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  1. Show some respect. Asshole.
  2. Rob Ford passed away this morning at 46. Certainly not one of the brightest minds, but he was a man that had an unending love for the city of Toronto, and dedicated his life to public service. A truly sad story of someone who battled severe mental illness, and now leaves behind a wife and two small children. RIP Combined with what's happened in Belgium, what a sad day overall.
  3. Hopefully Canada can come out third in that group. Maybe even second
  4. LOL. America is the laughing stock of the world. What a joke. You have a reality TV star as your leading presidential candidate. And it's all thanks to the racist, divisive, stubborn and ignorant Republican Party that bashed Obama and made it popular to hate him for no good reason. That's what has fuelled the anger. Republicans are quite honestly such pussies. They bash Trump endlessly, but still say "I will support him if he is the nominee". The Republican Pary is a joke in and of itself.
  5. Unfortunately there is a massive population within the U.S. of truly stupid, ignorant and lazy people who like to blame their problems on everyone else (especially minorities). Trump has managed to tap into these people. If you go onto his website, he has some reasonable policies. The thing is, he obviously didn't write any of them, as evidenced by his debate answers and rally speeches which have zero substance. The reality is, when it comes to tough decisions as president, you have to make the final call. Trump is certainly not qualified enough to do this. All in all, I don't think he really believes in half the stuff he says, he's just being smart in tapping into the stupid population of America. The real threat is Ted Cruz. That guy has evil written all over him. Cruz is twice the mess Trump is, and he's actually smart. He would be an extremely dangerous man in the White House. This is the guy who shut down the government twice and is hated by every Senator. I'll take Trump as president over Cruz 10 times out of 10. I hope Trump is the nominee, because Clinton will walk all over him. (as much as I dislike Clinton, but it's the best they've got).
  6. No, because 2024 is not Toronto's time either. Canada last hosted in 2010, and 14 years is pretty soon for a country of that size. All signs point towards Europe in 2024.
  7. We're all enjoying sitting back and watching your country fall apart from above as you rally behind your retarded political candidates. No spit on my face.
  8. Can't wait to see these LA jackasses put in their place in September of 2017.
  9. It's true that the election will play a role in this bid. Unfortunately, this realistically won't be an issue until the next president is elected. With so many pressing issues that candidates are debating, it's unlikely that we'll ever hear from the candidates about their thoughts on the Olympic bid until after Election Day.
  10. It could be that President Trump opens the Los Angeles Olympics in 2024. I think that at least one of these things will happen, maybe even both. Hopefully neither.
  11. You do realize that the time difference between Rio and the East Coast in the summer is just 1 hour, right?
  12. France is overrated, especially if the Spurs make a late run in the playoffs with Parker and Diaw. Canada will easily make the final
  13. I think it would be best to just beat your competition fair and square, rather than hope they drop out, no?
  14. Ian Eagle has experience calling track and field. They'll need a replacement for Tom Hammond soon too.
  15. Couldn't be. WOG parade is super short in comparison. Likely if there was a US Games, NBC would have the power to get the organizers to cut the parade. I don't think they have such power for a foreign Games.
  16. Damn, who is this troll? You leave for a while and you come back to idiots like this.
  17. You know the tacos have arrived when every recent post is by TNMP

    1. thatsnotmypuppy


      Had to be done. Sorry for the forum hijacking :)

  18. Two-run downhill was held just this past weekend by the FIS. So much for being sacrilege.
  19. If Canada finishes third they have a really great chance of qualifying for Rio, which is a joke. The system this year is insane.
  20. That awkward moment when PyeongChang's venue preparation is barely behind Rio!
  21. The Olympic Village looks like something from Pokemon.
  22. I can vouch for this, having endured the speech from the PASO president at the Toronto 2015 opener! Those Latin Americans love to hear themselves speak!
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