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  1. 6,300 seats is too big for weightlifting? That size works perfectly and falls in line with previous Games venues for the event. Trampoline gymnastics has to be held in a venue with at least 12,000 seats. Not to mention how big of a safety risk using trampolines on a stage poses.
  2. Please don't tell me you're a WNBA fan Quaker
  3. Has anyone noticed the title of this thread is very poor english. "And they are five". That makes no sense grammatically.
  4. I think their biggest concern should be that there still isn't a venue decided upon for water polo.
  5. Kinda funny how this deadline just came and went. I expected a few more cities to jump into the race, but it never happened. The IOC sort of has an embarrassment of riches here, at least in comparison to 2022.
  6. Might we see what happened in 2006, 2010 and 2014 where the winning country lost its bid for the preceding Summer Olympics?
  7. The best part of all this: no Doha or Baku!!!
  8. The COC said last week that their focus is 100% on Toronto. That being said, Marcel Aubut has a history of being a selfish, manipulative individual (see: Quebec Nordiques). Wouldn't surprise me if he'd rather see a Games under his presidency at any cost.
  9. "No Olympic bid" but if an NFL team comes, he's all for it. LOL what a moron
  10. BREAKING: Announcement to be made by John Tory at a press conference at Nathan Phillips Square tomorrow morning at 9:30. Looks like it's all systems go for an Olympic bid.
  11. Rights to certain events would have been much different if ABC had the Olympics in 2000, so it's difficult to judge these things anyways. It's very possible that they wouldn't have had Monday Night Football in that situation, although I'm not quite sure what year the rights were contracted in comparison to the rights for the Olympics.
  12. Are they? Don't they risk pissing off the people against the Games? And this will be my first election where I'm old enough to vote. I've been struggling to make a decision for sure, but this is one big reason to vote Liberal now!
  13. According to some snooping around on Twitter, Tory and Wynne have a meeting tomorrow morning and media availability at 10. Wonder if it has to do with a bid.
  14. Um, no they don't. They have 12 days to just say yes.
  15. I am honestly sick and tired of this "I don't wanna pay X as a taxpayer" bullshit. There is 0 chance that an Olympics in a democratic country will cost 20 billion. Regardless, not every bit of the budget will be publicly funded. I can't wrap my head around how uninformed and stubborn many citizens, including yourself and members of council, are. Why doesn't anyone realize that this is money going towards public transit, new infrastructure, community facilities, etc? 50 million for a bid is only 12 dollars per person when you do the math. Are people really that unwilling to fork up an hours wage to take a shot at potential improvements to the city in the form of an Olympic bid?
  16. Haven't changed a bit, have you?
  17. Thanks for clarifying, I wasn't quite sure if you meant the United States of Zimbabwe or not.
  18. Those athletes are not uneducated. When you have to go, you have to go. Me peeing in a bush when there's no washroom nearby does not make me "uneducated".
  19. Oh please, like you've never peed in a body of water or on a tee.
  20. Rick Ball will be the CBC's play by play guy in Beijing. I guess it is safe to say that he will be Mark Lee's natural successor in Rio.
  21. The plan in 2008 was an extension of the Go Train east of Union Station to the Port Lands using mostly pre-existing rail lines.
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