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  1. @BobbySoccerRep My take on Spain http://t.co/C8C7SXcets

  2. Big relief for Curitiba. It remains host city for the 2014 World Cup. Arena da Baixada will be completed on time http://t.co/Ti6KGsuTYf

    1. Palette86


      Finally found your blog!I hope to visit especially during the game.

  3. Why do you think they have chosen Sochi? Don't you think there is some money involved in making this decision. Sochi is not really a winter-wonderland. It has a sub-tropical climate with palmtrees. Okay, there is a ski-resort 60 Km away but that's all. Everyone knows that Russia and corruption go hand in hand and the IOC have put this event in the hands of these people. You wouldn't do that if you wouldn't benefit from it, one way or another. Not to mention the humar rights issue. I think it's naive to think that the IOC is clean. But that's just me..
  4. The IOC is just as bad as FIFA, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1919080-ioc-senior-official-claims-corruption-rampant-at-2014-winter-games
  5. RT @FIFAworldcup14: Inside the Rio Operations Centre: Take a look inside Rio De Janeiro's state-of-the-art monitoring facility whe... http:…

  6. Okay, they don´t play in Kalinigrad and Vladivostok, or whatever. Still the distances are pretty much the same or bigger than in 2014. Kalinigrad-Sochi: 1880Km, Kalinigrad-Yekaterineburg 2487 Km. St. Petersburg-Volgograd: 1535 Km. Still a lot of traveling..
  7. I know. most teams will set up camp somewhere and travel back and forth. But that means that my estimates are minimum values. I've calculated venue to venue distances. Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl estimated the distance USA has to cover to be 14268 Km during the group stage. They will set up camp in Sao Paulo and their matches will be in Natal, Manaus and Recife. So that makes three insane trips back and forth. I think the US should reconsider moving their basecamp in a Northern direction
  8. Yeah, Russia 2018 will be ridiculous, distance-wise. But that will be compensated in 2022, when the players can crawl from one venue to the other
  9. Hey guys, I was looking at the distances each team has to cover during the world cup, and i thought it would be fun to make a video about it. I would like to share it with you.
  10. Brazuca, the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup has been presented. Read about it at WorldCupOfJoe: http://t.co/0fUE0GonIP

  11. Exactly what i first thought of: FC Twente stadium in July 2011. This is a tragedy. In the first place for the victims and their loved-ones. I don't think this stadium will make the deadline. But who cares after this. I hope FIFA will give the organization some slack.
  12. RT @USShirtStore: The US Shirt Store kicks off with a free T-Shirt. Follow us, re-tweet this and you may be the lucky winner. Info: http://…

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