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  1. "I have never been more confident about Boston" It's a city on the rise...the pace of our progress sets us apart! @mayortommenino #bospoli

  2. Tomorrow on Urban Update, Host Byron Barnett will talk about the possibility of the Summer 2024 Olympic Games being held in Boston. Tune in!

  3. Three local teens climb fencing's ladder with Olympics in mind @BostonGlobe Congrats Eli, Andrew, and Alex!http://t.co/o7err3T1Dh

  4. Banners are up, spring is near and just 30 days until the 2013 Boston Marathon! @bostonmarathon @jhboston26 http://t.co/8u9kLn5rt5

  5. Our Mayor hasn't said no. He's a very intelligent guy and won't say a thing until he has all the information he needs. The city council has introduced a hearing to discuss and this whole city is talking. It's far from a no but cautiously moving forward towards doing a study.
  6. Boston is also a beautiful, walkable, international iconic city. Over 336,403 students live in greater Boston between 52 institutions of higher education. Boston and San Francisco both have perks and they're both worthy of having an Olympics. Boston has better sports teams although San Fran has been catching up to us lately! : )
  7. Since when has San Francisco even been a contender? Only Los Angeles has thrown their hat in the ring...and well lets face it, all of California is so completely in debt anyways. I'd rather see the Games in Los Angeles again than in San Francisco.
  8. Yesterday, a foot of snow. Today, sunshine, warmth and hundreds of runners on the Charles River! Nothing like March in Boston

  9. Be careful out there driving this morning. The snow is really coming down! #BoSnow #tgif

  10. LA has Tom Hanks and Magic Johnson touting the Olympics. We need Affleck, Wahlberg, and @mariamenounos! Where's our beantown pride!

  11. Once any city informs their mayor what the price tag is—it leaves them in a very difficult position to say YES. Especially when your public transportation system is so desperately needing life support to keep thousands of people getting to where they need to be safely on time. It's so easy to say NO and walk away from something but Mayor Menino hasn't flat out said no. He also hasn't said yes. The Boston 2024 effort is still needing to do their research and even figure out what exactly the price of a games would be and if we have the infrastructure to host it. Let them do the ground work and
  12. Rik Larsen live on #WBUR live stream talking about how feasible a Boston bid could be. http://t.co/rVy9QOaHOg

  13. #FORTYDAYS until the @bostonmarathon! Whether you're running, cheering, or volunteering, set your watches and let the countdown begin!

  14. Boston2024 wants to stress that we have yet to receive the Mayor's endorsement but hope to.

  15. Boston hopes to bring the torch here in the Summer of 2024! Boston Globe front page—let the games begin. #BostonBid http://t.co/Bdv37hHUGW

  16. It's a year away but exciting we play host to the 2014 Figure Skating Championships!! Exciting things are happening #Boston! @BOS2014

  17. What about the @HOCR in Boston Meghan? Oh, the Places You'll Row...in 2024? http://t.co/5sLqQyiFrx @MeghanOLeary1 http://t.co/Hif9mnf4n4

  18. Boston's transit system is the oldest and 4th largest in the nation but it's deserving of a 21st Century makeover! http://t.co/paZTXqFIZe

  19. U.S. Cities React To 2024 Olympic Bid Invitation With Mixed Emotions #bostonbid2024 #bostoncallback http://t.co/xjv2Ip3fAy

  20. Great article in this mornings Boston Globe: "Boston's Olympic Challenge" http://bostonglobe.com/opinion/2013/02/21/olympic-committee-courts-smaller-cities/A95fknKYVufUKASsWDuuLK/story.html
  21. Join the #TODAYshow Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie will be filming live from Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Friday Feb 15th 6:30-9am!

  22. “@BostonInsider: New Winter Olympic Sport right in downtown Boston! http://t.co/Y32uFPps”

  23. It's New England- We live for this stuff! #blizzard #SouthBoston #BoSnow http://t.co/jgSj84bo

    1. BABYLON


      There are cross-country skiers in Cambridge! Never seen this before!

  24. Beautiful view of Boston College covered in snow tonight (pic @heightsphoto) http://t.co/m5O44eNG

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