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  1. Every Single Bid is a Dream.... Until that Magical Day it all comes together and Becomes Reality - but that can only happen with positive minds, goals and attitudes.
  2. I concur... I sit here watching all this and scream at the computer LOL... There should be an army of people working on this and I know of many soldiers interested
  3. No one is truly ahead of anyone until it's in the hands of the USOC, if you were to go by Social backing it would be Philadelphia they have nearly 14,000 facebook followers however their page was created in late 2009. And they have bid 4 previous times. Boston has nearly 2,000 and has been up for less then 1 year... (12 days away from 1yr)... in 2010 Maine created a fan page to bid and although the page has been inactive by moderators since 2010 they have OVER 15,250 fans that could be possible conversions over to Greater-Boston Personally I think our biggest foreign contenders are Paris an
  4. Correction on the voting unfortunately the press is reporting 38-1 when it was in fact a Unanimous vote... I only bring it up because it's a very exciting fact...
  5. Oh no look out here's that TeamRik again! Don't worry I won't try and spoil your fun, I can finally take this thread for what it is; fact-less banter. And that's no fun or helpful to anyone. I just wanted to remind all you California dreamers, or well educate you that Los Angeles has bid for the Summer Olympics the most times out of any US City... 9 times... and they lost every time except for of course 1932 and 1984... and why is that?.. Because NO OTHER CITIES BID! - 2nd most Detroit (7), 3rd most Philadelphia (4) & Chicago (4) lost, lost, lost! It be nice if we could actually
  6. And Yes I agree, I mistated with "Coaches" when I totally meant "Owners" however I have read on numerous occasions that Gillette was going to be considered and that was part of the consideration on it's building plans, I never said they were ever close to winning one or to a vote but they were of consideration. Ouch you didn't shake my hand back!!!... JK
  7. Your Figures and Link are from 2010-2011 numbers and Gillette is ranked 5th not 3rd on your very own sheet!... My Figures and Link are from 2012-2013 and have Gillette at 2nd oh and with a much high margin I will AGREE again, and move on if you will... We are both here for the same reason and this silliness is not it.... right? <Shakes Hand>
  8. Boston's Building Boom Defies Weak Economy 22 Developments Broke Ground, Investing $1.6 Billion in Boston, and Creating 2,450 New Construction Jobs Mayor Thomas M. Menino today recognized the 22 developments that broke ground in 2012, a total investment of $1.6 billion, which put 2,450 construction workers back on the job and will create 2,010 units of housing. “Cranes crowd the city skyline because investors are bullish on Boston,” Mayor Menino said. “Thanks to a growing innovation economy, a young and energized population, and an educated workforce - Boston is booming.” In 2012 projects
  9. The city has paperwork, not an issue getting it filled out and APPROVED... oh really? where is your authentication to your figures? Since Gillette is ranked #2 :-) http://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/metlife-gearing-role-host-2014-super-bowl/238861/
  10. Yes the communites are.. This Boston bid is not a NEW CONCEPT.. it has been explored many times before and the Communities have talked about it many times including when we have help Olympic Trials and other Championship events.. oh and they all supported the gay games bid including the city of boston, the governor, mayor, all the major sporting leagues, all the major colleges, and hotels all of which were willing and able to provide funding, fundraising and facilities but according to everyone that doesn't matter :-) All of the Waterfront is developed but not the other side next to and
  11. ummm everything on the link you just sent I wrote :-) and how exactly would that figure affect the games? LOL
  12. Back bay is a great idea. South Station and North Station currently have 2 VERY large high rise buildings being built so it's definitely a concept the redevelopment would be familiar with and in favor of.. However I really dont think living quarters are even a remote hinderance on Boston. Olympic Stadium & Public Transport are #1... and I think prime prime location is Southie & Fan Pier area which already looks sooo amazing.. I owned a condo in the Fort Point Channel and know there are some great HUGE lots still available like the proposed lot where they were going to expand the C
  13. I also grew up in Pioneer Valley/Franklin County where I was an athlete. I went to school and worked for a major advertising agency in Boston, was on the board of directors for Harbor to the Bay and Bostons bid for The Gay Games. I currently live on the Cape where I am in training. as I stated all three locations have house and sentate members who wrote & co-signed for the exploritory committee bill... and I did state that the general public is not who I was referring to. And Boston is already capable for a longtime now to host 45,000 rooms and like someone else refereed without Bost
