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  1. As for London 2012 cauldron, i think they will ultimately burn the hideous logo as the cauldron :Pand suddenly reveal the good one
  2. i chose Singapore, the obvious choice... i wonder why did KL bid for the Games actually seeing their evaluation so poor... suppose didn't have to bid, i sensed it all from the early days that they will not make it and i think they just wanted to collect some experience in answering the questionaire from ioc.... maybe want to bid later... i think... but KL just missed the short cut right? no 6.... heh.
  3. I think they will perform a storyline like the famous tales of Journey to The West, which i refer to this monkey's journey, Sun Wukong, and its colleagues, consists of a pig, and some others animals, to the West in search of a something i already forgot too... hehehe.. But this can be a good story too... this monkey is really interesting character or cast to watch. I watched a series about this story and it was hillarious.
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