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  1. Not denying those statistics in the least but I do know for a fact that less than 20 people took that Globe Online Poll... I followed it when it came out and saved the results on questionpro but I am unfortunately having problems with my account... I have the results for all the online polls that every media outlet took... Also that 75% comment comes from the inside, I know for a fact that things are being kept hush hush by the request of the IOC to each of the cities. There is much more going on behind the scenes then any of us know about and soon bits and bits will be revealed. Two Recent Articles Boston Business Journal: "New Allston station could play key role if Boston hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass_roundup/2014/10/new-allston-station-could-play-key-role-if-boston.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+industry_11+(Industry+Sports)" Boston Magazine: "Mayor Walsh and Governor Patrick Expected to Attend Event Pushing for Olympics to Come to Boston It’s a show of good sportsmanship." http://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/blog/2014/10/01/2024-olympics-boston-mayor-walsh/ Two Recent Articles Boston Business Journal: "New Allston station could play key role if Boston hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics http://www.bizjourna...ndustry Sports)" Boston Magazine: "Mayor Walsh and Governor Patrick Expected to Attend Event Pushing for Olympics to Come to Boston It’s a show of good sportsmanship." http://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/blog/2014/10/01/2024-olympics-boston-mayor-walsh/
  2. Walkscore and all of the News Articles about this topic also list The Future’s Most Walkable Cities: 1. Boston 2. Washington, D.C. 3. New York City 4. Miami 5. Atlanta 6. Seattle 7. San Francisco 8. Detroit 9. Denver 10. Tampa 11. Los Angeles 12. Phoenix 13. Houston 14. Portland 15. Chicago Least Walkable: San Diego, Kansas City, San Antonio And when broken down even more by city Cambridge is #1 and Boston is in the top 5. Percentage of Commuters who actually walk to work: Cambridge - 25% Boston - 15.5% DC - 11.9% San Francisco - 9% Los Angeles - 3.6% Boston came in at No. 3 now, but is set to be king among walkable towns in the future. Boston itself is walkable, but so is its chief suburban next door neighbor, Cambridge. But even Harvard's hometown has become so pricey that its driving people out to the next walkable suburb. "Somerville is really lined up to just explode and take the overflow of Cambridge," Leinberger said. He pointed to the Assembly Row project, which will add more apartments, shopping, restaurants and a new stop on the Orange Line of the T that is planned to open in the fall of 2014. Awesome PDF "Foot Traffic Ahead: Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros" - http://www.smartgrowthamerica.org/documents/foot-traffic-ahead.pdf
  3. NECN interview with Dan O'Connell, President of Boston 2024, to share some of the plans, hurdles, and potential long lasting benefits. "Benefits of 2024 Olympics in Boston" "The City of Boston will be utilized as the Olympic Park, (the Greenway, Common, Public Gardens, Emerald Necklace, Franklin Park, University owned properties, Underutilized Public Land) 27 of the 32 venues will be located within 10km of each other walkable, never done in any city and can't be accomplished in DC or LA" http://www.necn.com/news/politics/Benefits-of-2024-Olympics-in-Boston-277364281.html
  4. "Atlanta enjoys one of the strongest Olympic legacies of modern times, despite a chaotic Games which suffered from transport problems, criticism for commercialisation and a fatal pipe bomb. Heavy sponsorship of Atlanta’s 1996 Games meant the city made a profit and was left without large debts and incurred $5 Billion in economic impact. The two main stadia constructed for the event transitioned well, having been designed with after-use in mind, and are now home to the city’s baseball and football teams. Atlanta’s inner-city benefitted most from the legacy. The Centennial Olympic Park was the centerpiece of the downtown revitalisation, attracting a number of high rises and museums along its periphery. At the time of construction, the Park was the largest urban green space to be created in the U.S. in 25 years, and today attracts millions of visitors annually. 20 percent of the tax generated from the Games was channeled into regeneration of the city’s poorer areas.