  14. You clearly don't know that much about Super Bowl Selection... And for your information since it's decided by the coaches of the NFL - ALL teams that have the capacity or money to build a stadium make the list :-) and since Gillette Stadium has the 2nd HIGHEST in Stadium Naming-Rights Deals delivering the most brand exposure on Broadcast TV that kinda puts them at the top of the list... They had even planned on roofing the stadium - the new stadium has sold out every game since opening. And for your semantics and changing context.. Gillette Stadium holds more then 6 Super Bowls a Year :-
  15. ok READY!? I HAVE CLEARLY shown FACTS & FIGURES that BOSTON - HAS, CAN and WILL have the CAPACITY to PROVIDE 45,000 HOTEL ROOMS as REQUIRED by the IOC and can ACCOMMODATE and HAS ACCOMMODATED MORE THEN THAT!... The Gay Games topic was in regards to ATHLETES, CULTURAL MEMBERS THE BID PROCESS, OBJECTIVE, FUNDING, HOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, REQUIREMENTS... I have done that More times then I can count!!! I have even apologized when every argument he turned personal. I have moved on and have been positive... All of my posts last night were direct and unbiased - Pure figures
  16. Again you are making the the conversation to be what you think it should be about... I was not trying to address ticket sales.. Why would I, even if I had no olympic knowledge a layman would know that ticket sales for the Olympics would be astronomical.. And PEOPLE weren't frustrated, you were... I continued to have constructive conversations with others and you would then join that conversation and change the context of those as well.. And I will no longer address this topic, I have apologized, stated my enthusiasm took the best of me especially when it comes to writing online things
  17. And I have acknowledged this, I took a break, I moved on and I came back with a new outlook and openness and eager to invest in learning from all sides.. Quaker needs to get off his pedistal and move on as well.. Personal attacks are uncalled for and I have STATED myself that I know Boston has many battles to fight and many negatives but I also know that every issue that is against us can be fixed and changed, the only obstacle that can't be hurdled is the negative attacks that are personal and not based on the subject. Just like an election it doesnt matter how much proof you have or ho
  18. And FYI - "OUT OF CONTEXT" your new handle... I did not COMPARE them.. I Stated Facts.. and that was on the number of athletes. The Bid Process is just as stringent, the amount of money it takes is huge and takes the same techniques to achieve. And there are MORE Athletes, MORE Cultural attendees and More Sporting Events then the Olympic games. Which directly answers any question of # of Hotel Rooms required or the ability to showcase each sport. Just because its more expensive, more days, more media etc. Does not discredit what I was trying to point out. PEOPLE, PROCESS, OBJECTIVE, HO
  19. Oh here we go again... MOVE ON!... Your personal attacks are ridiculous and juvenile and have no place here. I have a VAST amount of knowledge on this subject and this city and just because I may have been to passionate about something or posted something that you have personal issue with but that does not discredit ME, or my information. As you can see I have pulled my own reigns and took some time off from this forum and came back on a new level. Nobody here needs you to keep them in check
  20. I would like to thank those who have been contributory figures with some significant issues that need to be studied and addressed, I have personally found them very helpful and regardless if you think Boston is a Viable candiate or not I think that positive communication is vital for any cities bid process, we can all learn from each others bid process and help others as well.. A US Olympic Bid Win is a Win for the entire Country.
  21. I don't think anyone should temper anyones enthusiasm nor do I think anyone has the right or responsibility to do so LOL.. and Being a member of ALL of these communities I do if fact know that these areas are "Ready, Willing & Pumped!" in the exploratory process of a Boston Bid. ALL of these locations have BIG ties with not only Current Local Olympic Heroes but are also Locations where Sports were Created and are cultivated to this very day. But since you are not in the everyday I don't know how you can say what their feelings are, I made it clear that I was commenting on personal knowl
  22. How are the people who started the Thread "New"? LOL.. just because we are new to your forum does not makes us new on this subject.. but as I have learned from earlier game play conversations, anytime you post a rebuttal or facts to support your topic or argument the "Alumni" like to attack, and twist everything to fit their AGENDA, which is to dismiss anything you post... So as I commented in the beginning I am no longer engaging in conversation with those members, and will continue to communicate with those who have a clear vision and conversations that enlighten both sides positive and
  23. Fan Pier Boston: http://www.fanpierboston.com/#/fanPier/theVision/masterPlan/ http://www.fanpierboston.com/pdf/area_map.pdf Pier 4 Boston: http://pier4boston.com/project_overview.html
  24. MCAA Annual Report (2010): http://www.massconvention.com/download/annual_reports/MCCA%20Annual%20Report_0606.pdf MCAA: HISTORY, CULTURE, CUISINE, AND ENTERTAINMENT... BOSTON HAS IT ALL. http://www.massconvention.com/visiting.html
  25. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/breaking/chi-usoc-sounding-out-25-cities-on-2024-summer-games-bid-20130219,0,2561812.story
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