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  1. Not really. That's Russian corruption -- not the IOC's corruption.

    Why do you think they have chosen Sochi? Don't you think there is some money involved in making this decision. Sochi is not really a winter-wonderland. It has a sub-tropical climate with palmtrees. Okay, there is a ski-resort 60 Km away but that's all.

    Everyone knows that Russia and corruption go hand in hand and the IOC have put this event in the hands of these people. You wouldn't do that if you wouldn't benefit from it, one way or another. Not to mention the humar rights issue. I think it's naive to think that the IOC is clean. But that's just me..

  2. It's true, in Russia only a relatively small part of the territory is used. I almost wish that Siberia was also included.

    Okay, they don´t play in Kalinigrad and Vladivostok, or whatever. Still the distances are pretty much the same or bigger than in 2014. Kalinigrad-Sochi: 1880Km, Kalinigrad-Yekaterineburg 2487 Km. St. Petersburg-Volgograd: 1535 Km. Still a lot of traveling..

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  3. Our national team is going to stay in our camp base most of time.So the team will move to a site and then go back to our base after a match...they'll repeat this.

    I know. most teams will set up camp somewhere and travel back and forth. But that means that my estimates are minimum values. I've calculated venue to venue distances.

    Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl estimated the distance USA has to cover to be 14268 Km during the group stage. They will set up camp in Sao Paulo and their matches will be in Natal, Manaus and Recife. So that makes three insane trips back and forth. I think the US should reconsider moving their basecamp in a Northern direction :D

  4. /\/\ Interesting. Thanks, Joe. Good job. But may I suggest that those distances will mean nothing by 2018. I suggest you start working on your figures for 2018. Compare it to the "ridiculous" journey of the current Sochi 2014 Torch relay.

    Yeah, Russia 2018 will be ridiculous, distance-wise. But that will be compensated in 2022, when the players can crawl from one venue to the other :)

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  5. Bezzi, don't waste your time... People would rather to see picture from 4 years ago and spread the message everything is very delayed in Brazil...

    Keep ´em coming Bezzi. I´m interested :)

    I knew the stadiums in Natal, Cuiaba and Manaus wouldn't have a large capacity, but they seem pretty small to me. Smaller than I thought they would be.

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  6. Terrible news!

    Reminds me of this stadium accident a few years ago:


    Exactly what i first thought of: FC Twente stadium in July 2011.

    This is a tragedy. In the first place for the victims and their loved-ones.

    I don't think this stadium will make the deadline. But who cares after this. I hope FIFA will give the organization some slack.

  7. I still find that Arena Pernambuco a weird stadium in some way, in a positive way though. Don't know why. It's unusual looking on the outside, but very familiar looking on the inside. Can't put my finger on it.

    I took me a while to realize that picture is a real image instead of a rendering. Great image..

  8. You really have a point RobH, but maybe i'm just too much of a romantic. I know they would have looked very tiny (thanks for the visual aid) and architecturally they may have not been very special, but i like nostalgia, history and culture and i still think that features like this can be incorporated into a new stadium in a classy and appropriate way. The rest of Wembley was indeed ready to be demolished. But enough about Wembley..

    I'm really happy with the fact that Brazil has these old renovated stadiums.

  9. It's funny. We had envy when the Amsterdam arena was built. Still a fantastic arena, but the beautiful today can be the ugly tomorrow, so I'm proud of what they did with Maracanã and Mineirão. Stadiums 60, 50 years old that have been preserved. They could have done the same with Wembley that had much more history. It looks modern today, but soon will be a common stadium.

    Totally agree on the Wembley thing. I could not believe that they demolished the towers, still don't understand why.

  10. The game goes on!

    World Cup Soap-opera, chapter #189: The paperwork that almost cancelled a game :)


    And about the stadiums, it will be awesome to have one of Brazil's stadiums here in the Netherlands. The most modern and important stadium here is the Amsterdam ArenA, venue for the Europa League final just a couple of weeks ago. It's such an ugly structure.. from the in- and the outside. I'm jealous of Brazil..

  11. It would be a shame if they had to reconstruct the Maracana again after the world cup, so great to hear that thats not the plan. Only thing they need is a track and a place for the olympic campfire. And as we've seen in London, the olympic fire doesn't need a special structure for itself like in the olympic games before London, or like here in the olympic stadium Amsterdam.

  12. People from English speaking countries are a bit spoiled by the fact that they can speak their mother-language when abroad.. I live in Amsterdam and Brits and Americans sometimes ask me for directions in English, without asking if i speak English. They know i do.. I see it as a compliment. I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 medium.. How 'bout you mr. Brittain or mr. 'Merica?

    This was a minor mistake, whoever made it, and it's corrected now, so zip-it brittish media..

    B.t.w. What's the next stadium to finish? Brasilia, Rio or Recife? It's a bit of a race isn't it?


    I really have no idea.. tell us please..

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