  5. Again... Profitable that is what the IOC cares about. Atlanta was a Profitable Games and did so on only a $1.5 Billion budget
  6. I am guessing the last thing they regret is a Profitable Olympic Games, Something all of the US Games have been ;-)
  7. HAHA Don't tell me to back off... He attacks me on a daily basis about things I have a great deal of knowledge about and he just did it to Woohoo. A track is not and never has been two semi-circles, it is One continuous oval with a straightaway layered on top. He pointed out no fact, the straightaway is optional and only required from one side, something I know since I professional train on one everyday. If you were smart enough you could really just look up the definition or the dimensions or look in the Olympic Facilities Manual or IAAF Facilities Manual, oh wait those are mine. No actually that would make me Accurate since Athensfan said it was not an oval and was not called an oval. Which it is... there is no Olympic Track statement that will tell you it's a none continuous oval or that it has "two semi-circles with two straight aways" like athens stated he is 110% incorrect And of course I know what wheelhouse means and since I am a Professional Track & Field Athlete my statement was Correct ;-)
  8. HAHAHA Did you really just say that? You just lost quite a bit of credibility and REALLY fell into my wheel house... the literal definition and name for any and ALL Olympic track & fields has the word OVAL in it. IAAF TRACK AND FIELD OLYMPIC FACILITIES MANUAL: a 400m Standard Oval Track as described under Chapter has 8 oval and 8 straight lanes (minimum 4-6, maximum 9)
  9. LOL that's how you get credits for big projects at school a lot more fun when you are planning for something that may actually be built! Thats how that first Boston Logo was designed dont you know LOL
  10. Obviously but He said Boston had never won most innovative so I was making it clear that they had... and it does have to do with building a stadium that could fit in a location and be reduced in size for after that is in itself innovation. And nothing has been left with holes.. he takes a statement and says oh that was 17 years ago... NO ****! I was stating that if we had more than double the attendance in 1997 we could build it back to that number now that soccer is even more popular especially with a more local stadium. I wasnt saying oh we were #1 before so we should be now just that we havent always been so low
  11. god you are ridiculous stop tearing everything apart seriously... I was simply stating that there is certainly room for GROWTH! Especially since this is the most viewed World Cup of all time... I'm just going to respond to posts like I did about the stadium and not respond to you breaking down each syllable because it's stupid and call me some more names call me a child and yet I have never come at you or miss quoted you
  12. The company is called 2thinknow... the statistics are used my all city governments in the world that are researched and by global media like Forbes, Business World, Fast Company, Reuters, The Boston Globe, NY Times, Huff Post, Entrepreneur etc. etc. etc. And they use over 162 different city indicators like GDP and every other possible city performance from Architecture to Arts to Business to Advertising Etc.... And I did not mean the would be working on the Olympic Plan I meant they have some pretty amazing ideas and designs that could be used to help do something that has yet to be done. I was just telling people to check out the stadium because its cool! And we really cant say that Mr. Kraft wont pay for it outright at least the portion that would be his in the end. The companies taking over the London Stadium are paying for 60+ percent of the retrofitting currently
  13. I think tickets after this world cup will really pick up?... in 1997 New England Rev had the #1 MLS Attendance with 22,000... but it would still be more conducive in the city. There are definitely no plans to move the Patriots here. We also have to remember that a couple of these places are sites being considered for the Casinos no?
  14. Obviously it's not an Olympic Stadium but if you haven't seen it the New Atlanta Falcons Stadium that broke ground last month is pretty awesome... 71,000 Capacity Football field that has a pretty amazing roof that opens and closes like the aperture of a camera and it converts into a NCAA Basketball court with moveable seats. Same Architect as the Mets Stadium http://newstadium.atlantafalcons.com/design-evolution/
  15. Be sure to let the people who name the most innovative cities in the world that :-) it's been #1 (2009-2013) , #2 (2007-2008, 2014) and it's always in the top 10... The students at our schools would do it for free if the rest of the committee would finally let people in the loop to help like they promised with the Logo design and then decided to great another BS one
  16. I bet if there were no safety concerns they could just design two stadiums one large and one small but make interchangeable parts so when you take most of the large one down you could use the same materials to build the smaller one in the same location... that would be pretty amazing
  17. Someone should be saying that to you as well since YOU are and always have been the only ones in here to dissect my posts into whatever the hell you want it to sound like. And yet you accuse me of doing it to you when I havent misquoted any of you. The only response you ever have to me is by misquoting me you never come up with facts to go against my point. Have a great day...
