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  1. @BobbySoccerRep My take on Spain http://t.co/C8C7SXcets

  2. Big relief for Curitiba. It remains host city for the 2014 World Cup. Arena da Baixada will be completed on time http://t.co/Ti6KGsuTYf

    1. Palette86


      Finally found your blog!I hope to visit especially during the game.

  3. RT @FIFAworldcup14: Inside the Rio Operations Centre: Take a look inside Rio De Janeiro's state-of-the-art monitoring facility whe... http:…

  4. Brazuca, the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup has been presented. Read about it at WorldCupOfJoe: http://t.co/0fUE0GonIP

  5. RT @USShirtStore: The US Shirt Store kicks off with a free T-Shirt. Follow us, re-tweet this and you may be the lucky winner. Info: http://…

  6. The AFC: Australia, Iran and South Korea to Samba-land! http://t.co/xROHQnTJdO

  7. Group B, Round 1: Spain solid, Super Eagles fly to 1-6 http://t.co/vEqakVrWhx

  8. Group A, Round 1: Excellent start for Brazil and Italy http://t.co/WXxAXPfenv

  9. Nigeria threatens not to play... http://t.co/B0fG8yOA3v

  10. Let's predict stuff... 2013 Confederations Cup. http://t.co/8tgSRZ010t

    1. Lucas


      Predict... Japan will win today!

  11. RT @FIFAcom: QUESTION: We're now just a few days from Saturday's #Confeds kick off, but which one player are you most looking forward to se…

  12. RT @jonathanwatts: "If Argentina beat Brazil in the final, I'll kill myself." Rio mayor Eduardo Paes on World Cup. http://t.co/V6QlGuizg4

  13. RT @Squawka: COMPETITION: Win an @MLS jersey of your choice! To enter, simply retweet and follow us! Closes in 2 hours! http://t.co/D2GqYcS…

  14. A tournament without stress (for me) http://t.co/BVWAIRoTEv

  15. Japan qualifies for the 2014 World Cup http://t.co/F2rFg1FvhC

  16. The Tahiti Squad: Tehau, Tehau, Tehau, Tehau and others.. http://t.co/3KeZYxR2l8

  17. RT @BrazilStats: If Atlético-MG wins #Libertadores, Ronaldinho will have the chance to face Pep Guardiola next December. What an encounter …

  18. RT @fifamedia: .@seppblatter: "There's no greater threat to future of football than match manipulation, deliberately fixing a result for fi…

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