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  1. It would be awesome to see them compete in 2018.
  2. @Athensfan It's just a concept rendering lol
  3. How is Vancouver a rip off of Barcelona? One was a man running and the other was an inukshuk.
  4. Makes sense that Canada gets union
  5. The Australian situation seems kind of smiliar to the Canadian one. There was a long holdout to determine the rights holder and there was question as to whether the games would even be shown on tv in Canada at one point, and whether or not Yahoo might snatch up the rights. Could this happen in Australia?
  6. No lol after the games. They could have planned to downsize it for use as a concert venue or something and then changed it to an mls stadium after the league was formed. Also, wasn't exhbition stadium on that land at the time?
  7. Maybe an MLS team would've moved to Toronto.
  8. What would have been the legacy of that stadium since the SkyDome had already been built? Also, the beach volleyball stadium looks a lot larger than 5,000 seats from that rendering. And i don't understand the bleachers around the practice courts. Isn't the main stadium the only one that will be used for matches?
  9. Average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in the summer. So much for those stereotypes about Canada being one giant frozen tundra!!!
  10. Why not? They've made the greatest effort out of all of the eligible sports, other than wrestling, to get on to the program. The squash federation has been innovating the sport tirelessly over the past year or so to try and make it more television friendly and popular.
  11. I guess they're behind schedule
  12. Lol I was just being negative since the plan's not very compact.
  13. It's a terrible location for the venue anyways. Two fields packed into a tiny area. Just put it somewhere 2 hours away from Toronto because that's where most of the other venues are anyways lol.
  14. I wonder if only CBC commentators will be used since they hold the main rights, similar to in 2008.
  15. Canada Indoor Stadium and call the main stadium Canada Stadium
  16. This is great for the sport. I was hoping for non-traditional countries like Slovenia to qualify.
  17. Interesting. I wonder who will take over speed skating then.
  18. How do we know that it will be Dan Hicks?
  19. So exciting. Hard to believe that we are just one year away!
  20. What's that building for the IBC/MPC/Hotel?
  21. How do you know so much inside information about the Toronto bid?
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