  18. Keep dissecting my posts into your own meanings. I like how you have no clue who I am but you keep making statements about my knowledge or what I do. The plans for London were not released until March of last year and they are under way and paid for. And I haven't commented on the people talking about different areas because they're being PROACTIVE! Which is what I was saying, instead of saying NO say well maybe if we did this or if you tried this. I wasnt saying just be positive at all and I never said we were the best City or the best possible host. by far I think Paris should win.. . I have also said a million times that we should be the first US city to bid for a YOUTH Olympics... I'll go back to my actual work on this instead of a thread that has no affect on any of this process its a pure waste of time but when you get ignorant emails it's hard to not respond ;-)
  19. It's not my time or effort? hummm I wasn't minimizing anything I was stating that its FAR from Impossible and anything in this city is possible we have the most innovative minds in the world... Instead of saying its not possible when you have no clue why not say think of ways that it could be... and if you don't want a Boston olympics why post in here at all? Did you miss the fact that there are separate paragraphs? There is NOTHING Boston specific about saying part of bidding is putting away money for retrofitting if that is the legacy plan.. WE ARENT BIDDING YET, NO ONE IS! lol ...
  20. LOL I never said anything about Boston I love how you always change peoples statements... I said ALL OLYMPICS... if there is retrofit planned during the bid and building of new stadiums than money is put aside before hand assuming they keep ownership.. London has not happened yet because more than 30 other companies were bidding to take over the stadium, which has now been settled. And London was truly the first Stadium that really really even considered doing that so how do you know how hard it is really? They had it all worked out until others wanted to take it over.. Not to mentian Londons Plan was ONLY made public in March 2013 ;-)
  21. I feel like everyone’s just trying to be negative for no reason... I can name 30 stadiums around the world large and small that accomplish all these concerns...We also have colleges that have this technology and if a college can have a football stadium with its entire field that rolls outside so the grass can grow in the sun and not get ruined inside then they can do something as little as move seats! Which they also do in that stadium... There are stadiums that can be ovals and then move into a circle lol.. Like the Saitama Super Arena: https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/e/facility.html Sydney’s ANZ Stadium was “designed with the digital revolution in mind. The stadium was FUTURE proofed with the necessary infrastructure and cabling so it could respond to ongoing future advances in technology. The moveable seating tiers were a FURTHER innovation to allow for maximum flexibility. The stadium can be easily transformed from athletics to rugby, cricket, soccer and AFL, as well as used for concerts and trade shows.” This is BOSTON the most INNOVATIVE city in the world, this is literally the smallest of our worries, just ask any MIT student (even though this is old technology) and you will have a way to do it. The main issue is getting the rest of Boston to be open minded and go as far as we can without losing our shirts there is no reason to not at least TRY... we already know its not going to cost millions to bid You also forget that part of the bid is putting away money for all these retrofits afterwards like London has, they made money and have steadily been re-outfitting each arena for public use the way they planned from the beginning obviously it costs money that’s why you figure that out BEFORE the Olympics and put the money away before hand.
  22. Olympic Agenda 2020 - Working Groups http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Agenda2020/OlympicAgenda2020-Working_Groups_Members.pdf Bidding Procedure* (Notice #1 ;-) ) Sustainability and Legacy Differentiation of the Olympic Games Procedure for the Composition of the Olympic Programme Olympic Games Management Protecting Clean Athletes Olympic TV Channel Olympism in Action Including Youth Strategy Youth Olympic Games Culture Policy Good Governance and Autonomy Ethics Strategic Review of Sponsorship, Licensing and Merchandising IOC Membership
  23. Except for the fact that they have never put together 14 Working Groups with venue experts etc. to change and work on all of these factors which started to work this month, which will be presented to the executive board in July then worked on till it's announced to the rest of the board in December...
  24. NO you can't downsize or upsize all you want LOL THAT WAS THE POINT OF MY POST! ... people in this room can't read Lets move on you will all see the big changes coming which is why Boston or DC were even considered ;-)
  25. Not what I said at all... I said FUTURE bids...
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