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  1. It might be an informal "tradition". I quickly skimmed through some YouTube videos of the equestrian jumps and Atlanta had a particularly cartoony Australian-themed jump (and a banal Barcelona one). Athens had one that was somewhat Chinese-pattern designed. I couldn't find one for Beijing (Hong Kong) and London though.
  2. Not just "anywhere near the amount NBC is paying"... But more than 5x any other national broadcaster! They can surely ask, right?
  3. I think they only counted direct costs, excluding "infrastructure" like the train to the mountains. Likely they did the same for Rio as that metro line might not even be done for the Games.
  4. Researchers from Oxford just published a paper looking at the long trend of cost overruns of the Olympic Games, including benchmarking of Rio 2016 against previous Games. Quantitatively, it's not so damning for Rio (although it does not consider things like political turmoil, potentially incomplete or crumbled infrastructure, etc). Sochi on the otherhand... http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2804554 --- Abstract: Given that Olympic Games held over the past decade each have cost USD 8.9 billion on average, the size and financial risks of the Games warrant study. The objec
  5. Maybe not a pinecone, but those, uh, whatever-they-ares are really likely to play a part. Look up Heatherwick's work and he's very interested in parts-to-whole relationships in his designs. And if every country has one, it's likely they're going to play a role (at least, I hope they do! That would be fantastic!).
  6. Ugh, no. It was embarrassing. Any one remember the Avril Lavigne performance? The first nation segments were great, but it's hard to make up a deficit made up by Avril.
  7. I'm.... underwhelmed. Like Torino, I thought the idea was good, but the execution is off. It is quite underwhelming. I wish that the taper was three dimensional (narrow on top, bulged out at the logo, and tapered back to a narrow point at the bottom, thus vertical symmetry). I think the flatness is what really irritates me. It's too "graphic", too 2D... And unrefined in reality. It's also poor that the "key slot" where they turn on the gas is on the front while the maple-leaf air intake is on the back. While the uniform is quite lovely, I wish the gloves were white. The Canadian Red is just
  8. It seems really dangerous because if a drop of paint could pierce the ISS or space shuttle, a huge piece of paper seems like a bad idea... Let's just hope they put it low enough so it burns on reentry much sooner.
  9. They're not going to hoist someone in a wheelchair up to the cauldron, are they?
  10. Well... The problem with legacy, as was adequately noted, is that after the Games, it costs a WHOLE lot to maintain. A report from the Guardian estimates that the Birds Nest alone will cost $10 million (yes, in US money, not RMB) to maintain. Even looking at Sydney, yes the Olympic Park is still a grand monument to the Olympics but it is a mighty line item in the Sydney budget while sadly, none of us praise Torino for the money it spent on things that give back to the community like its Metro system. I think Beijing set a terrible example. Architectural pornography at an enormous cost... And
  11. Not to change the topic but I just saw the footage of the Redeem Team putting their medals on Coach Mike Krzyzewski (funny. because I did see the game at 2:30am!!). I was really proud of the team because you could clearly see the camaraderie that wasn't there in 2004 and their sense of the whole. Amazing in my mind.
  12. Closing ceremony-wise, I agree they tend to be afterthoughts but I think the most "fun" act in any Olympic closing for me are the Osmond-Dinos from SL2002. I thought it was very creative to entertain the audience during commercial breaks. Sadly, I wish the Beijing CC was more "fun" or as imaginative. It was the same old same old. And the air bridge thing was kinda hokey. I thought Torino's playing of "Volare" when they handed the flag over was much more subtle, tasteful yet along the same lines. London... Well... Dull, but I thought the Transformer bus was cool to watch change (but where's O
  13. I don't understand why they made the decision was made for MSO to be recorded... I mean, that just doesn't make sense. I don't think the SSO is any prettier looking than MSO!
  14. While the Fuwas are cute, they still scare me. I still prefer the Snolets from Nagano.
  15. I think China will have a bump in tourism because of the tourism infrastructure that is in place that wasn't there before... I mean, maybe I won't have to grunt and point as much. But really, Sydney. I love it, I want to visit but the Olympics did nothing to make me want to go more than before. The Olympic Cauldron Fountain will not make me want to spend the money more than before. And Salt Lake?! I'll go for Sundance but that was there first!
  16. For me, Rogge should butt in or butt out. If you want to criticize Bolt for his actions, chastise every doper and Beijing for its broken promises. Otherwise, shut up. I opt for the latter. I'm tired of his playing politics and should just shut up.
  17. The women's beach gold medal match showed that May-Walsh deserve the gold (even if their 400+ wins with a handful of losses since the Athens games, and 107 consecutive wins this year wasn't a clear enough sign). And it was beautiful to hear about May's mothers ashes in both Athens and here in Beijing. However, I have to say that I am excited to see how Tian-Wang do in London. They did an amazing job and I think they may be the medal favorites in 2012 for sure.
  18. I agree the Lenovo commercials are hilarious. I've been loving how beautiful the Visa commercials with Morgan Freeman have been, and how quickly they get them out. I remembered seeing the Nastia-All-Around commercial at the first commercial break after her win: Another one of those quick turnarounds was for Phelps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7W45Fr6NRA The Visa commercial about Kerri Strug in 1996: The ad I'm most tired of (and is way too overpaid):
  19. They showed it on Oxygen, an NBC network as well as online via nbcolympics.com. If anything, there's too much Olympics on this side of the world.
  20. First, it wasn't by which program was difficult but instead, they average the scores after dropping an additional score. And second, no one accused the Chinese of cheating in the tie (except for the "are they too young?" bit) but are blaming the scoring system itself. Even the President of the Gymnastics Federation said there should have been a tie with the Uneven Bars but the IOC doesn't like ties.
  21. Costas said the routine was named after Fei in the books. I hate Costas.
  22. American viewers watching NBC know that Bela Karoli is going to go apesh-t on the whole judging system. This is four events where he gives the same speech on TV, eh?
  23. I think the worst part is that the "computer program" isn't transparent! What a hoax! They both should get the medal!!
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