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  1. I wouldn't say "not much hope" for basketball. Canada can handily beat any of the teams in that tournament if they have the right roster. Rankings really don't mean anything. If France were really the fifth best team in the world they would already have qualified for Rio.
  2. Canada wins 3-2. Now let's cheer for a Poland victory!
  3. Canada heading into a fifth and final set with China. Canada now qualifies with a win and Australia loss or a loss and an Australian loss in 3 or 4 sets.
  4. So it comes down to Canada and Australia for the final qualifying spot in men's volleyball. Lucky for Canada, they have a very winnable match against China, while Australia must face the current world champions in Poland. A Canada win and Australia loss will ensure qualification.
  5. RIP. Finally put out of his misery. He was basically in a vegetative state for about 15 years.
  6. I wonder what the chances are of Golf Channel's Olympic coverage not being blacked out in Canada, rather than the CBC showing it.
  7. Canada down 2-1 to Australia right now. Chances of qualifying are looking slim to none at this point.
  8. Expect a press release from the CBC tomorrow, who today held a launch event for their Rio 2016 coverage which included the announcement of their broadcast team. Looks like some of the usual suspects are back from what I can find on Twitter. Steve Armitage on swimming, Mark Connolly on cycling, and appears as though Mark Tewksbury will play a role.
  9. This is totally unfair. If anyone needs to grow up, it's you. If you had any understanding of the how the IOC and its stakeholders operate, you would know that there is a 0% chance that the Games are moved. Too many individuals have skin in the game and have made heavy investments in these Olympics and Paralympics (you're welcome BTHarner) for them to be moved or cancelled. To top it off, plenty of people have posted articles on here citing that the virus will not be a legitimate issue.
  10. I Don't Know About You Being Allowed To Post Here. TROLL.
  11. Well now Dan Hicks won't have to pull double duty at the pool and golf course for the first 3 rounds of the men's competition!
  12. A "social countdown"? That is quite honestly one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard.
  13. Let's remember that Obama had been in office for about 9 months ahead of the IOC vote, so I doubt he had much of an impact on member's view of America. If anything, it was the laughing stock that was George Bush who put off voters in addition to the strained USOC-IOC relationship at the time. Not to mention that Obama is one of the most revered and well respected American presidents internationally in recent memory, with high approval ratings in allied nations. Citing this as an example of a lack of respect for the current administration is ridiculous. World leaders respect Trump a hell of a lot less than Obama. You can look no further than the comments Cameron, Trudeau, Renzi, The Pope, etc. have made to understand that. Furthermore, what are the chances Obama would have gone to Copenhagen if a city other than his hometown was bidding?
  14. Today Show set will be located on Copacabana Beach.
  15. Yes, which leaves us wondering where Dan Hicks will go?
  16. I could see Tirico doing something like track and field. What's up with Tom Hammond?
  17. I like how this guy is twice the troll that Tony was and no one seems to really care. I guess we've matured.
  18. Michele Tafoya will replace Andrea Kramer at the pool to report on swimming, along side the usual Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines.
  19. Because of how the tiebreakers work, Canada will be playing Spain, as the Dutch will finish in second.
  20. I know intoronto has been a proponent of this, and I agree with him, that football should be downsized to 12 teams (the competition is second-tier anyways and doesn't require 16 teams), and women's water polo should take the extra quota to move up to 12 teams.
  21. No reason why Quebec City can't host with a "sprint downhill". Remember that FIS has approved Le Massif for the other disciplines. Also, a sliding centre could replace the one in Lake Placid as the east coast training centre for Americans and Canadians.
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