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  1. I just wish maracana was a bit taller, feels very claustrophobic by looking at the pics .

    It's the new roof dimensions that make is more enclosed and compact. The old roof didn't extend so far, only covered the upper parts of the

    second tier. And the stands have a more shallow angle than modern stadiums, i think that's what you mean with taller. Makes it look like it has been flattened by pressure from above.

    Is it me or do other people also see a resemblance with american college football stadiums like michigan stadium and the rose bowl? Maracana also has this shallow bowl architecture.

  2. I liked it!!! It's a bit "Unilever-logo" style, but it got really nice.

    That is exactly what i thought. But it's stylish and well done

    The city posters are very different tough, don't know if i like it. They don't have the same style, some are abstract, some are expressionistic, impressionistic etc etc. Not one particular style, makes it a bit messy. But it's hard to pick a favorite. I think i'm going with Porto Alegre's.

  3. Never knew that the teams have so much influence and that they kept the stadium open because the teams wanted to. Why didn't the FIFA put pressure on the teams to play somewhere else?

    "They underestimated the ammount of work that needed to be done". - Which also includes the fact that they didn't know about the bad condition of the roof in the first place.

  4. I saw this article on the Prensa Latina New Agency:

    ........"According to Emop (Municipal Public Works Company), two workers' strikes, one in August and the other in September, 2001, affected the renovation plan.".

    A third shift, working at night, was established in July to speed up the project, but delays continued and investment costs skyrocketed....

    Are the strikes the only reason for the delay? and when they introduced a third shift, working during the night, how come the delay and investment cost continued to build up? I know labour is expensive but still...

  5. Maracana will be ready only 18 days before the competition. What bunch of son of a bitches...

    US$ 750mn and so delayed...

    That's not a good. But on the other hand

    SAL |..................87%..|
    BRA |.................84%...|
    RIO |................80%....|
    REC |...............77%.....|

    Salvador and Brasilia are on schedule (right :huh: ) and Recife put the pedal to the metal too. 18 days before kick-off is late, but no too late.

    But is does show bad planning and i hope that that is just restricted to the MaracanĂ£ and not to other stadiums and/or infrastructure (although i think isn't)

  6. The conclusion of the Arena Fonte Nova was scheduled for December 2012 but due of FIFA requirements, according to the consortium responsible for the works, the deadline was postponed. Now, the reopening is scheduled for Feb. 28.

    (google translate)


    Thanks for the info. That's nicely on time for the Confederations Cup. Are the other three Confederations Cup stadiums also on schedule or are there problems with some?

    With the other three i mean the three stadiums that aren't finished yet. So Brasilia, Recife and Rio.

  7. You have a point there, new stadiums are always cheaper than renovating old ones. But could it be that brazil wants to showcase its football history? And that that is the reason for renovating the old stadiums? It costs a lot more, but if it's tradition and history what they went for, they did a good job.

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