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  1. But it was uncomfortable, and really unneccessary. You're exactly right, it was a strange choice by the organizers. It was almost as if they went out of there way to put him on display.
  2. Muhammad Ali not touching the Olympic flag in London? Seriously? The guy has severe Parkinsons for god sakes. Cut him some slack. TBH I found that whole part with Ali to be very disturbing and uncomfortable. It was a terrible move by the London Organizing Committee to bring him out in public in that state. Shame on them.
  3. They really should have chosen Glen Abbey for golf. It is the best course around, and it is closer than Angus Glen.
  4. Another Sochi 2014 add on nbc

  5. Looking forward to the leafs in the playoffs tonight

    1. intoronto


      Hopefully a win!

    2. ofan


      terrible game :(

  6. Yes Toronto does need the PanAms. Canada has shown that it is capable of hosting Winter Games and Pan Am games recently, however Toronto 2015 will be the largest multi-sport event in Canadian history in terms of events and athletes, bigger than 1976 in Montreal. Canada, and especially Toronto, has not yet been tested like they will be tested in 2015. Obviously Toronto and Canada in general can sustain an event like the Olympics, but these games further cement that claim and give the country a well needed dry run for an Olympic Games.
  7. Uh oh. Is there even an alternative venue in the GH.
  8. Yeah, sorry. I came off as pretty agrresive there lol. Everyone outside of Ontario could probably care less about the games right now, but by 2015, with the amount of coverage that CBC is devoting, I would expect there to be excitement for the games, especially right after the WWC.
  9. Don't compare Canada to the US. Every Canadian sporting achievement and event means a lot to Canadians, because we dont win 90+ medals every games and don't have the opportunity to host major international events all the time. I'm glad that I don't root for the Americans because winning an event is just another medal, nothing more. There are no national heroes.
  10. This video really makes me excited about the games http://www.toronto2015.org/lang/en/gallery/video/three-years-to-go.html
  11. The names of the mascots are so original....
  12. Uh, why are we comparing Canada to Cuba and the Dominican?
  13. http://www.thestar.com/sports/amateur/2013/04/19/2015_pan_am_games_toronto_right_on_track_paso_president_says.html
  14. All of this speculation and reccomendations that Toronto should sit out is stupid. They can't win if they don't try. If they lose, so be it. A city has the right to bid, and if there chances of winning are affected by hosting trends, whatever. Who cares.
  15. It would be awesome to see them compete in 2018.
  16. @Athensfan It's just a concept rendering lol
  17. How is Vancouver a rip off of Barcelona? One was a man running and the other was an inukshuk.
  18. Makes sense that Canada gets union
  19. The Australian situation seems kind of smiliar to the Canadian one. There was a long holdout to determine the rights holder and there was question as to whether the games would even be shown on tv in Canada at one point, and whether or not Yahoo might snatch up the rights. Could this happen in Australia?
  20. No lol after the games. They could have planned to downsize it for use as a concert venue or something and then changed it to an mls stadium after the league was formed. Also, wasn't exhbition stadium on that land at the time?
  21. Maybe an MLS team would've moved to Toronto.
  22. What would have been the legacy of that stadium since the SkyDome had already been built? Also, the beach volleyball stadium looks a lot larger than 5,000 seats from that rendering. And i don't understand the bleachers around the practice courts. Isn't the main stadium the only one that will be used for matches?
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