And if by miracle land was found for the main stadium (which cannot be foxboro) where is everything else. The events would be spread out all over the city and surrounding cities. It would be enough to send anyone responsible for the logistics to the looney bin. I cannot impress on anyone here how unbelievably not viable Boston is. Boston is considerably worse off compared to NYC with regards to land and is probably the only major American city that has no hope of landing the Olympics ever. Philadelphia is better suited to the games.

    90% of the Olympic Host Cities that have to build all of their venues is because 1) they don't have any sports in their country, especially to the size of 10,000 participants at once. and 2) they need the infrastructure to begin with. Almost all US Candidate Cities already have the Venues in place and just need upgrades and the rest is to make it Olympic Grandeur not because they don't have the Capacity... Boston has far more Capacity then 75% of any major city in the US. Boston is a Sports Meca & Capital and Home to the OLDEST and FIRST Modern Day Marathon. Every Elite Runner in the World has gone on recorded saying they would fully back & participate in a games held in Boston.

  19. At the risk of sounding a little skeptical here.. a new poster comes in with the name Boston2024 and posts something I'm not seeing anywhere else online. Not that I'm necessarily doubting you, but it would be reassuring to see someone not directly tied with the bid (and clearly you are since it's "our future site") make mention of this somewhere other than this website or in self-created social media. And I will respectfully disagree with FYI that the mention of state government involvement suddenly makes this the most substantial thing out there.

    Gillette Stadium - owned by Robert Kraft. Used during the summer by the New England Revolution, also owned by Robert Kraft. Lots of development in the immediate area. Would serve as no more than a football venue for an Olympics. Unlikely to be replaced again in the same location

    It's an Exploratory Committee we have not announced to the media until be have some more concrete reports completed. And why wouldn't the person in charge of the Social Media for Boston-2024 not have a screen name called Boston-2024 LOL...

    And from personal experience as a Board Member of Bostons Bid for the 2014 Gay Games which is they LARGEST Sporting and Cultural Event in the world to and above par to the Olympics, this is an extremely feasible opportunity for Boston. Boston couldn't be a better fit for the Summer Olympics, and all of the cities and surrounding Sports Teams & Owners are fully on board to this kind of event coming to the city of Boston.

    And it only works with the support of everyone working together, not claiming it wont work because of XYZ when you really need to be a part of XYZ to know how it works and if its possible, and this is very possible. The only downfall is the heavy list of heavyweight cities biding and that the USOC has not confirmed if the US will Bid for an Olympics then or ever...

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