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  1. It's New England- We live for this stuff! #blizzard #SouthBoston #BoSnow http://t.co/jgSj84bo

    1. BABYLON


      There are cross-country skiers in Cambridge! Never seen this before!

  2. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Sox are back—Congratulations #Boston @RedSox! #SoxTober http://t.co/wdTL9D55r9

    1. MrCatra


      Congrats Boston2024. I support the red sox too.

  3. POLL—Do you support Boston's potential bid for the 2024 Summer Games? http://t.co/yO1h3210bS

  4. The London 2012 Olympics were a catalyst for development and infrastructure improvements city-wide https://t.co/GbfineigqP #BOSTON2024

    1. Rob.


      Don't doubt they're overall a benifit, but some "interesting" inclusions in that report that aren't really Olympic spin-offs

  5. Monday 60 degree's, Wednesday morning 30 and snowing...nice to finally see a little snow this winter!

  6. Filed! SD289. @Boston_2024 has drafted and filed bill with Sen. Eileen Donoghue to establish a commission to study a Summer Olympics! #2024

  7. “@Sochi2014: Olympic #torch #sochi2014! http://t.co/DQsaXo3q” Sochi unveils futuristic Olympic Torch for 2014!

  8. Playoff game day—@Patriots vs. Houston. Let's Go New England! #PatriotsNation

  9. “@ShawnJohnson: 49ers vs. Falcons?!?!” Shawn you just realize they were playing :) We're hoping for Patriots vs. 49ers

  10. #Boston is ranked 4th best city to live in Bloomberg Businessweek's 50 Best American Cities. Way to go bean-town!

  11. Will Boston be hit by the first significant Nor'easter in 2 years or is it just hype? Guess we'll have to wait and see! #Boston #Blizzard

  12. Having Olympic withdrawals? Opening Ceremonies for Sochi 2014 Winter Games 1 Year from TODAY! #sochi2014 #1yeartogo

  13. Hunker down w/ your friends & family tonight #Boston! Governor: non-esential travel on roads should cease at 4pm. MBTA service ends at 3:30.

  14. Beautiful view of Boston College covered in snow tonight (pic @heightsphoto) http://t.co/m5O44eNG

  15. “@BostonInsider: New Winter Olympic Sport right in downtown Boston! http://t.co/Y32uFPps”

  16. Join the #TODAYshow Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie will be filming live from Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Friday Feb 15th 6:30-9am!

  17. U.S. Cities React To 2024 Olympic Bid Invitation With Mixed Emotions #bostonbid2024 #bostoncallback http://t.co/xjv2Ip3fAy

  18. Boston's transit system is the oldest and 4th largest in the nation but it's deserving of a 21st Century makeover! http://t.co/paZTXqFIZe

  19. What about the @HOCR in Boston Meghan? Oh, the Places You'll Row...in 2024? http://t.co/5sLqQyiFrx @MeghanOLeary1 http://t.co/Hif9mnf4n4

  20. It's a year away but exciting we play host to the 2014 Figure Skating Championships!! Exciting things are happening #Boston! @BOS2014

  21. Boston hopes to bring the torch here in the Summer of 2024! Boston Globe front page—let the games begin. #BostonBid http://t.co/Bdv37hHUGW

  22. Boston2024 wants to stress that we have yet to receive the Mayor's endorsement but hope to.

  23. #FORTYDAYS until the @bostonmarathon! Whether you're running, cheering, or volunteering, set your watches and let the countdown begin!

  24. Rik Larsen live on #WBUR live stream talking about how feasible a Boston bid could be. http://t.co/rVy9QOaHOg

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