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  1. Hunker down w/ your friends & family tonight #Boston! Governor: non-esential travel on roads should cease at 4pm. MBTA service ends at 3:30.

  2. Having Olympic withdrawals? Opening Ceremonies for Sochi 2014 Winter Games 1 Year from TODAY! #sochi2014 #1yeartogo

  3. Will Boston be hit by the first significant Nor'easter in 2 years or is it just hype? Guess we'll have to wait and see! #Boston #Blizzard

  4. http://www.malegislature.gov/people/profile/emd0 You'll see it's been posted to as docket no SD289 sponsored by Senator Eileen Donoghue
  5. Boston ranks 4th Best City to live in America according to Businessweek magazine! http://images.businessweek.com/slideshows/2012-09-26/americas-50-best-cities.html#slide48 Want to support a Summer Olympic Bid effort for Boston in 2024? Follow our team's website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! http://www.boston-2024.org http://www.facebook.com/boston2024 ' class="bbc_url">@boston_2024 -Boston Olympic Exploratory Committee @@Boston_2024
  6. #Boston is ranked 4th best city to live in Bloomberg Businessweek's 50 Best American Cities. Way to go bean-town!

  7. “@ShawnJohnson: 49ers vs. Falcons?!?!” Shawn you just realize they were playing :) We're hoping for Patriots vs. 49ers

  8. Filed! SD289. @Boston_2024 has drafted and filed bill with Sen. Eileen Donoghue to establish a commission to study a Summer Olympics! #2024

  9. If you take the Red Line to Harvard Station, it's just a 0.4mi walk across the bridge to that area. Also, there's been talk of extending a Green Line service to Allston. Governor Deval Patrick's State of the State Address focused hugely on raising our taxes by 1% to "give our citizens a 21st Century transportation network. Just imagine it", he said. With 52 institutions of higher education in just the Boston area, there's no doubt that new facilities would be underutilized in a post Games Boston. The college's and universities would devour a new aquatic center or proper tennis facilities, if
  10. I read about this in December... I believe this Harvard plan was released in Oct/Nov 2012. It almost looks like that bend in the Charles could still be a central hub of Olympic activity. Back in 94, Harvard was fully backing the bid for an 08 Games and had offered this huge chunk of land, now part of the extension plan, for build out of the Olympic Park. This is a 10yr plan for Harvard and it's only the early planning stages so it will be interesting to see if an official bid effort could sway or be adopted by their master plan.
  11. I wouldn't even consider this half baked bread as far as a full plan would go. Just outlines some of the claimable land in the metro boston area. The pink box on the left is Fenway park which I'd love to see turn into the beach volleyball court, and the pink box to the right is TD Garden which could either host gymnastics or basketball. The yellow box is our new convention center, the BCEC which is an ideal location for either the international broadcast center, or all of the indoor sports like judo, wrestling, table tennis, etc. A huge plus for Boston is how close and central to downtown Loga
  12. Actually, the plan back in 1994 was to utilize much of the Harvard Athletic Facilities and land along Soldiers Field road. You can see the swatch of green on the left hand side of the map. On the right hand side, just 1.5 miles from Logan Airport, there could be a second cluster where the wonderland racetrack formerly was. That's another location Bob Craft, ower of the Patriots has been scoping out to build a new Revolution Soccer stadium. This is all just speculative...but it gives you a good idea how compact the city is.
  13. Monday 60 degree's, Wednesday morning 30 and snowing...nice to finally see a little snow this winter!

  14. TeamRik may very well end up helping out the team. I'd rather him be the attack dog while I don't say anything too heated : ) He knows his stuff and I'd rather not waste my time listing out venues, accommodations, and everything else that will end up being researched by professional consulting firms. My role is the creative and social media chair...I'm leaving the other juicy stuff for the professionals.
  15. Speaking as an individual, the creative work is my favorite part. Please no commentary on my profile logo...it represents a clipper ship AND torch which is against the rules for a bid logo as it cannot incorporate the flame nor rings.
  16. I was just told by the legislative director that once the bill is filed, it's public so here it is: SENATE DOCKET, NO. SD289 FILED ON: 01/10/2013 SENATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. No. SD289 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts _______________ PRESENTED BY: Eileen M. Donoghue CO-SPONSOR: Representative Sarah Peake _______________ To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled: The undersigned legislators and/or citizens respectfully peti
  17. It's not yet posted publicly but its Bill #SD289, presented by Senator Eileen M. Donoghue and co-sponsored by Representative Sarah Peake, both chairwomen of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development. Their deadline is Friday, January 18th, 2013 to file the bill and until February 1st to add co-sponsors to the bill. It probably won't be posted on http://www.malegislature.gov until after February 1st. I know everyone is eager to see press releases and concrete information to make this more official but until then, you'll all have to keep tight. Love the enthusiasm! I can al
  18. No city in the U.S. has a plan together in January 2013... nor should they this early in the game. The City of Boston has until 2015 to work on a study and it's bidding materials so if you all want to fight about this being real or not for two years on a blog, this will be quite entertaining. The State House filed a bill on Friday, the Mayor isn't on board until he see's some concrete studies done, and yes the studies will be done. There's nothing else to report other than the State House is actively trying to move legislation along (which is a slow process) and an outside committee of 15 peop
  19. “@Sochi2014: Olympic #torch #sochi2014! http://t.co/DQsaXo3q” Sochi unveils futuristic Olympic Torch for 2014!

  20. The commission set up by the MA State House, should they approve the bill to establish a commission, will study all of the positives and negatives surrounding a Boston & New England Regional Bid. Boston's scale and natural beauty would play well to hosting an event of this magnitude. The city encompasses the history of a nation. It has been an intellectual beacon to the world, and represents must of the best of what America has stood for and accomplished. What could be more appropriate than to have the best athletes of the world compete on such a place. Boston has a long tradition of host
  21. Boston, Massachusetts is taking the first big steps towards looking into the feasibility of a Summer Games bid for the earliest year 2024. On Thursday, January 10, 2013, the MA State Senate file a Resolve to establish a commission to study the feasibility of hosting the Summer Olympics. The study shall include but not be limited to, the prospects of working with other New England states and should seek input from local government and organizations, especially in our larger cities and other organizations and agencies. The commission shall review all aspects of a prospective Summer Olympics in
  22. Playoff game day—@Patriots vs. Houston. Let's Go New England! #PatriotsNation

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