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  1. No it's not. Only 14 words, and three of them are the criminal's name. More on the story: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/nov/26/rio-olympics-chief-sentenced-to-30-years-in-prison-for-buying-2016-votes
  2. Over 10,000 new cases per day at the moment, but deaths seem to be declining below 100 per day
  3. I suspect that there's probably a PhD in modern Japanese culture available for anybody who can explain what's going on here
  4. Continuing the utterly bananasness from the opening ceremony ... It's a Shinto thing, apparently
  5. Yes it does disturb the flow of the ceremonies- but they are ceremonies with an entertainment element, not entertainments with a ceremonial element
  6. Since 2012, the IOC have increasingly recognised that the Paralympics are an extension of the Olympiad
  7. I'm beginning to suspect that this ceremony is deliberately aimed at kids
  8. It would be interesting to know if those lo-fi models of Tokyo buildings were part of the original concept for the ceremony
  9. While the team flags keep arriving- I reckon 86 nations got at least 1 medal in these Games
  10. Audio describers point out that the layout of seats in the stadium almost looks like the Union Flag!
  11. The #wethe15 promotion from the opening ceremony was evidently (and justifiably) popular
  12. Sounds like you missed the flag-bearers. Flag now raised and national anthem sung.
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