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  1. RT @CBF_Futebol: Acompanhe em instantes em http://t.co/VjY3CRWMIG os bastidores da convocação da Seleção Brasileira. Às 11h40, Felipão anun…

  2. RT @FIFAWorldCupTM: Match officials appointed for FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 http://t.co/Gyt7X8PLa8

  3. 99% completed.. The 1% that's left, is that taking the plastic covers of the seats ?
  4. Is Spain pushing its luck with its new jersey? http://t.co/GQBrG88t3o

  5. Retro Jersey for Uruguay for the Confederations Cup http://t.co/VYcR1b5hVA

  6. Borussia - Bayern ends in 1-1... Are they saving the fireworks for the final on Wembley? #DorBay

  7. Hail to the King! Maracanã! 4 down, 8 to go... http://t.co/rXnpxjDkvv

  8. Andrea Pirlo (Italy) quits after World Cup 2014. One of the best playmakers around.. Briljant and genius #Pirlo #Boss

  9. The Confederations Cup Evolution http://t.co/G115gozXrx

  10. Bayern really embarrassed Barcelona! The CC is the only opportunity for Spain to win a cup without Germany standing in their way..

  11. I finally saw the Brazil vs. Chile highlight's, great stadium for a game of football and a great equalizer by Chile, what a goal!
  12. I cannot watch it, video is not allowed in my region: " o video nao pode ser exibido nessa regiao"
  13. Spain punched in the face by Germany in the UEFA Champions League http://t.co/ewBU78DCvG

  14. I love the Maracanã, it does look a lot like Kiev's Olympic stadium. Or should i say Kiev's OS looks like the Maracanã now
  15. ʻIa ora na!, Hello Tahiti National Football Team http://t.co/KW8m0FvjSW

  16. Haha, same feeling here.. It takes forever to see some action in Brazil. Two more months...
  17. It would be a shame if they had to reconstruct the Maracana again after the world cup, so great to hear that thats not the plan. Only thing they need is a track and a place for the olympic campfire. And as we've seen in London, the olympic fire doesn't need a special structure for itself like in the olympic games before London, or like here in the olympic stadium Amsterdam.
  18. People from English speaking countries are a bit spoiled by the fact that they can speak their mother-language when abroad.. I live in Amsterdam and Brits and Americans sometimes ask me for directions in English, without asking if i speak English. They know i do.. I see it as a compliment. I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 medium.. How 'bout you mr. Brittain or mr. 'Merica? This was a minor mistake, whoever made it, and it's corrected now, so zip-it brittish media.. B.t.w. What's the next stadium to finish? Brasilia, Rio or Recife? It's a bit of a race isn't it? I really have no idea.. tell us please..
  19. Some dune area in Brazil? Copacabana?
  20. World Cup History: Maracanazo (1950) http://t.co/bNRf6KW7ZR

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  22. Wow, that's a nice infographic about the stadiums. I wouldn't have guessed the Mineirao to be the shortest in height. The vertical lines trick the eye into thinking it's tall, apparently. Brasilia is just majestic!
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