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  1. Nigeria threatens not to play... http://t.co/B0fG8yOA3v

  2. Let's predict stuff... 2013 Confederations Cup. http://t.co/8tgSRZ010t

    1. Lucas


      Predict... Japan will win today!

  3. RT @FIFAcom: QUESTION: We're now just a few days from Saturday's #Confeds kick off, but which one player are you most looking forward to se…

  4. RT @jonathanwatts: "If Argentina beat Brazil in the final, I'll kill myself." Rio mayor Eduardo Paes on World Cup. http://t.co/V6QlGuizg4

  5. RT @Squawka: COMPETITION: Win an @MLS jersey of your choice! To enter, simply retweet and follow us! Closes in 2 hours! http://t.co/D2GqYcS…

  6. A tournament without stress (for me) http://t.co/BVWAIRoTEv

  7. Is Nigeria's squad already known? Or are they going to announce it after their qualifying match vs Namibia on the 12th? Also, i want to share this blogpost with you. It's about how i will experience the ConfedCup this month compared to other tournaments.
  8. I still find that Arena Pernambuco a weird stadium in some way, in a positive way though. Don't know why. It's unusual looking on the outside, but very familiar looking on the inside. Can't put my finger on it. I took me a while to realize that picture is a real image instead of a rendering. Great image..
  9. Japan qualifies for the 2014 World Cup http://t.co/F2rFg1FvhC

  10. You really have a point RobH, but maybe i'm just too much of a romantic. I know they would have looked very tiny (thanks for the visual aid) and architecturally they may have not been very special, but i like nostalgia, history and culture and i still think that features like this can be incorporated into a new stadium in a classy and appropriate way. The rest of Wembley was indeed ready to be demolished. But enough about Wembley.. I'm really happy with the fact that Brazil has these old renovated stadiums.
  11. Totally agree on the Wembley thing. I could not believe that they demolished the towers, still don't understand why.
  12. The Tahiti Squad: Tehau, Tehau, Tehau, Tehau and others.. http://t.co/3KeZYxR2l8

  13. The game goes on! World Cup Soap-opera, chapter #189: The paperwork that almost cancelled a game http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/friendly-between-brazil-and-england-in-rio-cancelled-by-judge-then-reinstated-hours-later/story-e6frfkp9-1226654763064 And about the stadiums, it will be awesome to have one of Brazil's stadiums here in the Netherlands. The most modern and important stadium here is the Amsterdam ArenA, venue for the Europa League final just a couple of weeks ago. It's such an ugly structure.. from the in- and the outside. I'm jealous of Brazil..
  14. RT @BrazilStats: If Atlético-MG wins #Libertadores, Ronaldinho will have the chance to face Pep Guardiola next December. What an encounter …

  15. RT @fifamedia: .@seppblatter: "There's no greater threat to future of football than match manipulation, deliberately fixing a result for fi…

  16. 8 things to pay attention to during the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. http://t.co/De7hGi0EjH

  17. Arena Fonte Nova's roof partly collapses http://t.co/JEosKvuFjU

  18. The Mexico Squad for the 2013 Confederations Cup http://t.co/x5J3ER6HuJ

  19. Too bad Ronaldinho isn't playing at the Confederations Cup. Just look at how amazing he is http://t.co/DsMKxsmZci

  20. Another house of football  - Recife completes the Arena Pernambuco http://t.co/S9Mgm65TPx

    1. Lucas


      Beautiful stadium indeed.

  21. Wow, what an awesome arena! Too bad there's only one game during the Confederations Cup. How's Recife doing?
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