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  1. Yeah, early 2011 when officials of the two governments met in Hanoi, hosting Asian Games 2019 was mentioned in the joint statement, that Beijing will support Hanoi in hosting Asian Games successfully! Vietnam also gained support from South Korea and other East Asia nations, dominant members in the OCA. A South Korean corporation commited to contribute 200 millions dollars to build one of the major facilities, this come shortly before the poll, which strengthen Hanoi position. Poor the Indonesian Olympic Committee president Rita Subowo, who couldn't stop her tears and claimed China, right in the meeting! One more thing, this is about the OCA president, who announced Hanoi victory. Back in 2009, when Hanoi succefully staged the Asian Indoor Games, current OCA president Mr. Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah told Vietnamese Olympic Committee general secretary that 'this is the right time for Vietnam to host the Asian Games' and he suggested Hanoi to stage the games. With the OCA president taking Hanoi side, Surabaya's chance was very small and that why Dubai withdrew, they dont want the world to whisper, that Dubai is beaten by Hanoi, shame! Vietnam is poor but with the current 40 billions US dollars yearly state budget (this will increase every year), I'm sure they will be able to find the fund somewhere. With 7 years, you can build almost anything. However, athletes training will be an issue, host nation should be at least in the top 10, 7 years isn't long enough to bring Vietnam to this level.
  2. I'm sure they will get some help from China, Korea, and others. A Korean corporation (Samsung may be) had announced that if Hanoi win the bid they will offer 200 million dollars to build one of the major facilities. Just to remind, Hanoi received strong supports from East Asia members of the OCA in the poll! Particular, China promised to support Hanoi since early 2011.
  3. I'm sure it will, Commies love big shows!
  4. Well, who knows! No body thought that they going to win the poll in Macau but Hanoi gained 2/3 of the votes in the end.
  5. Hours before the vote, Hanoi victory was expected by the media in Macau. They also believed that Dubai would pull out before the poll as Hanoi is all but certain of winning the vote. Of course, there are some ‘good’ reasons for selecting Hanoi. The Indonesian Olympic committee actually told the media that Surabaya will win the vote, however, they only gain 14 votes in fact. Vietnam thougt of hosting Asiad 2019 since 2010 and started their campaigns since then. I believed that the Vietnamese government had lobbied and gained enough votes in early October, before they officially put Hanoi on the final list. This is not just a random poll as you see, behind the stage is a complex political game. On the surface, nobody though Hanoi going to win! It seem like Indonesian government didn’t put much effort into this bid, if they did, I’m sure Surabaya had a better chance! http://www.scmp.com/sport/other-sport/article/1077278/hanoi-expected-be-voted-host-2019-asian-games
  6. Well, Dubai withdrew because there is no chance they going to win! The Vietnamese government put their hands into this and lobby for Hanoi. http://www.scmp.com/sport/other-sport/article/1077278/hanoi-expected-be-voted-host-2019-asian-games
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