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  1. Haha, same feeling here.. It takes forever to see some action in Brazil. Two more months...
  2. It would be a shame if they had to reconstruct the Maracana again after the world cup, so great to hear that thats not the plan. Only thing they need is a track and a place for the olympic campfire. And as we've seen in London, the olympic fire doesn't need a special structure for itself like in the olympic games before London, or like here in the olympic stadium Amsterdam.
  3. People from English speaking countries are a bit spoiled by the fact that they can speak their mother-language when abroad.. I live in Amsterdam and Brits and Americans sometimes ask me for directions in English, without asking if i speak English. They know i do.. I see it as a compliment. I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 medium.. How 'bout you mr. Brittain or mr. 'Merica? This was a minor mistake, whoever made it, and it's corrected now, so zip-it brittish media.. B.t.w. What's the next stadium to finish? Brasilia, Rio or Recife? It's a bit of a race isn't it? I really have no idea.. tell us please..
  4. Some dune area in Brazil? Copacabana?
  5. World Cup History: Maracanazo (1950) http://t.co/bNRf6KW7ZR

  6. If only Brazil was a bit closer, don't have time to fly out to Rio for the CC. But hopefully i will for the WC!
  7. Nice, bring a calculator to keep score Must be a culture shock for Tahiti to play in the immense MaracanĂ£. I've seen pictures of the "stadiums" they are used to play in.. Very, very big difference Do you also have tickets for Mexico - Italy or the final?
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  9. Wow, that's a nice infographic about the stadiums. I wouldn't have guessed the Mineirao to be the shortest in height. The vertical lines trick the eye into thinking it's tall, apparently. Brasilia is just majestic!
  10. Let's predict stuff.. (1st draft) http://t.co/LWdLgNQHz0

  11. Maybe i'm a bit early, but i here's my prediction for the confederations cup http://www.worldcupofjoe.com/1/post/2013/03/lets-predict-stuff-1st-draft.html
  12. It's the new roof dimensions that make is more enclosed and compact. The old roof didn't extend so far, only covered the upper parts of the second tier. And the stands have a more shallow angle than modern stadiums, i think that's what you mean with taller. Makes it look like it has been flattened by pressure from above. Is it me or do other people also see a resemblance with american college football stadiums like michigan stadium and the rose bowl? Maracana also has this shallow bowl architecture.
  13. Qualification News - March Madness http://t.co/7PJBi6RmT3

  14. Not sure if i like this one. I prefer to see the Azzurri in plain blue, without any lines and stripes and stuff. But the V-neck makes it Italian though, facionistas and stylish as they are
  15. British media are a joke every once in a while... And thinking that the Gremio Arena is one the venues for 2014 is just plain stupid. What was the writer of that piece thinking: "Oh, i see a big stadium in Brazil. Must be one of the venues for 2014 then". ?
  16. Intercontinental Play-Off competitor #1: New Zealand http://t.co/7mM5bnMy3h

    1. deawebo


      And... New Zealand is very close to qualify again :D

    2. intoronto


      They probably will not. Concacaf will either have usa, jamaica, costa rica or Honduras

    3. deawebo


      More likelly Costa Rica... But they aren't playing at their best level now...

  17. I have to admit that, as a european, i didn't knew almost half of the host-cities prior to reading and writing about the world cup. Cuiaba, Curitiba, Natal.. never heard of before. That's the good thing about a world cup: getting to know new places and stuff...
  18. I'm not worrying about Manaus and Natal. They have their deadline in December 2013 (if i'm not mistaken). So that gives them some 8-9 months to go.. They may be a little behind schedule right now, but that seems to be normal these days.
  19. Everytime i see your signature Dannyel i remember that Brazil will also host the Olympics I keep forgetting. So much to do in Brazil the next couple of years. Are they planning to host the start of the Tour de France too anytime soon ?
  20. 3 Down, 9 to go... Salvador completes Arena Fonte Nova! http://t.co/j9062SDNY9

  21. The Confederations- and World Cup teams are so lucky to be able to play in stadiums like these... Lucky bastards!
  22. So they drained the stadium pretty quick. Looked very different last thursday..
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