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  1. Fun Fact: There are more than twice as many parking spaces in Gillette Stadium’s parking lots as there are parking meters in all of Boston. Also Kraft and the MBTA signed a deal last week to start daily commuter rail service and a new train station called "Foxborough - Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium" starting in December 2016
  2. Just a few: :-) Facebook DropBox Carbonite Zipcar TripAdvisor iRobot Runkeeper LogMeIn Dribbble Wordstream Constant Contact Actifico Leaf Hubspot WayFair Akamai Bizo Basho Rethink Robotics MassChallenge Lumenpulse TechStars Locu Newsle HowAboutWe TaskRabbit Acacia Communications XL Hybrids Harvest Power Spindle Plastiq Recorded Future Formlabs Bow & Drape Ubersense Yesware CustomMade Fetchnotes Kibits Ministry of Supply Flashnotes Kinvey Boundless Philo (formerly Tivli) Ginger.io Ovuline Careport Health Gazelle
  3. I don't totally disagree on that... just commenting on the fact Innovation is one of Boston's main objectives everyday not just for the Olympics and giving sourced information for the people who say Boston is not one of the top cities in Innovation. We have top Innovators in all categories.
  4. Just for fun I looked back and I mentioned Boston being #1 in Innovation back in January, February 2013 & January, June of 2014. of course there was back and fourth arguments but actually a couple of you stood up for me when others said Boston had never ranked as a top Innovative City ;-) Boston has been ranked #1 (2009-2013) , #2 (2007-2008), #4 (2014) and has always in the top 10. By 2ThinkNow which is the Global Innovation Agency is the most comprehensive city ranking and scoring in this field. The yearly ranking index is scored for innovation on 3 factors: Cultural Assets: Measurable sources of ideas (e.g. designers, art galleries, sports, museums, dance, nature, etc) Human Infrastructure: Soft and hard infrastructure to implement innovation (transport, universities, business, venture capital, office space, government, technology, etc.) Networked Markets: Basic conditions and connections for innovation (location, military, economies of related entities etc) Based on those scores the cities are graded into award categories: NEXUS: Critical nexus for multiple economic and social innovation segments HUB: Dominance or influence on key economic and social innovation segments , based on global trends NODE: Broad performance across many innovation segments, with key imbalances INFLUENCER: Competitive in some segments, potential or imbalanced UPSTART: Potential steps towards relative future performance in a few innovation segments. http://www.innovation-cities.com/
  5. It's funny I have posted on here about Boston being one of the top Innovative cities 100 times... There is even the Boston Innovation District which is where the 2024 Offices are located and the new District Hall for Innovation. Most of their promotional materials to date have been produced by people for school, projects or for fun and they have had a message that worked for the group so it was used.. They have not put much $$$ behind any design, imagery or videography.
  6. It's a stylized victory laurel from the marathon and is supposed to evoke Boston's background in Innovation...
  7. Thats funny because I have never been against someone who doesnt want Boston I've only said 1,000 times which you choose to ignore that I think Boston should be the first US City to bid for the Youth Olympics.. And the IOC and USOC take action against Copyright infringement on a DAILY basis... I don't care what city it is The Olympic name is not something that should be associated with a negative action against a city or group and they're profiting from it taking donations and selling products, they also post complete lies and no facts if they had facts they would have more support and respect. The rest I will continue to ignore, I dont care how much each of you attack me I know my worth is outside of this thread I enjoy watching people with no knowledge argue about things that have nothing to do with our bid or the games. I concur however I have never been arrogant. I am constantly attacked just to be attacked they never actually respond on the facts or things i post because they know it's the truth, they always instantly go after me, or grammar, or spelling or say it's the wrong thread when this is the only thread that we had all the conversations on, etc. etc. etc. There are 40 parts of Agenda 2020 and it determines if pretty much any city will bid further. Clearly no one follows any part of this or how all the 2022 cities said if the Agenda had passed sooner they would have never dropped out...
  8. I wasn't debating anything I was just pointing out that I was surprised that no one had commented on it when we have debated on it a lot and because it's a bigger topic of concern than old news Mr. Kraft. That is all. Then per usual I was attacked for no reason
  9. I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on the fact that the "No Boston Olympics" group has some MAJOR copyright infringements on all of their sites, interviews and the fact they're profiting from both written intellectual property but also visual logos etc. Do you think action should be taken against them? I am pretty amazed that they sent physical letters to both the IOC and USOC with those blaring infringements.
  10. As expected typical forum games. Agenda 2020 was one of the number one debates and arguments in this Specific room and this happens everytime you guys gang up and attack me when I post supporting facts and news you don't respond and make up some crazy response like its in another thread. Agenda 2020 is specific to EVERY future bid or the Olympics future so it's just as relevant here than anywhere else and more so because the Agenda will determine if the USA even bids. And this is the exact reason I sit and laugh at every post and only post when there is actual relevant information. This is such petty crap LOL are you guys incapable of just staying on topic?.
  11. Humm that's funny last I checked if someone posts something in a specific room/thread you respond in that specific location, it's not in my interest to read the same contradictive statements in multiple locations. It's been a number #1 topic of convo and debate in this specific room so either folks don't want to admit the changes are going to happen, that I was right on this specific topic or they're just playing the typical forum games. And as I have stated previously this is the number #1 most popular viewed and responded to thread regarding future bids other than Toronto which is irrelevant and started 2+ years before Boston...
  12. Really no comments on the newly announced Agenda 2020 recommendations!? That's what every bid in the future is going to be determined by LOL. I almost posted Bob Kraft on here like all my personal sites but it's been the plan since day one so figured it was old news in comparison to the more important Agenda. P.S. go New englad Revolution. 2nd in the league in the MLS Playoff semi-finals and achieved the 3rd highest MLS attendance record 2 weeks ago. (in fact their last 5 home games have been over 20k; their avg is 14k)
  13. Hot off the Press: "It’s time to change the future of The Olympic Games!" Here are the IOC's just released recommendations which will make the Games a total new experience from bidding all the way through hosting legacies! "Olympic Agenda 2020: the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement unveiled" http://www.olympic.org/fr/news/agenda-olympique-2020-la-feuille-de-route-strategique-pour-l-avenir-du-mouvement-olympique-devoilee/241063
  14. Why Boston switched to a Temporary Stadium: http://m.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass_roundup/2014/10/heres-why-local-olympics-organizers-switched-to-a.html?r=full It also says the IOC has agreed to lower the requirements from 80k to 60k stadiums but we all know they already require only 60k so I wonder if they meant to write the USOC
  15. Also I've said it before but this is not the same as past bids. The USOC has people working with each city everyday. They don't want 1 great bid and 3 duds they want the 4 best possible applicants they have had. Boston is a very smart city with a very smart committee they're not sitting there risking a dud bid with a 60,000 seat stadium unless they were already given approval on this. The other cities have 80k because they're using existing stadiums or are building one for someone other than just the Olympics. Chicago was the front runner and destroyed their bid by giving the IOC an ultimatum that if they had to pay for overruns that they would only pay up to 750m and anything more was on the iOC. That is not something that Is ever going to happen here again all of the bids will be carefully put together with all parties working together NOC + USOC + IOC with or without the very popular 2020 Agenda going through or not.
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