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  1. This, in my mind, is the most significant world event since 9/11. The sheer size and potential implications are unbelievable, as is the way this event has shaken everyone to the core.
  2. Wow, just wow. If Paris wins 2024 you have to see the similarities between this and London's circumstances.
  3. Ah, fair enough. Not to mention that NBC, the Beeb and the host broadcaster usually like to station themselves somewhere else with a nice view.
  4. Likely will be lime green or yellow surrounding the pitch
  5. And to be fair, Rio now has the summer months coming up. It's not as though they'll struggle to build in a cold, snowy winter.
  6. Still so far behind. Unbelievable really.
  7. There's been debate for years about a return to Seattle. They're trying to get an arena in place, and it wouldn't surprise me if they had a team within the next 10 years. For what it's worth though, Anaheim and Tampa are two of the better fan bases in the NHL, and both have had lots of success in the past 15 years.
  8. ^many events will likely now air on the new digital Olympic Channel in the works.
  9. Respectfully Bernham, shut the hell up. You thought his name was John Trudeau up until 2 days ago, so you are in no position to talk about him as a politician. You know nothing about Canadian politics (not that I would expect and American to anyways) and you've made that abundantly clear. So these comments are just obnoxious. Besides, Canada is a peacekeeping nation. Always have been post-World War. This is the right move now that we have our war/fear-mongering Prime Minister out of office. We're still funding the mission, but bombing the hell out of the region is not what Canada is about.
  10. Funny that Trudeau is on that list, considering he isn't our Head of State.
  11. Liberal victory. Now let's see whether they get a majority or minority....
  12. Those were my thoughts exactly. With NDP support waning, especially in Quebec, the Liberals could take advantage of many ridings in la Belle Province that are currently orange, or were predicted to be orange for much of the campaign. Add in the usual wins in the GTA, a stellar performance in Southern Ontario and a sweep of the Maritimes, and you could be getting close to majority territory. I think that the Liberal ad campaign, especially in the last few days and weeks, has been much more effective, and that might stick in voters minds tomorrow (or I guess today). Not to mention that the current provincial government in Quebec is currently Liberal, which to me shows that the Bloc aren't really going to be all that successful in this election, despite the fact that NDP support is dropping, putting the Liberals in prime position in a very left-wing region. Just to add on to what I said, as I now look at the polls, the Bloc is projected for a slight resurgence from 2011, surely attributed to the reemergence of Duceppe.
  13. I'm calling a Liberal majority. You heard it here first.
  14. According to Sepp's lawyer, despite these companies actions, he will not step down
  15. I can guarantee it will make no mention of his broadcasting because why the hell would it.
  16. Any word on who will lead the bid? I think Tim Leiweke would be a solid candidate.
  17. Don't forget about our Commonwealth Games sweep from a year ago.
  18. Could be closed for the whole Games, even. I know Toronto proposed to have the Island airport closed for the entirety of the Olympics. It also would have interfered with the sailing competition.
  19. Everything is a minor sport in your book
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