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  1. Points had nothing to do with Spain qualifying.
  2. Spain, with an incredibly emotional victory, claim the final qualification spot in men's sevens.
  3. Looks like Canada will face Russia or Chile in the quarterfinals.
  4. As long as they don't have Kathie Lee on there...
  5. Podium looks great, medals look terrible though.
  6. This problem is only going to get worse as Trump continues to enable ISIS through his divisive, isolationist and offensive rhetoric. Until Trump goes, these groups will only grow stronger. God help us all if he is elected...
  7. I would imagine that the athletes will watch the majority of the ceremony from the Maracanazhino.
  8. Brooke Henderson of Smith Falls, Ontario just won the Ladies PGA Championship, the first major win by a Canadian female since 1968. Looks like she's going to be a contender for gold in Rio.
  9. The state of the United States today can be summed up well with the word "sad".
  10. Hate to make this an issue about guns because it's so much bigger that that, but if nothing changed after twenty 5 year olds were killed in Connecticut, nothings ever going to change.
  11. I think we could sit here for hours going on about how fuccked up the U.S. is. Unfortunately the current presidential election is likely only going to make things worse.
  12. Qualification of the rugby and basketball teams would guarantee Canada's biggest team at a non-boycotted or hosted Olympic Games.
  13. For marketing purposes, it's advantageous to have internationally well-known individuals as opinion leaders. But to be fair France has their fair share of those.
  14. I wanna know how they build that thing directly on sand. Won't the softness of the sand cause the whole structure to crumble?
  15. I have no idea where the hell you found that article. Obama has not confirmed a trip to the Olympics, all though as a lame duck I'm sure we will see him there. I also can't find any other information stating whether Merkel, Hollande, Putin, etc. will be there. Really it appears that none of those leaders which you mentioned have been confirmed to attend. We probably won't hear anything until July anyways.
  16. Funny enough, one of the reporters on Sportsnet was interviewing Thompson ahead of Game 4, and asked "do you plan on seeing your friend Cory Joseph again soon, possibly overseas in Manila for whatever reason?". Thompson responded "I'm sure I'll see him in the near future", whatever that means.
  17. Corey Joseph seems to be the only big name. A lot of non-NBA players.
  18. Canada basketball training camp roster announced today. No Wiggins, no Murray, no Olynyk, no Tristan Thompson (obviously). In summary, we're actually fucking screwed for the qualification tournament.
  19. Protocol is protocol. The head of state is to open the Games, and in commonwealth countries it just so happens to be someone tied to the monarchy. Remember that some non-Commonwealth countries (President of the Hellenic Republic in 2004 comes to mind) have largely symbolic heads of states who have opened Olympics.
  20. They should consider getting a venue first before releasing a schedule.
  21. What else is on your shitlist?
  22. I have to admit I'm with zeke on this one. I've gotten sick of people on here freaking out about golf being an Olympic sport. It belongs more than a number of other sports, not to mention it's one of top spectator sports in many countries. I respect your opinion completely Latin, and I guess I'm the complete opposite when I say that I'm excited for the competition as an avid follower of golf. I just can't take the constant abuse that the sport gets on here.
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