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  1. I think using the word "disaster" to describe the potential of Istanbul is a tad bit overdramatic
  2. Is Madrid being underestimated? Majority of ppl are writing them off instantly.
  3. Hi intoronto, You forgot to mention the waterfront based Olympics Toronto would propose, Olympic park constructed in the heart of downtown Toronto with great backdrop view of skyline infront of most of the Olympic venues. Makes for great tv shots. Timezone is optimal, great lasting legacy plan, government finances are there to spend on these games. The city will redevelop another wasteland area of the city.
  4. The gap between Summer hostings is more importance. And USA's 28 years
  5. With high profile cities bidding in 2024, I just can't see a city like Durban beating any of them out. It's a new frontier which carries a big amount of risk. They already took that risk with Rio. It should be atleast another decade before another new frontier like Africa is given a chance. Plus, there are much more pressing issues in Africa, an impoverished poor continent which has massive amounts of problems.
  6. London being the last. London is in a different league though. It's like a Top 2 World City.
  7. http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/50337268#50337268
  8. Good promo for Toronto on NBC's TODAY show this morning http://www.cntraveler.com/daily-traveler/2013/01/today-show-top-travel-destinations-2013-010113?MBID=twitter_
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