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  1. So much for the "Zero Waste". http://apnews.excite.com/article/20131029/DA9NV8Q02.html
  2. A good read from Canada's CBC news. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2013/08/16/f-vp-schlesinger-russia-gay-rights.html
  3. Meant to be relocated after the games, so I'm sure thats why its pretty basic.
  4. My wallet is empty, but I picked up 2 tics to the mens hockey gold medal game and mens curling gold. And if I'm not chosen as a volunteer, I'm not sure if I'll go. Although I'm afraid of what Puppy will say to me if I don't go, haha! Its interesting, choosing different countries on cosports site, and seeing whats still available.
  5. Thats good news, better news would be if they reduce the fee. Still waiting to hear if I'll be chosen.
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